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yankandtexOctober 11, 2010

Just wanted to get us started this week. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Hope to see more posting. My visit with the dr went great but I still want to lose the lbs. Come out, come out, wherever you are! :)

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Hi Guys!

Monday - new day, new start!

Here's my weekend story: Bought 2 prs of jeans online - no clothing stores for locals here - only tourist shirts and pull-overs & expensive tourist-y designer duds, etc - you get the drift. Anyway, the jeans are barely buttonable. Yikes! So I am wearing them to remind myself to get with the program. Believe me, I WILL BE ON TRACK today while I am wearing these uncomfortable jeans! haha.

Had a very productive weekend! My hired hand and I got busy building 3-tiered shelves across the entire wall in the garage. By the end of next weekend, I hope to have everything off the floor! Picked up wintertime straw for the chicken and pheasant - they love picking apart the bales and it keeps them busy.

Next week, I'm heading to Alaska to visit my fam for a week. Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer and a bone infection, so he's getting treatment at home and just kind of hanging out. I want to see for myself how he and my Mom are doing and do what I can while I'm there.

Baby V's adoption will be finalized on the 22nd of this month. He is doing well with his new family. We visited with him about 3 weeks ago and he appeared to be transitioning well. I am STILL working on his photo books and lifebook -very emotional process but it also brings back some fantastic memories for me.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

NHSuzanne - any riding lately?????? It must be beautiful there!

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Hello, everyone and Happy Thanksgiving Day to all Canadians who may be lurking here.

We are having a quiet day - just my son and I. Had enough celebrating because of my bithday on the 29th. Lasted more than a week. Scales show it too. Boy, it is hard to get back on track, but I intend to suceed - hope so anyway.

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Ivamae! You WILL succeed! You have done really, really well to this point! No backsliding! No excuses! :-)

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I'm away and will be back on Wednesday. Tried my best to stay on track which is no diet but smaller portions and sensible choices. We'll see when I return.

Hope everyone has a great week.


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BJ~That is the day our house is supposed to close! Yay for the 22nd! It will be bittersweet for both of us! :) (Meaning you & me!) ;)

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Patti- I'll be thinking of you!

DeeMarie! I am trying my hardest to stay on track! Today was the first time I had a non-fat double shot latte with NO flavoring and no chocolate in it - LOL - I have been SO bad, but I am going to, for the thousandth, millionth time, try to eat at least halfway decently. I am certainly not getting any younger!

I am SO looking forward to visiting Alaska next week! I know it's completely selfish, but when I am there, I exercise EVERY day and eat small portions and don't snack. Granted, I do have my one lemon drop early evening cocktail at my favorite waterfront restaurant, but I ALWAYS lose weight. No family to cook for, no stress, etc. It's like a retreat. And seeing my family, the snow-covered mountains, and wildlife does a soul good.

We're missing a buncha people here....check in and say "Hi."

Here is a link that might be useful: This is where I like to decompress...

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Nobody here but us chickens...

Well, another good day behind me. I'm finally getting to know what it feels like to be a little hungry - I almost never have that feeling, 'cause I'm always eating!!!! lol.

Dropped off DH's car at the garage to get new tires ths morning and WALKED across town to work. Granted, this IS a SMALL town, but I thoroughly enjoyed the walk! Crisp air, blue skies! And I meandered, looking in shop windows, etc. Great way to start the day.

Weight is down a tad and super-tight, sprayed-on jeans I ordered are fitting a little better. I wonder how I let myself get this way (unhealthy & out of shape), but I know. I think I look fine most of the time. LOOK fine is NOT feel FINE!

Does anyone have a mirror in their house that they like better than all the rest? haha...

YAY and a CHEER to all the Chileans that are being rescued. I think it's amazing to see. Can you imagine being a family member? ...VERY emotional....

Check in, girls - this thread ain't gonna write itself!

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I just had lunch with my group at the office, and we were fortunate to see #15 pulled up from the mine. Thank God!! I'm praying that everyone is saved with little or no effects.

Think good thoughts!

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BJ~I'll be thinking about you too! ;) Now I know where I want to go when I finally take my Alaskan Cruise. I honestly don't care if I ever take a cruise or not except that I want to take an Alaskan cruise. LOL

Dee~I guess you are back now?

NH Suzanne~Waiting to see a great fall pic from you.

Milktoast~Hehe. Where are you hiding out these days?

Ok Girls~Like the Awesome BJ said..."this thread doesn't write itself!" :) Come in & see us. :)

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Hi all!

Beege--I wish I was going with you! I remember the pic of your parents deck that had all of the eagles on it--so incredibly beautiful! Please tell your parents hi for me, and give them a hug!

Patti--I've been in and out of here so much that I must have missed it--are you & Dave buying in TX or FL? How is he? I saw Heather French a few weeks ago, and though of you both-

Well, things are good here--too good-- in fact, I'm waiting or the sky to fall--lol! I just signed up for CPR, and am looking forward to it. I was certified several years ago (h3ll, I'm probably "certifiable" now! lmao!), but it expired, and quiet frankly, I've forgotten most of it. I'm also looking at scrubs, and accessories. Tikanis, any suggestions on good scrubs and support hose? Shoes? (I have a pair of Dansko that I bought after Besh recommended them, but I'd like another pair--something different.)

Gotta go--one more midterm tomorrow, and then some freedom-



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Tikanis, I would also like a good source of support hose, as my ankles still swell by midday.

Patti, as a matter of fact, I'm heading to Florida on the 23rd! I come back to work just long enough to make some $$ to vacation again.

Actually, the stress here has reach very very high levels. I was away for 3 days, and I heard that 2 people quit without having another job! How bad is that in this economy? This is an extremely successful, Fortune 200 company. I've got a visit with a cardiologist next Friday because I want to make sure this place is not killing me.

OK, where is everyone? If you don't check in with happy news, I promise to come here every day that yak and complain about something else!


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Still wearing the tight jeans---lol...

Maddie: Speaking of my parent's deck...I wanted to get a good picture of an eagle feasting, so I took a turkey carcass from dinner and put it on the deck. Then I positioned myself on the floor, camera-ready, to take multiple photos when the eagles came to snack. Well, it was less than a miute when an eagle swooped down, picked up the entire turkey, and flew off. Just like that! My family was rolling on the floor laughing at me. Not.One.Picture. ha!

DeeMarie: Wow! It's stressful at the top, eh? Stay cool.

Patti- People are generally happy with the summertime cruises. I think it's much better to fly up and drive Alaska - so scenic and you can stop anywhere YOU want to!

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BJ, love, hugs and prayers for you and your family. Safe trip to Alaska and a good visit with your dad - prayers for him.

Dee, my job is very stressful as well. I work in a hospital in nursing admin and EVERYTHING in the world finds its way to me. ((Hugs)) Take good care of yourself and enjoy Florida. I like your philosophy about working enough for $$ for vacation and head out again.

Maddie, hang in you are doing great. Besh gave you a great direction with Dansko. Visit the website advance for nurses, don't know the exact name but they have scrubs, shoes, etc..... Don't spend a fortune on scrubs. As long as they are comfy and wash well you are good to go.

So happy to see all miners pulled out!! Was watching with bated breath.

Have to catch up but I think of you all and really love all of you.

Take care, be good and be safe! Donna

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BJ, enjoy your vacation. Keeping your family in my prayers.

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