Cookie Diet

sandiOctober 25, 2009

Has anyone tried the cookie diet? I saw it on Good Morning America & was wondering if anyone had tried it?

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I haven't but here is what I was thinking.
You eat five cookies per day and the rest you have in lean meat and veggies. You are only supposed to consume 500 calories in the food part and the other part is 500 calories in cookies. That is 100 calories per cookie. I don't see where that is very diet like.
I was thinking I might experiment and make my own oatmeal cookie and see how that goes. So far I haven't done it yet. But I know it would be cheaper than paying 8 bucks for six cookies.

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I did the cookie diet and lost 35lbs in 12 weeks. They really do satisfy the hunger. So far I've kept the weight off and it's been 2 yrs.

My friend tried the cookie diet and it didnt work for her because she kept cheating.

If you do it, you really have to stick to the plan for it to work, as with any diet plan. And drink plenty of water.

The cookies I used were called Smart For Life. There are others out there but I can't speak for those personally.

Good Luck to you~

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Thanks for info..I did the math and decided that it is a little to expensive for my budget right now.

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