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nannypSeptember 15, 2008

We are having a dinner at church and some of us are decorating tables. The theme is"Picture This, A Woman's Influence." Now I have to decorate the table and have little gifts for each of the 9 people who sit there. This kinda has me stumped.

We use china, itc. and I have a set of formal dinner ware with small pink roses and a less formal stoneware with daisies. If you can think of a way to use either of these, it would help.

I'd appreciate any ideas.

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Well...I see.."picture this"
I would use the daisy dishes and decorate with an assortment of pictures of woman doing noteworthy things...
I would take the pictures and prop them up on easels ( some small ones made out of bent drapery hooks or even thrift store forks with the tines bent to form a holder for the picture.
Find the pictures on line....go to google images and find pictures of Mother Theresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, World war 1 army "woman helping" ands ee what you find.
Print the pictures and glue to card stock, frame in tiny frames if you with ord ecorate with glued on braid or strips of lath. make them different sizes and put in the center of the table.
then at each place have another easel with a blank frame and take a picture of each attendee to print and give to them later for their frames as "Women of influence".
Linda C

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Maybe this link will help. I didn't find this the easiest thing to search, but this page showed many possibilities.

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Yellow is huge right now. I think I'd go with the daisies and mix with greys, blacks, whites and silver. Make sure you have some strong yellow POPS!

You could have silver picture frames as the gifts.

I see this as a very modern design but the daisies would be the woman's influence.

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