Gliders - need advice

AnOctober 12, 2001

So far I've seen three different kinds mentioned, the XL, the Gazelle, and the Mia Something or other. Do any of these have a website I can go to, to get more information? I've tried searching by myself, but didn't get much.

Also, what are the weight limits to the 3 different machines? Does anyone know? I'm just a few lbs over the 250 limit one of 'em has. Would this make a difference? My husband is about 20 lbs over the limit -- would that be too much?

I'd also love to get one for the least money possible. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I know that you can get the Gazelle Glider at the shopping channel. My friend just bought one and she loves it. The web site is once there go to fitness, then weight loss and the Tony little's gazelle $229.99 canadian.
Hope this helps a bit.

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I mentioned on a different thread that Dicks Sporting goods ( a competitor of Sports Authority ) has the GAZELLE on sale for $199.

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you can also buy it from (the shopping channel) or

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nevermind, dont bother with QVC if you live in Canada because it is simply too large and unfortunatly they cannot ship it out here :(.

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Don't know if you are still interested but I brought a Gazelle off of and I love it, it was $199 it has a 350 weight limit! I have had mine about a week and lost 4 pounds already!

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This weekend I bought a Glider for one dollar at a Garage sale. It's computer doesn't work but for a buck I can look at a clock. I used mine today and love it. I will used when it rains here in beautiful Pacfic Northwest and can't get out to walk.

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My sister bought the Gazelle last month. Her and her son have been using it with great results. I am still loving my Glider. This truly is a great form of excersize.

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I love my Gazelle. I bought the more expensive model with the tension bars for when I get better at it.

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