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aka_raeanneOctober 23, 2006

It's a new week!

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Looks like we are playing "Hide and Seek" and I'm it!!!
Come out come out wherever you are!

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hello? hello? hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? HELLO? HELLO? HELLO?

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Can I play too?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I just bought cards to send to some MIA's. Hopefully some others will come out and play!

I had a good weekend. Cleaned my closet. Packed up some things to donate. DS & DIL came for dinner last night. DS is waiting to hear on another job in Virginia. I hope it works out for him, but I really, really hate the thought of them moving away. Can't seem to get my mind wrapped around it.

Got to fly. I just came home to put on some warm clothes before I head out to DS football game. He is playing with a broken finger, against the wishes of the Dr. ...Kids!

Love, Besh

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Hello, hello........

I have to get some cards to send to MIA's myself!

I had a busy weekend. I started painting my family room and kitchen. Almost done with kitchen and will move into the dining room. They are all sort of connected so will be the same color.

Took Sweet P out for a lovely chilly autum drive yesterday and she was just lovely. It's such a joy to see her enjoying what she is doing. Those lovely days are coming to a screeching hault soon I fear.

Hope all is well with you all. Dee and Raeanne, you checked in but didnt' tell us, all two of us!!, how you are!!

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Hi Dee, Besh, Suzanne!

Suzanne - sounds like you had a busy weekend. Did you decide on yellow? Glad SP enjoyed her weekend too LOL.

Besh - I could use a little Feng Shui around here. Since DD brought a lot of stuff home I haven't been too motivated to do anything with it. I straightened out her room, but there are boxes that need to be stored and I need to make room for them. OUCH for your DS.

Not much new to report here, I had a fairly quiet weekend and a bit lazy. I did finally catch up on laundry.

I have a dress rehearsal tomorrow night and then the show is Friday - yes, that is a lot of time in-between.

I was thinking of BJ because I am making fried cabbage with onions and I know she used to make that.

Another MIA from the NYC area is Myrna - does anyone else remember her? I enjoyed her and am sorry that she stopped posting here. She gave me a lot of advice when DD#1 joined the workforce in NYC.

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Hi -- I am here!

Last day of vacation, back to work tomorrow. Got lots and lots of laundry done, Jeep in for service, and made dinner. Now I am having a glass of wine and am tired! Still have to do my nails though - ugh.

I have a picture of me that I will email to Marci for the album - this way you can get a look at me, such as it is!!

Besh, I am jealous that you cleaned out your closet - that is something I have to do but don't.

Raeanne - your show will be wonderful!!

Suzanne - I love to read about your rides with SP. Did you go with the yellow for your paint?

Dee - we will get together for lunch before the end of this year - a promise!!

Starting this Saturday I will be working from 8:00 a.m. to noon with another girl straightening out files - what fun!! It should take us a couple of weeks - Sats are good cause no phones, no people to interrupt.

You guys do have lots of MIAs - some that I know and some that I don't.

Have a wonderful evening - tomorrow night I am off with my mom to hear some kind of lecture about history in our area, including the jersey devil!!

Catch ya tomorrow...Donna

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Good Morning,

Besh, We must have been on the same wave length this weekend. I cleaned out my closet and have a garbage bag of clothes to give away. I have so many more hangers now. LOL!!

Donna, straightening files does not sound like much fun. Make the best of it.

NH Suzanne, I dread when the weather gets cold. This morning it was 39 degrees and felt like 0 to me.

Raeanne, how is your diet working? I went back on South Beach last Thursday. Everyone raves about weight watchers, but I just can't lose on it. I really think it's a carb thing.

Speaking of MIA's, what about Gretchen from Chicago? Or has she been mentioned?

Have a great day.


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Donna - Enjoy your history lecture, let us know more. I hope you enjoyed your trip.

Jen - I am still holding at 13.5 lbs lost, but I have been noticing that my clothes are fitting better, so I may be losing inches right now - at least that is what I am going to believe LOL. I just increased my cardio workouts so maybe that will help. Gretchen is remodeling her kitchen and has been too busy to post, she lurks sometimes and promises to post as soon as things settle down.

HI GRETCHEN if you are lurking!

Enjoy your day!

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Greetings All,

Wherever you are!!

ItÂs Wednesday and so far my week has been good. Donna, I thought of you last night as I was doing my nails.

I have been a painting fool since the weekend. Yes, I went with a very lovely yellow. ItÂs very deep and is like a Provence color. It looks so different in different lights as yellow is. I love it and hopefully, I will be done tonight with the bulk of it.
Then I can put things back and thatÂs the part I love.

ItÂs cold and windy here but still no real hard freeze. ItÂs very unusual not to have a killing frost by now. No matter, I will take it. Also, in spite of the foliage being way past peak there remains the beautiful golds and bronzes from the Oaks and Beech trees here. ItÂs really quite lovely if you really look at it instead of past it. If we could have some nice sun it would be lovely.

Okay, where is everyone? This is really troublingÂÂÂseriously.

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Suzanne - I am here, but I am also very troubled by this. I agree with the foilage this year, it is still beautiful here too. I know you will be happy with your color choice, it sounds like mine. I love freshly painted walls, but I hate to hang things on them. I think I could live very starkly if I didn't own so much crap LOL.

Donna - tell us about the NJ Devil.

We had some of the dress rehearsal taped and I just watched part of it, it actually looks and sounds much better than I thought. I normally only hear it backstage LOL.

QOD - What is the message you have on your answering machine?

This was posted at the KT and I thought it was a good one. Mine just says "You have reached (our last name), please leave a message". I like short and to the point.

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Looks like fun---try it!

Here is a link that might be useful: NJ Devil

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QOD: "We're not able to answer the telephone now, so please leave a message or call back later."

Work has been totally, freakin' nuts. Most everyone who was down-sized (effective January 1) know, so they are not working to full potential. Our assistant has been out for over a week "sick" (she's being let go in January). A co-chair on a diversity event left the company. Several directors tied to this diversity event are busy preparing severance packages or deciding who will go next. I cannot believe they did not postpone many of these events until AFTER the new year. Anyway, lots of this stuff (including writing presentations) have fallen on my shoulders. Still fighting my cold and praying it does not turn into brochonitis..... what a week!

Thanks for letting me present my beeeeeaaaatttch side to you all!

Check in, even if you want to vent!

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Make today count!

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QOD: The (our last name) can't take your call right now, kindly leave your name and number and we will get back to you. Thank you.

Suzanne, I have a yellow kitchen as well and since our house is all open it goes into the living room and down the front stairs. It is a dark golden yellow and I love it. So many colors go with it, you can have lots of fun with accents.

Where is everyone?????????? I sent some cards off yesterday. Hopefully some will stop in and let us know they are fine. I'm sure everyone is busy. I know in the past when I have been MIA, I just read, but didn't have the time (or take the time) to post. Hopefully that is the case with everyone else, and we will hear from them soon.

DS took a job in VA and leaves next Friday. :-( I can't even begin to tell you how sad I am. I know some of you can relate to this, and I hope that I get used to it. Right now it doesn't feel that I ever will. This is a very sad time for me right now.

Love, Besh

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Besh, your color sounds much like mine. It was already painted yellow but it just wasn't strong enough for me. I picked on the of Ben Moore colors that Pottery Barn is featuring in thier fall catalogs. It's called Beverly Hills but it should be called Provence. I know you are sad about DS but remember these words of wisdom! Kids are a life time sentence!! LOL Seriously, it will get better.

QOD: You have reached (number), leave a message and we'll call you back.

The work day is almost over and I will rush home to give my lovely hens an hour of free range's so sad that they are now going in to roost at 6PM!! I love my girls.

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QOD - "We can't come to the phone right now. Leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible."

DH thinks that is too long! LOL When the electricity goes out and my message gets erased, the default message just says, "Leave a message after the beep."

But we are in the process of swtiching our service to Vonage, and the message shouldn't get erased every time we have an electrical outage.

School has been hectic and I am coming home exhausted every day. I sat down yesterday to read for a few minutes and woke up 1 1/2 hours later!! Of course, then I couldn't sleep last night. So I am forcing myself to stay up now and hopefully I will sleep better tonight.

Besh - I can and do sympathize with you. It does get easier and you do get used to it, but I swear it will never feel right. Now I have to start worrying about what DD will do after graduation in December.

NHSuzanne - Send me some of your energy! I don't know how you do all that you do! But your paint sounds wonderful and soothing.

Raeanne - Are you in the play or just behind the scenes?

Donna - Yes, tell us more about your trip.

(((Dee Marie))) - In a way I understand how your coworkers feel, but that isn't fair to those who are staying and have to pick up the slack.

Jen - What are the girls dressing up as for Halloween? Our parties are on Monday and Tuesday and Trick or Treat is Tuesday night. My preschoolers are going to be wired on Wednesday! (Actually some of them are wired already! LOL)

QOD #2 - What is everyone giving out for Halloween this year?

I bought bags of chips and Cracker Jacks, so I wouldn't be tempted to eat chocolate while I was passing out treats. I can resist the salty snacks easily.


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QOD: You have reached (number), please leave a message, thanks.

Raeanne, my lecture last night was interesting but a little different than I expected. I thought it would be old folk lore and legends (some of it was) but some of it was late 19th and early 20th century stuff right up to present day. Apparently the Pine Barrens is quite a place to disappear in if you are inclined that way..also, I did learn that the Pine Barrens is as large as the Grand Canyon. He did talk about the Jersey Devil (great link Dee) but I didn't learn anything new on that front. Where I live now was total woods when I was a kid, we used to drive here when we were teenagers and scare each other to death with JD. I have all woods right behind my house and sometimes JD does cross my mind since this was his stomping ground! The Leeds family is still very much in the area - the little town just south of us is called Leeds Point.

((Besh)) that is a tough one -- lots of hugs.

Dee, I hate it when people don't pull their weight. 2 years ago when my boss and I knew we were being phased out we did our jobs, to our best ability, right up to the final day. You can b---h any time you want! Stay well and don't get sick!

Suzanne, my sister goes to bed with your hens. I swear that woman is nuts - she is truly in her winter mode now.
You and Besh are daring with color - I am not at all. I love color but am afraid of it on my walls, I painted everything neutral, certainly not exciting. I would like to paint my smaller bathroom before the holidays - I might experiment with color there. I am getting very brazen in my old age :-)

Have a wonderful night...catch ya tomorrow!!!!


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QOD: DH bought bags of chips (gee, thanks a bunch honey....I cannot resist the salty stuff...grrrr!). Also we have assorted chocolate bars (not sure what kind, but you can bet he got Reese p-butter cups in there!) I'm going to make sure that those bags of chips leave the house first!

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QOD #2 - nothing, we get no trick or treaters. I did bring a mixed bag of skittles, almond joys, kit kats, etc. to leave at work for trick or treaters there. The kit kats are the only ones tempting me LOL.

Donna - I watched the Sopranos, so I know that there are more than Jersey Devils in those there Pine Barrens LOL. Everything was nuetral colors for me, my house and clothing. Now anything goes LOL.

Besh - ((((HUGS)))) that is what we get for raising very independent children LOL. Like Marci said you do get used to it, it just never feels right.

Dee - I can understand the employees not feeling very motivated. It's just too bad that it falls on shoulders. Your health is what is most important!

Marci - Don't you find that the shyest of children change when they put on a costume and eat some sugar? I'm glad you checked in and updated us.

Suzanne - I bet the paint job looks great. My yellow is paler than your's, but I find it so easy to decorate around. I have gone very bold in my color choices in my old age.

I asked the QOD because of so many people I call have these long long messages and I find myself getting very impatient. One is "You have reached, *insert 3 names* at our home in beautiful *fill in the blank of their town* we are sorry that we aren't here to take your call but leave a message at the beep and we will call you as soon as possible, if you don't leave us a message we won't know you called, have a wonderful day - all of this with music on in the background. I usually hang up the minute the machine comes on and guess what? they do call me back because they see my number on their caller ID LOL.

Enjoy your day!

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Hi everyone,

Wow, we have some participation here today! ItÂs good to see some action around here.

Marci, I donÂt have all that much energy but when I am inspired I can go the distance! I really have wanted to bump up my yellow for a long time but could never find just the right shade until recently. Thanks to Pottery BarnÂs collaboration with Ben Moore Paints.

Donna, I love history. I have been doing some research lately on the building of carriage roads and turnpikes here in New Hampshire for an article I would like to write for my carriage club newsletter.. There is precious little on the internet that I have found. I have come across a few interesting things but need to get more in depth info from the library. I live in a area that is very rich in history since we are one of the original 13 colonies. It goes on and an except the road building!!

Also Donna, donÂt be afraid of colorÂÂ..try it. ItÂs only paint and if you donÂt like it you can change it!! It doesnÂt make sense to be afraid!!

YesterdayÂs QOD: I heard this funny message once from a woman I used to work with.
We used to answer the phone but we donÂt anymore thanks to telemarketers! Leave a message and we will call you back!

QOD: No treats for this house. We only get wild animals out here in the woods and they are smart enough not to eat candy!!

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Good Morning All,

Check out this link it's fun.

Now someone better check in her fast or I will feel like I am talking to myself...............AGAIN!!

It's Friday - that's got to count for something! Unfortunately, we are expecting torrential downpours and high winds starting early tomorrow morning. It won't be good for anything.

Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend. Aren't we supposed to gain an hour? I can never remember.

QOD: What are are your weekend plan??

Here is a link that might be useful: Carve your pumpkin

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I don't have time to post, but didn't want Suzanne to start feeling insecure LOL.

Yes we are gaining an hour YIPEEE - what is everyone going to do with their extra hour?

QOD - no plans this weekend. I have the variety show tonight and that is it!

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There is a link below that I thought John in particular might enjoy. Come on and join in the fun JOHN.

Here is a link that might be useful: Halloween Bowling

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John, I miss you!

QOD: We have no plans for the weekend other than work around our house and others. Family stuff that needs to get done.

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Even though I only worked 4 days this first week back to work it felt enjoying a nice glass of wine now.

Suzanne, I love history too and our area is also rich in it. I'm surprised there isn't more info available on carriage roads and turnpikes in NH - personally, I find that interesting and whenever you write your article would love to read it. We are expecting the same weather as you tonight and into tomorrow.

Raeanne and Suzanne - color - I know it's only paint but I wimped out and went totally neutral. I am now really sick of neutral...maybe once I get started with color there will be no stopping me!

Marci - glad to hear from you! My trip was fantastic, the Maine coast is beautiful and restores the soul (at least mine!). The trees were beautiful and the air was just chilly, not cold yet. I shopped, ate and just in general had a wonderful time.

Dee - how's work? Chill out this weekend if you can, weather is supposed to be yucky. Good movie weekend maybe.

QOD: I am giving out individual bags of pretzels. Need to pick up one more 30 pack and will be set. This way if I have any left I don't feel guilty eating the leftovers.

Enjoy your Friday evening!


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Good Sunday morning all,

I had a minute to stop in and say hi and I am all alone here...........big surprise.

Donna, there are alot of colors that are considered "neutral" as so many things go well with it. I suggest you start a folder for decorating and when you see a room you like or a scheme you like throw it in that folder. After a while you should start seeing a pattern of things you like and that will help guide you with colors. The other thing to do is add punches of color with accessories like throw pillows, etc. It's fun. Alot of us here do the Feng Shui thing which I am constantly working on.

After yesterday's deluge it's very windy and we have high wind warnings through this evening. My chickens may actually take flight!! Poor girls can't catch a break this weekend!

I am off to finish the painting.......I am so close to being done and it looks great!

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