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Wild_ChickenOctober 24, 2005


Wake up and smell the decaf!

What exercise are you gonna get this week?

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I'm off to work. It's raining here, making it unmotivating to exercise. There is a heavy mist in the air.

Lynn, Dave, and Patti, hope you guys are holding up okay down Florida way. Dry days are on the way.

I will get in a bike ride tomorrow and Thursday and force myself to do something physical on Friday --like maybe a long, long walk when my in-laws arrive to visit then! :)

Sign in!

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I will be attending Yogiltates class tonight (1 hour) and perhaps an excerise walking tape tomorrow. Wednesday is 1 hour of toning and aerobics; Thursday a walk or a circuit, and Friday a walk. Saturday we leave on vacation, but DH has promised we will take the stairs on the ship and visit the spa fitness center throughout the 12 days....let's see if I can tear him away from the food long enough to exercise with me!

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I am going to the fitness center this afternoon and do some treadmill and weights. Hopefully the new yoga schedule will be compatible with my schedule.

BJ - what a great gift you gave your friend, I read it out loud and my DH said "I really like her". I asked him, if I could fake being pregnant with hopes of you and your handyman showing up at my doorstep LOL.

Nothing new to report, just waiting to see what damage was done to my vacation spot in Cancun. I feel so badly for the residents and tourists there - it doesn't sound good at all.

My prayers to our friends in FL too.

I planned a day of cooking and laundry yesterday, but we were without power for 10 hours. Areas surrounding us had 7 inches of heavy wet snow, which took out power lines, etc. So, instead I sat around in my PJs and read the Sunday newspapers, magazines and a good part a book, by 1PM I was going to go out of my mind, so I took a ride LOL.

I'm off to the supermarket, the post office, get a quick bite and then to exercise, should be back in time to make dinner.

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With the help of my step son, Joseph, I split and stacked two cords of fire wood. DH and I cut the wood to fire wood length on Sunday and now it's stacked in the cellar!! I am pooped and really feeling my age right now! It drizzled all day which doesn't help the old joints. I think the old advil will be most welcome this evening!

I have three crystals on the way from ebay. Now I am having trouble figuring out the bagua. From Besh's site there is a map showing the areas of the bagua but I have a couple of questions that hopefully Raeanne, John or Besh can answer:

1. The center of the house is the health bagua. My house is a cape and has the stairway in the center. What to do?

2. Are you supposed to use the same layout for the second floor?

Raeanne, I have crystals all over my house including the beautiful amnethyst you gave me. I think I might benefit from rearranging them if I knew where to put them. I may need a consultation from you here in NH. LOL

Okay, I have checked in and I am ready to drop. I need to figure out what I am making for dinner. Joseph was good enough to take two vacation days to come help me with heavy things as DH is working and next week will be on crutches! It's a nice thing.

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Hi Guys!

Well, the service yesterday was a sad one. 49 yr old mother of two with a wonderful husband. She was active, healthy, funny, and had many friends. 325 attended the memorial. Last week, she felt ill, and after the 3rd day of not getting any better, she asked her DH to take her to the hospital. 2 hours later, she died...massive ovarian cancer. She felt great until last week. What a shock to her family. Please remember to get your check ups and female exams (John, obviously, you don't need a female exam!), but CHECK UPs, please, even if you feel great. Many people put them off because they are embarrassed to go or are afraid to get weighed. JUST GO ANYWAY. 'Nuf sed.

Other junk:

The Roto Rooter guy is here, cleaning the gutter downspout-to-recovered water drain in prep for our winter rains, as opposed to our summer rains - lol. Winter is heavier and windier. How often do you east coaster have to clean your gutters and downspouts? There are so many leaves and gunk, we have to do it 2X a year.

I gotta go to pick up the DVDs I had made from 8MM family films. Hope they did a good job. I did this as a present for my aunt and her sons and their sons for the holidays. I may get around to getting my VHS tapes made into DVDs for my kids too!

In-laws arrive Friday for about a week. I'm nervous I won't get everything done in time. We've got pumpkin carving - I've yet to purchase pumpkins! AND---We're taking them on a trip to the island house, but they're staying in a B&B, since our 70's style house is kind of a camp out place right now - no furniture and we sleep on air matresses and cook in a microwave. HA. I like the simplicity of it all, frankly. But I'm the activity coordinator for the visit and I am feeling weird about it. I shouldn't.

Well, I've run off at the keyboard long enough. I better think about getting some paperwork done and fitting that bike ride in today.

Check in and babble. It gives us something to read!

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It is so windy and rainy right now. I guess this is a backlash from several different storms. BJ, DH cleaned our gutters last week and probably will have to do them again before the winter hits. There are leaves everywhere right now.

Suzanne, yes you treat the second floor of your house the same as the first. There should be some cures on the website about your health area as well. It will work for you, you just have to believe in it.

Got to run.

Love, Besh

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Patti, Lynn~ Let us know you're okay. Thinkin' of you. :)

Dad's still in the hospital. He is on full time oxygen now. He has coughing fits, passes out, then wakees up and doesn't know where he is for a few minutes. Yesterday, they did some tests on his lungs, etc. Ruled out lung cancer, congestive heart failure, and a few others. They gave him a sleeping drug and an amnesia drug for the procedures, so he could sleep and forget about the tests. He's feeling better today and everyone says he looks better. Mom is holding up okay and visiting all day. Hmmmm... don't know what else to say. Send him some thoughts to ease the pain of whatever's ailing him.

Tomorrow, my inm-laws arrive. I have SO much to so to get ready for them. I am 'up' though, in the mood department, having fallen back on NHSuzanne's saying, "Everthing is perfect the way it is."

BTW, NHSuzanne, it's so great your son is helping out. It must be nice to have the help and someone to share with. (((((((HUGS)))))))

Speaking of stairways and feng shui, I hung mirrors on my landings to direct energy up and down in a more efficient way. I also put a brass chime in the tree next to my front door. It makes a lovely sound and I love it. It reminds me of the good energy flowing in the outdoors. All for now.

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Well, I'm off in about 48 hours. I've heard that this ship has a feng shui feel, so I may get into a seminar or two if it's offered. I'm sure my home can use it; maybe this office too!

It's a real 'fall' day here, and I'm so excited about the orange, red, and yellow leaves appearing everywhere. It was never my favorite time of year, but I'm appreciating it more and more....think that's because I get to put away the more revealing summer clothes! LMAO!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week. Make whatever you do count!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

Hey, what say we start posting our food again in 2006? I may do that, along with WW points to keep myself honest.

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Have a great cruise, DeeMarie!

Raeanne~Did you ever find out if your vacation spot is intact?

Maddie- Where are you lately?

I second the posting your daily food diary here - no matter what plan you're on. It's just what a few of us need to be honest and at least maintain our weight through the holidays.

SO----- I propose we begin doing it November 1st. That way, any Halloween treats would be counted right away! BOO! Scary thought, isn't it?

Has anyone got their pumpkins yet? Thw new white ghost pumpkins are all the rage here, but I'm sticking with orange!

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I'm going to start posting my meals today, since I had a good one LOL. I wouldn't dare share with you what I ate yesterday - I will just say that it started with chocolate and ended with chocolate.

B - OJ and an apple
L - Salad and a handful of mixed nuts
D - Pork Loin, red cabbage, apple sauce
1 piece of Lindt milk chocolate - YEAH, YEAH I know, I'm working on it!

I did 2 1/2 miles on the treadmill.

BJ - The front of my hotel looks fine, except for a flooded golf course. However they have a huge glass atrium and parts have caved in, the ocean side rooms had the windows blown out and substantial flooding, there is damage to one of the pools and there is NO beach left. That is all I can find out right now. I heard they are cancelling any reservations through December right now. I hope your in-law visit goes smoothly and take some pressure off yourself, you are a wonderful hostess and I don't think you have to worry about a thing, they know and love you.

DeeMarie - have a great trip. I think we should do an SS cruise someday.

Survivor is on, so I am out of here. Have a good evening.

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Hey all!!

Back from the missing, I am trying to catch up. I have been swamped for weeks! I started doing Nursing visits for the Visiting Nurses Association. What started out as a 3 morning a week job has now become 5 full days. In addition, I am still running my CPR biz and the investment biz.This our last semester of homeschooling too. I went 2 weeks without checking my email and I am SOOOOOO behind!

I have missed you guys and am glad to be back. I will backtrack and read the posts for the past couple of weeks.

In the meantime, have a wonderful cruise DeeMarie!


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Good Morning All,

DeeMarie, have a great vacation. I don't remember where you are going but have fun!

BJ, hope all is well with your DF. I am keeping you and family in my thoughts and prayers. And yes, everything is perfect the way it is. Ohhhmmmmmmmmm

The lousy weather just persists here. It's not raining this week but it's raw, gray and windy. Just miserable for outdoor activities. It might be nice on Sunday and I will look forward to that.

I am having a hard time concentrating on anything but DH's upcoming surgery this Monday. Before his surgery he has a nuclear medical procdeure that will tell them if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. That's the part that scares me the most. Still, I am trying not to focus on it but it's hard at times. Everything is perfect the way it is and it could be much worse.

A good friends 74 year old mother has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She has some hard choices to make and my friend is agonizing over this. There are so many people I know that are hurting and suffering right now. And so many more that I don't know too!

Boy this is cheerful, sorry. I wish I could tell you a beautiful foliage horse ride!! The foliage is just about gone. We didn't get much because of two weeks of rain. Still if the sun comes out I am saddling up ang going out. I will have a wonderful ride.....

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BJ, we got our pumpkins weeks ago. I have a huge orange one, which DH carved on Wednesday night for his DDs...they took that one home with them. Near my fireplace in the living room, I have an orange one that is shaped like a mushroom or muffin....really cute! We also have 2 smaller ones (about the size of a gallon jug--one is firey red; the other is white (I hear the the white ones are good eating, so I'm hoping it stays OK for when I return on 10-November).

Suzanne, I'll be thinking about your DH on Monday and sending him prayers (I'll keep you in them also). Please be sure to keep us updated.

Our 'fall' is in full swing down here. Yellow, gold, red, orange leaves; just beautiful. Oh yes, and lots and lots of crinkled, brown, dried ones on my front lawn and in my backyard. Lovely sight, it is!!!! lol The rakes will wait until we return (DH fired the landscapers, so it'll be good exercise for us when we return from 12 days of eating)!

Raeanne, put the chocolate DOWN! haha

BJ, also sending special thoughts and prayers for you and your DF.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi all!

I'm here, but not muck like talking these days. I won't bore you all to tears, but mom is getting worse, and I ma just...funked out.

On a good note--i may have a job at a local casino--I'll know Monday for sure, and it's an internal auditor's position. --

Rog is growling about something--gotta goo--



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Good bye everyone! Hope to check in a time or two while I'm at sea.

Behave yourselves, and do not take any candy from strangers!


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Hi Everyone:
Southwestern Ontario is experiencing one of the most beautiful falls I can ever remember. My office is on the 20th floor and faces the highest point of the city. London is called the "forest city" and rightly so. The colours of red, yellow, orange, burgundy are just stunning this year. It takes my breath away each time I look out. We have only had one frost so far and very little rain or wind so the "knock down" of the leaves has not occurred yet.

I am going out golfing this afternoon as we are expecting temperatures to go up to the high 60's for the next couple of weeks.

Still finding the "empty" house to be quite an adjustment (not doing well on that front). DD and new son in law also took my 2 dogs to live with them. So it's just DH and I.

BJ - have never had to clean my gutters. In the older section of the city I know that they clean their's once and awhile. Not sure why, leaves I guess.

Has anyone heard from Patti? I sent her an email, but no response. My brother, who lives in Titusville, Florida didn't have any damage, but the golf course was under water, but I'm not sure about where Patti is.

Suzanne, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your DH.

Take, care everyone

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