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Garvin PetersonOctober 25, 2001

please can anyone tell me where i can purchase an Ab Energizer i saw the commerical and i really want one to buy off of the internet

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Garvin, I have seen nothing on the internet about the Ab Energizer but here is the number off the TV commercial. 1-800-313-2400 and I think it was $59.95. If you find it on the net please let me know.

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The web address is

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Does the Ab Energizer really work????

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The Abenergizer is at Abenergizer.com and it is $59.95 with s/h $69.90...just for your info

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The telephone salespersons know nothing and can't answer any questions. They give you an 800 number to call Customer Service directly but good luck... My concern is how the Ab Energizer is operated (power cell?) If it is a power cell, how long does it last, where can it be replaced and what is the replacement cost?

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Does the ab energizer work? or is it a waste of money?

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I have tried the Igia Elctro Sage 8 and they dont know any more about the product than the people at AbEnergizer. There video you can buy for free but you pay the shipping. What a joke that is.

I have emailed customer service at AbEnergizer. Here are some of the questions I emailed them. Of course I never really got the information I wanted.

Q: What would the reason be to use 3 to 4 AbEnergizer units as opposed to 1-2 units. What are the benefits to it? If I ordered these two units how much extra for shipping and handling.

Ans: It will of course generate increased stimulation, thus providing a more intense experience, hence its designation of advanced.

Q: What is the part number (battery number/model) for the (3) 3 volt Lithium Batteries. I called the battery store and they said they range from $2.99 and up.

Ans: I am not aware of the part number. I am sure they vary with manufacturer.

Q: I asked if I had to replace any parts on this product and you told me no but did mention that I am entitled to two free replacement belts. Please tell me a little about that. (They gave me the wrong phone number so I had to email them back to get it, Goog luck trying to get through to Customer service)

Ans: For further information regarding belts, please contact 1-866-517-ABS

I recently had back surgury so I am game for just about anything if it will help relieve the pain. I figure the most I loose is shipping from and to so I guess that isn't to bad.

The bigest problem I see for me is that the batteries used are 3 3 volt lithium batteries. It would of been a lot cheaper just to use a 9 volt battery. If you don't have a lot of money like me you can go broke just buying batteries.

I did find a web site that explains about how long the batteries will last and some common questions. Here is the link


There website is still under construction. www.abenergizer.com and doesn't really explain anything more than what the info commercial does. I will probbaly order this just to see if it will help with my back pain. I was originally going to buy the Abtronic belt but I like the design and look of the AbEnergizer better.
Well good luck.


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DO NOT ORDER IT!!!!!!! I ordered it over 2 months ago and have not received it. I cannot contact customer service by phone or email. I have read atleast 4 other complaints from people having the same experience. The company, genesis intermedia, has had many lawsuits against it, including stock violations. Go to google.com and look up genesis intermedia and you will find what I am talking about.

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