What Makes Water So Good ?

aaronbizOctober 14, 2008

Hi all,

I can remember way back to 1991, when I first started drinking water seriously and not just adding it to my COFFEE.

This was before the "Pump" bottle was invented, I was using a 2L plastic beer container at the time and refilling it regularly with the water from my home and chilling the night before to take into the office the next day.

Combined with exercise I lost a enormous amount of weight. At the time I noticed that I didn't need that coffee to get started in the morning it was just amazing.

What life stories do you have in regards to water ?

Aaron Riddell

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I used to drink a lot of diet pepsi and gatorade and felt tired and slow. My sugar readings were just below the red zone. Recently I started drinking nothing but water, and after a blood test, the numbers are normal. As a matter of fact, all the numbers have fallen into the normal range.

Water is good for absorbing vitamins and minerals; water is good for flushing out the kidneys.

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