Need help women marathon runners!

NikeOctober 6, 2002

Help! I have my first marathon this December (8th) and I realized that my period will be falling the week of the Marathon. I have extra packets of my Ortho Tricyclen (birth control pills) lying around and thought that I should start taking them again, but take the 21 days rather than the 28 and take them back to back because I read somewhere that you could skip your period that way. Is that true? Has anyone tried that? I really would rather not have to deal with my period at the Marathon. Plus I'll be staying at a Hotel with some friends and we'll be sitting in the pool and jaccuzi the entire time after the race. Help?!

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You should always check with your doctor before starting or changing your medication. Now, having said that...

Yep, done that. Of course when I did it I was already on the pill and I just took a few extras to avoid getting my period on a special weekend.

But I don't know about starting on the pill when you are ramping up for a marathon. Hormones do all kinds of crazy things to our bodies, especially those first couple of months when we are adjusting to them. You have worked so hard for this marathon, do you really want to muck with your body chemistry now?


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Are you on the Pill right now? If so, there shouldn't be any problem just taking the pills contiuously (not taking the pink ones, or the sugar pills) If you take them continuously, you will "skip" your period that month. I wouldn't recommend doing that more then one month at a time.

If you aren't on the Pill right now, I am not sure how it would work. It might take you some time to get adjusted to it, and I'm not sure how regular your periods are to start with?

But like Kay said, checking with your doctor is always best!

I saw that you live in Hawaii. Are you running the Honolulu Marathon? My mom ran that one back in 1980! Good Luck!!

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