valet parking/shuttle for a party?

rockmanorSeptember 18, 2008

I'm looking ahead to the holidays and trying to figure out how to handle parking for a party dh wants to give (mostly for people from work.) When we hosted large parties (50+ guests) before, we lived in homes where there was sufficient parking with a 1/2 block, and our driveways were relatively flat.

Now we have a very steep, long driveway. There's room for seven cars on the driveway (various parking pads near the garages) without anyone being blocked. There's room to park in front of an empty lot on one side and a vacant house on the other side, plus our lot, which should handle about 18 cars. However, most women won't want to make the trek up our driveway in heels and some of the guests might have trouble with the steep slope. There's also a small parking lot within the neighborhood that can hold about 20 cars.

During past Parade of Homes events, some builders hired shuttle services to ferry people up and down the driveways. I'm thinking of looking into a valet parking service that could also provide that sort of shuttle.

Have any of you used valet parking for parties? Were there any problems? Would you advise your guests in the invitations so that they could be prepared to hand over just their car key & not their whole keyring? (I never hand over house or other keys, and assume others wouldn't want to, either.) For approx. 60 - 70 guests, do you think it would be sufficient to hire two men, one to park and one to run the shuttle? Or would you think that two shuttles and two parking attendants would be needed? Any other tips would be appreciated.


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I have not used a valet service, but I have used golf carts and teenagers that were willing to make a few bucks. Fortunately, golf carts are readily available. On the invitations we just advised people where to park and then had three golf carts running guests to the house.

If the weather would support it and you have access to the golf carts, you could look into this option. Also, even if you use a shuttle type service, your guests can self park in the lot and then walk over to where they catch the ride. The problem with that is there is a lot of waiting.

The golf carts (get at least 3) you always have one going, one coming and one loading. Keep one guy at the house so when guests are ready to leave, he can take them and send the other cart back.

It has always worked well for us.

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Fluffed, the golf carts are a good idea. Thanks! I'd want to do a test run to make sure they can handle the driveway's slope, but that shouldn't be hard to arrange.

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You don't say where you live and if there is a chance of snow.
Bless you for thinking ahead...I have traipsed some amazing slopes in heels and cold at Holiday parties!
Some of the nicer parties have had golf carts pick you up where you park your car and carry you to the door and then meet you and take you abck.
In houses with a good "turn around" the golf cart takes the driver to the car and that person picks up the passengers....easier when 4 or 5 people come together.
I have also been to parties where the local Kiwinas Key club or the football team or cheer leaders or whatever provide the valet parking.
Frankly I prefer the shuttle service....unless you might be dealing with snow and ice.
Linda C

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I'm into trains so I had a narrow gauge railroad installed on my property to ferry guests around. Before ths we used golf carts but my driveway is steep and over a mile long so as you can imagine, this had its limitations.

The railway is great because it is totally climate controlled and offers my guests views of the various vistas and other features on the property. It's a great conversation piece and with a depot at my parking area near the main road and another one in my residence, I can offer my guests door to door service.

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