Calcium & vitamins

michie1October 23, 2002

I remember heharing that there are different types of calcium supplments out there, but whic ones are better & why?

Is there really any difference btn the cheaper vs. more expensive vitamin brands?

Has anyone ever experienced feeling better/different after starting a vitamin plan? Since I never have I was wondering if maybe it's just the quality.

Lastly has anyone ever tried any of Andrew Lessmans from HSN vitamins & if so what do you think of them?

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I am at risk for osteoperosis, due to grandma and mom having it.

Doc said to take calcium supplements fortified with vitamin D, to enhance absorption by the body.

To compare brands with different prices, just look at the ingredient list.

It should be just the milligrams or percents contained, and will allow you to compare applese to apples.

Reader's Digest recently published a study that showed regular drinking of milk allowed people to lose weight, with little change to their diets. They saw some similar results, although not as marked, with Calcium supplements.

The theory is that something in the calcium helps the body process calories more efficiently.

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I take Andrew Lessman's Maximum Complete High Potency Vitamins and Calcium Citrate which I get from a Vitamin store locally. I've been a believer in taking vitamins all my adult life. When I developed osteo-arthritus 2yrs. ago I started doing a lot of research to prevent my problem from getting worse. One of the things I learned was that vitamins that come in a capsule form (like Andrew Lessmans)are easier to digest rather than the tablet ones. Since I've been taking his vitamins and in the evening I take 1000mgs of Calcium Citrate I feel that I have conquered my arthritus problem. Although his vitamins are a bit pricey I felt my health was worth it and having taken them for over a year now I wouldn't switch to anything less. I also take his Women's wellness which I'm not as faithful with as I was when I first started. When I first started experiencing hot flashes I gave this a try and it worked for almost a year but then my symptoms of perimenopause got more severe and I was forced to go on HRT. If you decide to get AL's Max. Complete let me forworn you that you should take these(5 capsules) along with food. They make me nausaus if I don't. I recently read an article on the different types of Calcium and the Calcium Citrate was rated the best form.

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I went to a nutrionist that recommended taking a Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc combination tablet, 3X a day, or 3 at once. Plus a multivitamin. I also drink a glass of skim milk with dinner. SHe said the magnesium helps the absorption of calcium.

I faithfully took the above combination for almost 3 years, then I slacked off a bit, but have started again. Frankly, I really don't notice much difference between when I take vitamins and when I don't. But I figure they are good for me. My DH can't take certain multi-vitamins because they upset his stomach. Since I don't notice a difference, I quit taking One-A-Day and switched to the Wal-Mart kind (Spring Valley) or something? I get the Calcium, Mag, Zinc tablets at Price club. A bottle of 600 for pretty cheap. (If you take 3 a day, it will only last about 7 months.

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I guess the key to calcium is that you won't know the results of deficiency until it is too late. Especially take them if any woman in your family is at risk for osteoperosis and bone density problems.

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Calcium/Magnesium is a good combination because of its symbiotic(?) relationship. What a lot of people don't know about is the Calcium/Protein relationship. The body uses calcium to help digest protein; if the calcium/protien ratio is out of balance (too much protein in the diet, not enough calcium) then the body pulls calcium from its available stores - bones, teeth, etc. This results in osteoperosis.

Interesting tidbit: Sesame has the perfect Calcium/Protein ratio (4:1, I think). It was also the first agricultural crop grown by mankind. So which came first??

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