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nhsuzanneOctober 26, 2009

Good Monday all,

I hope that I am not going to be talking to myself her all this week! Hope everyone had a great weekend and can take the time to check in.

Jan, I am glad things are well with you. I was worried.

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Hey, Suzanne! I'm here to talk to you. :-)

I had a BUSY weekend, but it was successful, so it was worth it. Once I got back home from babysitting on Thursday night, I got busy readying for the festival at church held on Saturday. My friend Carol and I collected baked goods and decorated a classroom for the Sweet Shoppe, then we attended a luncheon at the community center, got a haircut, and did dinner and cards with friends Friday night. Saturday, I was up by 6:30 to get to the church to accept the rest of the promised baked goods and started selling them. We sold out to the walls!!! It was a great day, making new friends and making lots of money for the church's community outreach programs. I was in bed by 8 that night. LOL

Yesterday, Sunday school and church, then a birthday lunch with my co-chair and her hubby at a new fave seafood place. Another long nap, then we had some of the brisket for dinner before I sliced and packed it up to freeze. Our Methodist men do this as a fund-raiser yearly, and they are fantastic cooks!!! We'll get about 7 more meals from this.

Today, when it quits raining, I need to go to the community center and pick up 100 flyers and tape and go around to businesses and hang them to promote the center's first annual "Boo Bash" this coming Saturday.

I've lost 7 pounds since I weighed in at TOPS almost 2 weeks ago, so for a change, I'm not dreading going! I'm going to make my octopus today, and I'm determined to keep all its cute little legs attached! How's that for determination? LOL

Wishing everyone a successful start to your week. Suzanne, I hope we don't end up just talking to each other. Calling all MIAs to come and post!

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Good afternoon!

suzanne, thanks again - yes, things are calming down, for the moment and all is good.

milkdud - way to go on your weight loss! Glad you are enjoying your meetings. I went to WW this morning and today marks my 43rd week. I couldn't believe it. Last January, I was doubtful that I would stick with it (even though I have missed a meeting on several occasions.) I lost another pound - 52.6 officially. Even after all of this time, I am still learning. Like today. One of the guidelines says that we need to have two tsps. daily of healthy oils. I tend to ignore that one. Someone said today that Walnut Oil and Almond oil are great to have instead of Olive Oil. So I picked up some today. I love Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette, so will add my tsps. to that, I guess.

My New Orleans Saints did it again yesterday, although it sure as heck was not pretty. The first half (against Miami) was dreadful. Hated to see Minnesota and NY Giants lose, though.

Rain is headed our way, too. Maybe I will stay inside and clean house. Nahh...

Have a great week.

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Hope everyone had a good, safe weekend. We were very busy with Christening, Birthday Party, and Halloween parties. It was a fun time.

I was over at the KT and read that Suzanne Somers was on Larry King the other night? Apparently, many folks are writing that she was a bit off center in her new book. It's not a diet book, but she states that she was told she had cancer, but didnt and sort of rambled on about stuff she's taking.... I didn't understand what everyone was talking about because I did not see it, but may I be the first to suggest that we change our threads to Daily Support instead of SS? Not many people know what we mean by that, and I'm not sure how many of us are following her plan anymore. Just a thought.

Last Sunday, I took a very nasty fall at the Jets game; down onto the row below me. I hurt the front of my calf on the hard chair full force. Believe it or not, I'm feeling worse this week than last week, and this morning I noticed that my ankle is black-and-blue and swells when I'm not off my feet. I have no trouble walking, but there is pain on my shin (like when you walk into the open door of the dishwasher!). Has anyone here ever been in a fall and taken this long to feel better? Just wondering. There is some bruising but no redness or heat radiating from it. I guess it will just take some time for me to feel better. (BTW, I did not seek medical attention after I fell.)

Well, I have lots to do this week before I can walk away from this place for a relaxing vacation.

Hope everyone is well. Make today count.

Congrats to our losers!

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Owweee, Dee. That hurts just reading about it! Hope the pain (bruising, swelling) goes away soon, especially in time for your vacation.

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Dee, have you had your leg x-rayed yet? I recommend that you do that since it's swelling and bruising now. You don't want to have been walking around on a fracture.

And, I do like the idea of doing away with the SS-thing. I watched her on Larry King's show, and I hate to say it, but she sounded off-balanced. She didn't make a heck of a lot of sense, and I wouldn't want anyone new coming here and thinking that we're promoting the current Susanne Somers necessarily.

It's still raining, so I never did get the flyers hung up for the fundraiser at the comunity center. That will have to wait another day or two, but I did go and pick them up and had a nice visit with seeral of the 'regulars', including Verna who will be 94 on her next birthday in November. She's hosting the Nov. Red Hat luncheon and will bring her own cake and wear a purple hat that day. There's definitey something to be said for walking 3 miles daily, rain or shine, swimming 1 hour daily in her Olympic-size pool, doing Jazzercise 4 days a week, and yoga 3 days a week. Tired, yet? LOL She's just an incredibly active and fun lady. She still drives, too, and is having her SIL drive her for her driver's test in case she should flunk it and can't drive herself home.

Jan!!! Glad to see you posting and congrats on the weight loss!

Dinner tonight is my "skinny chicken veggy soup" since I wanted something hot and filling, but low-cal so that I can weigh in Wednesday and show a good loss. BFN!

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Good Tuesday all,

Dee, I am sorry to hear about your injury. There's not much meat on the shin area and I am sure you bruised the bone. I am an expert in falling and hurting myself! Sounds like it's just going to take time to heal. I would definitely be putting ice on it whenever you can.

Milkdud and Jan, congrats on your continued weight loss. I need some inspiration right now. I am completely stalled - nothing is happening. I am sick of thinking about it. You two rock!

Yesterday was the most beautiful day. It was warmish and the sky was crystal clear blue. We are well past peak foliage but the light coming through the bronze and yellow leaves was heavenly. It should have been declared a holiday! Today is gloomy and November looking!

Okay where are all you MIA's??? Check in please.

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Thanks for the best wishes regarding my sore right shin. This morning, I decided to walk with my friend who returned from a week in St. Maarten, and it wasn't bad. I put on really good walking shoes and took my cane with me, but I did not need it. It felt really good, so I think it's sore from stiffness. Today I put on high heels because it feels better when I stretch, and the only time I'm hurting is when I sit too long. Gonna leave this office now and walk slowly to my next meeting (which is 3 buildings over from this one!)

Make today count!
I'll be back later, so everyone behave & MIAs check in please!

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*woo*woo*woo*** Is this thing on?

Ladies, are we talking to ourselves this week? Did someone lock the door after the 4 of us posted? I challenge our MIAs to come in and dispel all the rumors!!! :)

I had a great shopping day today! I was invited by a friend to join her garden club's group on an hour-and-a-half-away-from-Crosby trip to a huge outlet mall way on the other side of Houston. It was a fun and successful trip for all. They had a Clark shoe outlet, and I found 2 pair of shoes!!! It's always a good day when I can find shoes that are cute and feel good. I also bought Halloween goodies at a Harry and David store. Had a healthy grilled chicken salad for lunch and pumpkin spice pecan coffee for dessert.

Breakfast was a cup of the skinny chicken soup, and dinner for me will most likely be the same. Weigh-in day tomorrow at TOPS, and I'd hate to lose an octopus leg my first time back.
Glad you're feeling better, Dee!

Suzanne, we had a real Fall-weather day here, too.

Have a great evening!

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Good Wednesday all,

Did you all hear about the Southwest Air $25 fare? WOWZA the girls in my office are all taking advantage of it. Me - I don't want to go anywhere but home these days! LOL

It's not that I mind talking with Jan, Wodka, and Dee but I sure do miss you MIA's It's just too quiet here.

I got home late last night and while down at the barn I was entertained by the rather eerie call of a Screech Owl! Wow, did it make the hair stand up on the back of my neck when I first heard it! It took me a bit to figure out what it was!

This morning a huge flock of Turkeys came down out of the trees in my pasture. It's that time of year when they really start gathering. My property has tons of oak trees so they feed on acorns all winter.....did I say WINTER? I can't believe it's right around the corner.

It's raining and gloomy here today.

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suzanne, I am both Jan AND Wodka - ha! So, it really is "slim pickin's" lately.

We just had our morning walk - still wearing shorts and it's almost Halloween. I would love to be in your part of the country right now - it all sounds so beautiful!

I'll be headed to Washington, DC soon with my mom for a few days, so that will be a nice change of scenery, and always fun with my sister and her family.

I did hear about the Southwest Air bargains - what a deal.

Going to play today with my neighbor - shop and eat - two of my favorite pasttimes. Hope all is well with everyone.


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Jan, I knew that!! I was thinking Milkdud and typed Wodka!

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I'm calling out the MIAs........BJ, RAEANNE, MARCI, JEN, GRETCHEN, PATTI, JOHN, AMY, DONNA, MADDIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come by and say hello this week.

My leg is getting better each day, and I'm so grateful. Thanks for the kind words.

Dropped my new car (3400 miles) off at the dealership for the 3rd time this month. There is a horrible noise coming from the back at 20-30mph on turns and bumpy roads that drives me nuts. They 'retorqued' something twice, but that's not fixing it. I feel like a PITA, but that's why I lease a new car every 3 I don't have to deal with being the Princess and all! LOL!!! If it's not fixed this time, they are going to get the Jersey beeeeaatch version of me. Look out!

Gotta run to another meeting. Can anyone out there tell me what's it like to be retired? The only advantage I see to working under this stress is all the vacations.


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Dee - HELLO DEE! ((((HUGS)))) about your nasty fall. Does your car qualify for the lemon law? You can understand a problem or 2 but 3 in that short time is just wrong.

Suzanne - I am going to Southwest as soon as I finish posting this.

Milkdud - I see you are as busy as every, how is DH?

I hope to be back tomorrow to post more.

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Good Thursday all,

It's beautiful and sunny here today after over 1 1/2" of cold wet miserable and raw rain!

DH is snowed in in Colorado. Been grounded for 2 days now. He's going stir crazy as the truck stop he is in has no hook up for using his computer, television,etc.! He does have his Kindle so he is going to have to read, read, read!

Raeanne, did you book a flight(s) on SW? Where are you going?

Dee sounds like a lemon to me! A good car will last well beyond 3 years and over 100,000 miles with little or no repairs to make beyond normal stuff. Hope it gets resolved.

Jan, how was shopping and lunch?

MIA'S??????? Where for art thou!

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Hope everyone is having a good week.

Raeanne, good to see you around here.

Well, I drove the car home and it was fine until I turned it into my driveway. The sound is still there. The explanation I got sounded good to me when they 'fixed' it and test drove it. It's going back on November 16th (when I return from vacation). If they can't fix it, I'm going to call the salesman to see what can be done. Four times a charm! (They insist it's not a safety issue, but how can they say that if they don't really know what it is?)

I totally forgot that I promised to take my team to lunch today to celebrate all the hard work they put in this summer. I'm a bit stuffy and wanted to go home and work in my PJs this afternoon, but a promise is a promise!

Make today count!

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Good morning!

I'm supposed to be cleaning house, but thought I'd start packing for my trip so it won't be rushed or last minute.

Shopping and lunch was fun. This is a new neighbor/friend and we have really hit it off. Like a lot of the same things, easy going, not high maintenance. We love to bargain shop (nice word for "cheap!") - I had coupons from Belk so we hit it first and both found some deals. Then headed to TJ Maxx and Ross (some people roll their eyes about Ross Dress for Less, but if you like to hunt, you can find some great things, even designer labels.) We love to brag on how much we saved....ha. Since losing the weight, I've had to replace practically all of my winter wardrobe (Hope I get to wear winter clothes eventually - high is 82 today!) Like y'all really need to hear all of this.

Lunch was good - ate a grilled vegetable and chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. They served a loaf of bread with butter, and my friend dove into it. I resisted, because I know next week while I'm away I'll probably not be as strong.

Is anyone a fan of the show "Friday Night Lights?" Its new season started last night on Direct TV and will be shown later on regular channels. It is, by far, one of the best shows on television. All of the actors are so good, especially the coach and his wife (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.)

Have a good day. Time to find the ironing board.

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Hi all!

Dee--how's your leg? Any better? That's terrible about your car; a lady that I worked with leased a brand new car, and she had major problems with it, and it's supposed to be one of the best cars on the market. She ended up getting out of that car and into another one, and was very happy. Where are you going on vacation? (I must have missed that post.)

Well, so far the following are interested in the ornie exchange--

and me-

Any more takers?

Sorry this is short--I've got a mountain of homework to do, and I'm really unmotivated at this point!

Hope all is well!



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Jan, I keep forgetting to mention Biggest Loser to you. I swear this season I can't watch it without a box of Kleenex! I thinks it's good season but different. Sniff, sniff!

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suzanne, I agree with you re: Biggest Loser. My heart broke for Shay when she was breaking down with Jill about her abused childhood. I can't imagine a child enduring what she did.

It is different this year. I like that they focus more on food and nutrition and adapting to the real world. What about that crazy Tracy???? I love the 49 year old, tough-talking grandmother, too.

My sister in DC doesn't watch much tv, so I might be going through withdrawal next week!!! I better get that DVR going!

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Another MIA reporting in.....

Hello to all! Dee, how is your leg and that bites about your car.

Been busy and STILL no construction. My builder tells me the township tells him another week which is par for the course around here.

Will check in over the weekend and post for real saying hello to each of you.

Maddie, don't work too hard!


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Good Friday all,

TGIF!! I am ready and hope we have good weather. But ugh, we have to turn the clocks ahead tomorrow night....more darkness!

Donna, what a drag to have your project on hold for so long! I can't understand what the hold up is when it's all been approved! Do check in and tell us how you are.

QOD: what is everyone up to this weekend? AND where have all the MIA's been? BJ?

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Suzanne, I think we turn our clocks back an hour, so we get another hour of sleep. Still, it always takes me a few days to get used to the new time, even though we do it every year.

I've got seafood gumbo cooking on the stove, will boil shrimp, corn and potatoes later this evening, outside, weather permitting. My sister and brother-in-law are coming for the weekend, so am chilling the wine and doing some last-minute cleaning.

My husband is bringing home his new company car, a 2010 Nissan Murano - his old Expedition had over 120,000 miles on it. He read good reviews on it and didn't want something as big as the Expedition (never used all that extra space.) We'll see.

So, should be a fun weekend, in between the rain and storms!

Happy Halloween.

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Jan, up in this part of the world it means darkness! Before the winter solstice, it will be dark by 4:00 pm and daylight won't come until after 7:00 am. I would give many hours of sleep to have that not be the case!! It's what we call the mushroom syndrome up here. LOL

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I'm about to go pack for my vacation, so this is goodbye for a few days. I'm bringing along my work laptop, so may be able to check in next week.

My leg is feeling better and I'm optimistic that it will stay that way.

Have a great Halloween and behave yourselves while I'm away!


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Happy Halloween!

I guess Besh is swamped in Salem again this year-- :)It's cloudy and cool here--after a high yesterday of 81. Scheech! We turn our clocks back tonight, too, and it always takes me a few days to readjust to the new time.

We're going to see "Evil Dead-The Musical" tonight. It's a combination of the 2 Evil Dead moveis and An Army of Darkness, so this should be a riot! :)

Hope all is well!



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Gooooooooooooood Halloween day to all!

I've been up since early and on the go. Our community center had their first ever "Boo Bash" fun-/fundraiser today, and it was a howling success! As the ways & means chairman, I was delighted with the turnout of people and kids dressed up in costumes and spending lots of time and money enjoying themselves! :0

I did a lot of fun Christmas shopping there for those little fun items that are 'extras' that nobody asks for or expects, but that always find a home happily. I also bought a couple of hand-painted items to continue decorating our house. I had a small serving of Frito pie and a diet Dr.Pepper when I finished my shift of tattooing kiddos.

Donna, how nice to see you posting, but how frustrating for you with the delay.

Maddie, enjoy the musical!

Hope Dee's having fun on her vacation.

Suzanne, hope you're enjoying your last sunny evening until next spring.

Jan, I'd love a bowl of gumbo about now, TYVM!

Raeanne, come back and post more - you're missed!

Maddie, should we give it a little bit longer to see if anyone else would like to participate in the ornament exchange. It's so much easier to do an ornie than a whole gift box, so maybe we can get a bigger group together. I already have mine, so I can sound all organized and 'together' here! LOL

I have a turkey roasting in the oven for our dinner. I decided to change up tradition from chili this year. I also needed to bake this one so that I can start taking advantage of the wonderful turkey sales starting up next week. We love turkey all year 'round. When I was growing up, the ONLY time my mom cooked a turkey was at Thanksgiving, so it still seems a little strange to me to cook one 'just because'.

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween and healthy snacking this evening!

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Happy Halloween from Salem!!!


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Rabbit, rabbit!

Gad, it's 6:45am here with the time change; what am I doing up?? LOL!

Milkdud, I agree. I think we should wait to draw names for another couple of weeks, don't you? I have the one that I want to buy in mind, but not in hand yet. I got a good laugh re: your turkey. Mom only fixed one once a year at Thanksgiving. Now, since most years we are stuck going up to his moms (sigh), I usually cook a turkey dinner in late January or early February--this year I had the Macy's parade saved to the DVR, and I played that the morning I fixed the dinner--surreal, but fun! :)

Well, the musical was indeed a riot! It was a small playhouse, so very intimate, and the actors were punch-drunk and having a blast. It was the last show, so it was no holds barred--heehee! I love going to shows like that. I think a friend and I may be going to see "A Christmas Story" this month, at least I hope so--I love Ralphie!

Gotta go--hope all is well!



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Rabbit, Rabbit! Good Sunday all.

I have had no phone service since Thursday night! Oddly enough, I have internet. Repair people aren't coming until tomorrow and I will no doubt have to waste an entire day waiting for them. Of course, my cell phone has no signal here!

Yesterday it poured but was really warm. Strangely warm in fact - humid and summery. TOday is clearing and I am hoping to get outside to keep doing winterizing.

Milkdud, it literally will be getting dark by the time I get home from work tomorrow. My hens will already be roosting...I really dislike it. But as always, I will suck it up and get used to it.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

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Another Rabbit! Rabbit! here, too!

Maddie, happy to hear that you enjoyed yourselves last night! I hope that more peeps come back to play and sign up for the ornie exchange! COME BACK, MIAs!!!

Suzanne, no phone service!!!??? I'd panic! Hope you're 'restored' very soon.

Besh, are you enjoying the P&Q today? We had 54 T&T'ers last night, then closed up shop because we ran out of popcorn balls. It was cool, so it was nice sitting out on the front porch.

Time to get dressed for Sunday School & church. Today is All Saints day and first Sunday communion, so this will be a very long church service. Our friend Susanne will have a rough time today because they will call out the names of all who have died in this last year, and Larry is still very much with her in spirit, if not body. All her family will be here with her, but still...... It's also been 37 years since my first husband died, so it's always a reflective day for me, too.

Wishing you all the kind of Sunday you need to restore your soul and get you ready for the coming week. (((HUGS)))

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Hi all!

MIA for oh,so long, I thought I'd hop on in rabbit,rabbit!)
and say hello.

I could never log on with my old computer once I moved to my new house. I got another computer yesterday, a "tweaked" identity"(spelling) and I get to come back!

It will take me awhile to get caught up, although I have lurked a bit. I have missed you guys.

Hope you still remember me...


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TIKANIS!!!! It's SO good to see you here! What a nice surprise. I thought you were long gone sister. Please come back soon and tell us what is new in your life!!

My phone service is just back on. I can hardly believe they came out on a Sunday to work on it. It was the box that comes into the house that needed repairing. It took him less than half an hour to fix! Milkdud, the first night I was out (last Thursday) I did feel a little panicky I must say. Plus my cell phone does not have a signal at home! Arghhh The recent tragic event in a nearby town is still rocking my world. It would not have been so bad had DH been home. I feel much better now.

DH was back on the road this morning! Four days stuck in the snow in Colorado! That's four more days that he will be gone! He is heading to Sunnyvale, CA to deliver and who knows how long it will take him to get home.

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TIKANIS - I had to read your post twice as I didn't believe my eyes. I hope you stick around - we miss you so much. Tell us a bit about life.

Suzanne - I wouldn't feel very comfortable being cut off from the rest of world alone either. I hope DH gets home quickly with no more storms in his path.

Milkdud - I don't get any trick or treaters here, but I wouldn't mind. We had 5 couples over for appetizers before we went to a party. It was a lot of fun, but I am not used to going out after 9PM. Thinking of you today ((hugs)).

It's always good to come here and see someone has remembered to do rabbit, rabbit!

Maddie - I got up way too early, especially since I got in very late last night. I really wanted to take full advantage of that extra hour LOL. That was a fun way to spend Halloween, glad you enjoyed it.

Besh - I can't wait to hear your horror stories LOL.

Donna - it is hard to get permits around here too, so I can relate, but your's does seem unusually dragged out.

Wodka - my neighbor has the Murano and loves it. That was some story you posted the other day with that chain of events in the parking lot WOW - glad that day is behind you.

Dee - I hope you are enjoying yourself. You will be missed here.

Time to put another load of laundry on - some things never change.

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Hi all :)

Thought I'd drop in and say hi and see what people are doing. I do that from time to time you know, but haven't been posting. I hope you all had a good Halloween.
My older granddaughter, who was 8 when I moved to Hawaii, is in college now. They both dressed up for Halloween. My son is going to email me some pics of them later and I'll try to share them.

I'm still having health issues. I can't even believe how old I'm getting!

Take care all, and eat healthy,

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