Chili cook off ideas/theme - calling creative GWers

jrueterMarch 11, 2014

I have entered a chili cook-off fundraiser at my work to support diabetes research. I have a great butternut squash chili recipe I am going to make, but we are supposed to have a "theme" for our table with a cute name for the chili, decorations and even costumes.

Can anyone help me get jump started with a good name or theme?

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With that ingredient your name is going to have to be kind of crazy...... How about: Squash D Chili ? I also like squilly! Chilinut? Chili B Squashed?

Or do something French. Chili Courge? And all dress like French chefs with little pencilled in mustaches?

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I like the idea of the Chili Courge, although I work with quite a few French folks who will be quick to critique, LOL! Maybe since I am in SoCal I can go with the Spanish Chili Calabaza and do sombreros, serapes, etc.

I like squili too, hhmmm.

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Suero - that is hilarious! I knew GW would come through for me!!!

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The Latin name for Butternut squash is Cucurbita moschata, cucubita being gourd and moschata being the butternut species, in case you want to play with that.

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