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bigackSeptember 21, 2003

Hi everyone, I'm reading a lot of good stuff about curves. I'm 60, out of shape, and have lower back and leg problems, but I'm not totally down and out, and am wondering if I'd be able to do the exercises. Can you tell me about some of them??? thanks so much, Susan

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Susan, you can do anything as long as you do it at your own pace and comfort zone. That's one of the great things about Curves. Once you learn how to use each machine (proper form, posture, etc.), you then use them at your own pace. At Curves, you don't keep up with anyone else. You are on each station for only 30 seconds and you move to the next one when the time is up no matter how many reps you do on a machine.

I have a low back problem too so I practice good posture on each machine, keeping my back and neck straight. Of course, each back problem is different. If you're talking about a slipped disk, that's a whole 'nother thing that needs a doctor's attention.

Curves is designed for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. At mine, there are some elderly women who move slowly but they are there, doing it at their own pace.

At most (or all?) Curves gyms, you are allowed to try the workout for free (one day or one week, it depends on the gym and the current offer). Why not go in and see if you can do that. You might want to try a time that's more quiet, less crowded than others -- ask them and they will suggest a time if that's important to you.

You won't believe how much stronger you will feel in a few months, or less than that. It's amazing.


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I started off at Curves with a bad knee and limited in my activites because of it. I hadn't been able to go up and down stairs normally for several years. I had to keep the knee straight. I am able now to squat and bend my knee. I step up and down and bend my knee like anybody else does. I've lost weight and inches beyond my expectations and I feel great and look like a different person. I highly recommend Curves, but you'd probably be more comfortable trying it out first. I hope it works for you.

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Does anyone know if you can use your membership at any Curves? There's one near work and I would use that on weekdays, but would prefer to use one close to home on weekends. I keep hearing great things about this simple approach to exercise. As soon as daylight savings ends, I will join. Right now, I want to rush home to be outside in the garden as much as possible.

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There are visitor passes available for times when members are traveling. I don't believe there is a limit. You may be able to work something out with your locations. I'm sure if you join you will enjoy feeling better. I hope it works out for you.

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I asked at my center and was told that visitor passes are issued for a month's time. You can register at one center and use the pass on weekends at another. You just have to do it month by month.

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Thanks. Another one opened closer to me -- hurray.

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