Holiday Traditions for Two

Michelle_SwitzerlandSeptember 12, 2002

My husband and I have jobs that often leave us separated for weeks at a time (no children), so we really cherish the time we have together. That's why we like to spend the time around Christmas and New Years mainly alone. What I miss are traditions associated with this time of year. Most traditions are focused around family and children - what I'm looking for are traditions for two - things we can look forward to, etc. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on the subject. Thanks in advance!

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Stuffing stockings for each other could be a nice tradition. It doesn't have to be expensive, you could theme it: pamper yourself, an evening out (give tickets that the other REALLY enjoys, coupon for dinner - their choice), and evening in (buy a dvd or tape you mate would enjoy, micro popcorn, fuzzy socks), silly toys (like wind up car and race them)

I've found that decorating the tree can also be a special moment. Fix nibbles, put on music and as each ornament and decoration is place -- reminence (sorry - today I can't spell!). Even if you don't go for a full sized tree, or just do lights talking and sharing the moment is what is important.

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My kids spend every other Xmas with their dad, and the SO and I spend those years alone together on the farm. We do the tree, a must, and special nibblies and good wine. OK I rarely drink, he does the good wine, I do ginger ale.

Stockings, stuffed to the brim, a must. I do a platter of cheeses, meats, fruit, to nibble on while we open our gifts. I do this too, on the years the kids are with me, and when I do Xmas with them before they leave. Don't have to worry about cooking breakfast for them that way. They don't want to eat before they open their gifts, and they don't want to eat much after they open their gifts.

We sometimes go out to visit, sometimes have a few people over, or we spend time by ourselves. We have chores to do, cows need to be fed. If the weather is nice, not blizzarding, we will take the dog and go for a walk thru the bush along the river.

We play alot of cards, crib especially, or a good board game. Sometimes we put on the stereo and dance. Good music, good books, good conversation. It is a time when the isolation of the country and the mood of the year reconnect us after a really busy fall. Rarely does TV come into the picture.

We do a small turkey and all the trimings, just have to scale down the proportions for two. I think a lot of the holiday things should still be done, kids or no kids. Those things are part of the magic of Christmas, and aren't we all kids at heart then?


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using a package of tortillas - loosely fold into quarters - cut them into snowflakes like you would paper - brush with butter and a little cinnamon/sugar - them bake in the oven about 10 minutes till crisp

these make a wonderful snack and plus it is cool to make a bunch of snowflakes together -

our family tradition is a always to have some special fancy drink like a mistletoe martini (vodka and midori with a dash of grenadine), dip rim in a colored sugar or whatever you want to come up for a drink (we vary it)

We always look at the tree using cheap 3D sunglasses (like 50's movie glasses) - when you look at the tree the white xmas lights have stars and the words Happy Holidays around them - I got mine at Curious Heart, Nashville, TN (about $2.50 each)

we then have a special xmas toast

another thing we do is have mini gingerbread men and xmas sushi (rice krispy snacks topped with Swedish fish candy) on a platter

and we always have a melted snowman to join us - jar of water with two black buttons, a carrot and the base wrapped with a small piece of flannel cut with a little fringe.

Play Manheim Steamroller and old xmas favorites usually from Time-Life collection for music.

You could make a tradition of giving each other a sheet of paper that lists I Love You Becauses . . . to read after decorating the tree together.

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One tradition Dave and I have is to take our "family" portrait- both of us, the dogs, and the 2 iguanas in front of the tree. This year will be a rather sad one though- we lost Kang our Rottie in July- our first pic without him.

Also every year Dave gives me a collage of pictures of things we've done that year. New Years was our first date, so he gives it to me on our "date-aversary." We do all the stuff that a family with kids would do, mostly because we are both just big kids ourselves. We open presents on Christmas morning (I let him keep that one, even though I'm Pagan). We decorate the house, do stockings for each other and for the critters, have a nice breakfast together (very rare any other day).

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My husband and I take a day to shop for a special Christmas ornament each year. WE go out for lunch and browse the Christmas stores. It is amazing how much I look foreward to this very simple activity.

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