Embarrassing situation narrowly averted

sudiepavSeptember 7, 2008

Can't believe I got out of this one, and no one was the wiser! Last Monday, we had a Labor Day party for about 40 people. The weather was beautiful, and we were all outside. I greeted guests as they came to the door for the first few, but as it was readily apparent from the door where we were, I put a sign on the door, and told people to come in and join us on the deck. As I came inside to replenish food, I noticed that LOTS of people had brought wine or other gifts in bags. I quickly took them and put them on the dining room buffet, as I didn't want anyone to feel bad if they'd not brought anything. My husband and I told each guest goodbye, thanked them all for coming, and touched base with each one as they were leaving. No comments. After we'd cleaned up, we got out the wine and other gifts and found a nice bag with a cute pre-school book (we have grandchildren) and I found a really nice Hadley creamer and sugar bowl inside. This is a bit much for a hostess gift, but I have lots of Hadley, and the bag had my first name on it. Fast forward to yesterday. One of our guests called and asked if she'd left a bag at my house. I wasn't sure what sort of bag she meant, so I asked her to describe it. She'd brought it for a mutual friend as a birthday gift! The friend has the same first name as I do, and at the last minute, she couldn't come to the party. I put 2 and 2 together, and said that I'd found it and didn't know who it belonged to! Fortunately, by some stroke of luck, I still had the bag and tissue, so I re-wrapped it and delivered it to the right recipient a few minutes ago. I'm sad it isn't mine!

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Wow! What a story. You handled that beautifully -- I'm impressed.

Good think it wasn't anything edible!

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