Microwaving food, especially vegetables

socksSeptember 16, 2005

Has there been a final word about whether or not microwaving food, especially vegetables, destroys any more nutrients than regular cooking, like steaming?

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never mind

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Here are some articles I found. I don't think there will be much "solid proof" available, simply because it costs so much to do the long term neccesary testing. There is no economic incentive to pursue it.


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I know there are a lot of people who will think this is crazy, but I have one aunt who cooks everything they eat in her microwave. The only people in our whole family who have had cancer are her and her son. Take or leave the info.

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But correlation doesn't mean causation. THere are many variables to consider when trying to link cancer with habits, diet, environment, and genetics.

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well, we can't eat everything raw....our bodies are no longer built to withstand that much roughage......

so if you absolutely have to, use the microwave,
else, steaming vegetables (not boiling) is as far
as I know, the best way to keep in the nutrients...

baking was always good...

avoid as much as you can of course cooking on charcoal... but hey , they automobili pollution is what is going to get us as we sit around talking about these things.....

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Believe it or, not DH and I recently ungraded our appliances in our kitchen and we got rid of our microwave. People are always shocked when we tell them. There was life before microwaves, so we will survive!!

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You'll probably miss it a little at first, but you'll get used to not having it.

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I also believe that steaming vegetables is better than microwaving them. Some studies have shown that more vitamins are retained by steaming rather than microwaving. I bought a vegetable steamer. The great news is that the vegetables taste so good. My favorite is a broccoli, carrot, cauliflower mixture.

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