Sea Bass

blueheronSeptember 14, 2011

On Dr. Oz's show yesterday, the subject was ovarian cancer. A doctor recommended three foods that actually prevent the cancer. They are - raw onions, Belgian endive and sea bass.

Well, have you ever priced sea bass? I checked with 2 supermarkets and the first one said they don't carry it because it's too expensive. The second one did carry it frozen and the price was - wait for it - $26/pound. Not going to buy it in the forseeable future unless it goes on sale which I very much doubt.

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The Patagonian toothfish (renamed Chilean sea bass for marketing in the U.S) has been overfished in many areas.

Wikipedia: According to Seafood Watch, the Chilean sea bass is currently on the list of fish American consumers who are sustainability-minded should avoid.

I suggest if it's that expensive it may have been purchased on the black market, and I would definitely avoid it. Besides, I'm a cheapskate!

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