WANTED: dumplin designs lollipop lane and cupcake corner patter

bonejoAugust 17, 2008

I would appreciate any patterns that could be emailed to me to make these dolls for childen who have severe medical problems thank you

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I forgot email address bantjo@comcast.net

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Were you able to find all that you were looking for?

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I'll send you some :)

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Donna, Sorry I did not get back to you right away but have been very busy. Thank you so much for inquiring about my question. Starving artist was very gracious and sent me alot of patterns. The only one I think I am missing is Cherries Jubliee. My group of friends and I are working deligently on these dolls to have them done before Christmas. This is the best forum I have been on. Everyone is very kind and so helpful. I do appreciate everybodys help. Thank You

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Could someone please share these with me too. I have been trying to locate them for quite sometime now. I would really appreciate it very much.

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I also would appreciate these patterns being shared with me. Google is a wonderful things, it gets you to where you want to be. I was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago and now have been through chemo, radiation, you just about name it. I will be 66 soon and started crocheting when I was a very small girl. I am trying to get as much dolls, doilies, etc. as I can for my great nieces, friends, etc., so they might develop an appreciation for the beautiful art of crochet. Thanks for anything you can do for me. Eva

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I sent you both -Eva & Cristy- an e-mail

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I just came across your posts.. I have been trying to find 4 1/2' heads for my Dumplin Designs dolls.. I have all 12 of the Cupcake Corner Series, all 12 of the Lollipop Lane Series and 6 of the Crocheted Designer Series ( Wee Little Mouse, Mildred Mouse Doorstop and Baby, Jolle Ole Santa, Mrs. Claus, A Joyous Angel, and Wilma the Good Witch).. I bought them when they came out in 1985.. Darice doesn't have the yellow, blue or green heads and I can't seem to find a web address for Fibre-Craft.. I have found some on e-bay..

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I am interested in sharing patterns for this series also. I have 6-7 of the patterns and would like to get the ones that I don't have. I am also willing to share my patterns as well. Please contact me at aloha_hawaiian@hotmail.com.

As for doll heads, where I've been getting mine is going out of business but I found an online site that sells them. Let me know if you are interested in checking it out. Please contact me about sharing patterns. I am trying to make a set for each of my neices. Thanks!

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I also have been looking for patterns for the yarn head dolls. I couldn't even find the doll heads locally anymore, but say the post from starvingartist and was able to order some. Thank you so much for that information. Sometime in the 80's I made quite a few of these dolls and gave them to children I taught in Sunday School class. Just recently my son has become a step father to a girl that is 4 years old and it made me think about those dolls again and how special they were. I too thank google search engine for finding this forum when I did a search for dumplin designs cupcake and lollipop dolls. So now I have ordered heads and would really apprepriate anyone that can share some crochet patterns for the bodies with me. I don't remember if the pattern I used to have was a lollipop or a cupcake, but the hats had crocheted ruffles around the edges and the dresses had a lot of crocheted ruffles. So I would like to thank someone in advance for any patterns they could provide, or information on where I might purchase patterns.

My email address is lopkeeper@aol.com

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I too, have been looking for these patterns. I did a Google search and found this wonderful forum. My daughter would really like to have these dolls and I want to make them for her. Thank you for your help. She is going to be going inpatient next month for more tests and treatments and I would really like to have one or more done for her to take with her.Thanks so much. Pat

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I have also been looking for these patterns for sometime. If anyone knows where I could purchase them please let me know. If anyone has them and would be willing to email them to me I would really appreciate them.


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I think I may have posted in the wrong spot before...I hadn't seen this post specifically talking about these specific patterns...

I have been looking for the Dumplin Designs dolls; primarily the Cupcake Corner and Lollipop Lane, as well as any others that work those particular doll heads...My daughter saw the heads at the thrift store, fell in love with them and kept putting them into the cart...I had no idea what to do with them until somebody told me...If anybody can share their patterns, I would appreciate it VERY much!
Thank you in advance!


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Hello to all! This forum is TERRIFIC! The information is readily available, and the people are so very kind! I have been looking around for 2 of the Lollipop Lane patterns, I already have 10. I also need 6 out of the 12 cupcake corner patterns. My 10 year old daughter had a best friend pass away last year of cancer, and she is now very VERY passionate about spending time with the ill, the elderly and the terminal. She spends as much time as I do putting together these dolls to give away. If any one would like to swap, or send me the ones we don't have, Stephanie and I would be very grateful. My email address is desarii@live.ca. I will send a reply back asap to those who ask to trade, or ask which ones I need =)

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Please email me the patterns as well. My Grandma use to make them and I have no idea what happened to all her patterns, no one will own up to it.
Thanks in advance!

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Hello, Please can someone help me. I'm looking for any pattern to make my grand-daughter some dolls for christmas. And i also need to know where i can get the doll heads. My Grandma use to make them for all of her grandchildren. I want to carry it on to all of mine. Thank you Email: Schwitalski@yahoo.com

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If you or Anyone else could share these designs with me that would be amazing. My mom has a few of these but i am looking for the rest so that I might make them for her. She is getting up in her years and I know she would love to have these dolls to add to her collection..... The designs I need are
Strawberry Jam
Bubble Gum
Hot Fudge Sunday
Banana Split
Grape Jelly
Oatmeal Cookie
Watermelon Slice
Taffy Apple
Peppermint Stick

I have these to share
Sherbert Ice
Chocolate Chip
Cherries Jubilee
Plum Preserves
Orange Marmalade
Raspberry Fluff
Blueberry Cupcake

My email wether you have designs I need or want PDF's of the ones I have is Doug.reed1974@gmail.com

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i am looking for any and all of the patterns for lollipop lane and cupcake corner. im trying to find them for my mom. she wants to make them for kids in our family. she had made some for me when i was little and i wish i still had them. i think it would be great if my daughter could have something that i loved so much as a kid.


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