XL Glider -vs- Gazelle Glider

MariaSeptember 13, 2001

I'm not going to say anything against

Tony Little. I do have his original

Gazelle Glider and it worked great!

That was a couple years ago...

In April of this year I purchased an

XL-Glider from QVC (the only place to shop!)

It's really great! I have talked it up so

much at the office that three other employees

also purchased one!

The glider is really helping me in my

determined efforts to lose weight.

I have lost 53lbs since 1/2/2001!

Not all to the credit of the XL Glider.

But, you have to excercise to be successful

and using any brand of glider is a great way

to do it and it's alot of fun!

I can do 6 miles in 68 minutes. I challenge

myself everyday (well 5 out of 7) and I

can't wait to get home everyday and use it!

(yes, I have no life)

My body is going through exciting changes.

Everytime I buy a new pair of slacks,

a few weeks later, I need a new pair.

What I truly love about the XL-Glider

is that it was way less expensive than

the Gazelle Glider and it folds.

BUT, does anyone know how to get

it to stop squeaking?

It's getting kinda loud and annoying.

I guess I work it out too hard.

Just Keep Gliding!

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I purchased the Mia Finnegan glider from QVC about a month ago and I just love it also.

There appears to be very little difference between it and the XL Glider. They both even appear to have the squeaks. It really annoyed me so I got out the can of WD40. It is a spray lubricant that you can get anywhere (Wal-Mart, etc.) Everytime I heard a squeak for the first of couple weeks I would spray that spot with WD40. It is whisper quiet now. If it ever starts again I will just get out the spray but it is doing fine now. Thought this might help you.

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I have an XL Glider, and I love it too. My husband found out why it squeaks. Because they come preassembled, they are painted and assembled very quickly. When the paint comes off after using and folding/storing it, the metal rubs a bit on the joint that crosses. He put a thin plastic washer in between the two poles and WaLaa! No more squeaks! (he has the allen wrenches that are required to seperate the poles, you may need to purchase them). These are the joints that the manual says to check and make sure that they are tight before using. You could lubricate the joint, I suppose, but I haven't had a squeak since. It was so annoying, I use mine every other day in the morning, I am so happy now.

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I just wanted to thank all of you for starting this thread. I found it so interesting that I started looking at the gliders. I finally ordered the XL glider and I love it!!
I have lost 12 pounds in the last 4 weeks by working out on the glider! Thank you all so very much!

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For what it is worth- I noticed in the flyer we got with the newspaper that Dick's Sporting Goods has the Tony Little Gazelle on sale for $199.

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Haven't tried the XL - but just purchased the Gazelle from a locale sporting goods shop. Purchasing from them the price was $199.99 without shipping charges and best yet -
I can return it within 30 day with a receipt for a full refund. Sure beats buying from the infomericals.

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hi, I live in Canada, Surrey BC and was wondering if any of your knew of any stores where i could buy this gazelle XL or glider for $199.99. Thank you.
My e-mail address is ramnit_basi@hotmail.com

thank you :)

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I have the XL Glider but the hydraulic cylinders are not working properly. It takes all my might to make the pedals move. Any ideas???

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Why is the XL glider better than Tonly Little's? I'm going to buy one, I'd like to know the difference.

Thank you all! I'm so excited now.

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