WANTED: annie's attic big foot booties

lmmerrwinJuly 25, 2002

Somewhere in this house is a set of patterns for adult sized booties like the ones in the Annie's Attic baby bootie collection. I know this because I made the slippers years ago for my baby brother. He now has a baby of his own and his favorite booties have died of old age. I wanted to make him and his daughter matching slippers but all I can find are the baby sizes. I have moved twice since I have made these booties and I may never find the box (or book) I stored the patterns in. Annie's Attic says that the patterns are no longer in their inventory and I am running out of places to search. Please help me.

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Hi, I just stumbled into this forum via a Google search.

I have a handful of my crochet patterns posted online. I'll repost what I called my 'Bigfoot Bedsock' adult-sized -- no connection to Annies Attic. Have gotten good comments from it. I got shuffled around the web a bit, so my pattern was on/off/on, etc...I'll repost it and you can see if that's suitable. If I'm lucky, I'll get it up before the end of today...don't know, but, I'm sure it'll be soon. If you can't view PDFs, let me know, maybe I could send some other file.

The link below is where it'll be. Good luck in finding what you want!

Here is a link that might be useful: Crocheted 'Bigfoot Bedsocks' Shall Be HERE!

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WANTED: strawberry purse. Back in the 80's, Annie's Attic had this pattern in their calendar. I made this for my daughter and she now would like to make it for her girls. Please, if any one has this, I would truly appreciate it.

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I have the entire set of Bigfoot patterns as well as the baby patterns. Have you found yours yet?

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