Hollywood weekend diet drink?

aureliusSeptember 3, 2001

Lose up to 10 lbs. in two days? Is this realistic? Anyone try this "miracle" diet drink? What do you think about it?

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10 pounds is equal to 35,000 calories. If you jogged non stop for 24 hours, you would use about 17,000 calories. I don't mean to be rude or insensitive to you but why are there so many naive people on this site. Do you really believe you can lose weight with a "magic" pill or drink. My dear friends---THERE IS ONLY 1 WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT. EAT LESS AND EXERCISE. Now stop dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Been there, done it. I lost a total of 3 lbs. and spent most of the last day not too far any bathrooms! For 3 lbs. I didn't think it was worth it, but that's just my opinion. I look forward to seeing how everyone else has fared.

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This doesn't work. I tried it and lost about 3 lbs. and gained it all back the minute I ate anything. I was hungry and weak the second day and even though the juice tastes pretty good, it's just not enough to sustain you. Also, 10 lbs. in 48 hours is just sooo unrealistic. If you want to jump start some diet plan and want to knock off about 3 lbs. of water weight, then I say go for it. Don't expect too much else.


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Hey Julie, what are your views about the Micheal Thurmond system?

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First of all, that loss for the most part is only water. Secondly, if some people insist on that sort of "weight loss" program, save your money and go on prune juice for 48 hours.

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It's probably just a strong diuretic/laxative. It's cleaning you out, not burning fat. Don't mean to be gross, but if you've got 10 lbs to lose in that manner, you may want to eat more fiber in your diet - LOL!

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I'm sorry to disagree with you all, but I purchased it and it did work. I lost 6 pounds in 2 days, which I think is worth it. All of my friends were sure it was just water weight, but I have kept the weight off even after attending a wedding in New Orleans that very next weekend. Losing the 6 pounds made me feel better about myself so that I had the confidence to start going to the gym again and watch what I eat. Sure, it isn't the best tasting "juice" around, and I did have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so, but that subsided the second day. I wasn't hungry at all, except for when I went to bed at night - before I fell asleep, my stomach would growl. I did miss the "habit" of eating. I followed the directions to the T.... you MUST drink it all day long - tiny sips every couple of minutes or so. Plus drink the 96 oz of water that it requires as well. I would be curious to see if those folks that say it didn't work for them followed the directions. This juice diet isn't the solution to your dieting needs, but it did give me a jump start, so now I watch what I eat and excerise regulary.

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hate to break it to you, but this the loss is just water weight. i assumed so, and spoke to my physician. the plan is to drink this concoction of high nutrient and vitamin juice (carrots, etc.), and not eat for 2 days. not only do you lose the water weight, but by not eating you induce starvation - i.e. your body begins to burn muscle tissue instead of fat, saving the fat thinking that your body is starving. this is exactly what yo-yo dieting is. so after the two days, you've lost water weight and muscle mass. as soon as you eat anything with sodium, you've gained it back.

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I fell for this one too. This nonsense was getting on my nerves two hours after starting it. For one thing, I wanted a cigarette and a coke and it seemed like this stuff made me even more hungry than usual. So I lasted about three hours total and lost 20 - dollars, that is.

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Like Everestgreen, I am willing to give it a try just to get myself motivated. I only could stand to loose the 10 pounds, if I loose 3 to 5 pounds in a few days, at least I will see a difference and make more of an effort to fit a few more minutes of excercise in a day. Granted, I hadn't thought of drinking prune juice for a couple of days. I also believe that watching your portions and more exercise is the only way to loose some real weight - I just need a little boost.

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There is no way that anyone can loose weight by jus sitting around and thinking the juice is gonna do it all... "You can only help someone that help themselves". The juice is a boost for you, a detox that your body needs, and puttin all the nutrients back.. after that you must excercise to keep the weight off.. Im gonna give it a try, I need it...

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