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beshOctober 9, 2006

Good Morning!!!!

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Posted by deemarie5500 (My Page) on Mon, Oct 9, 06 at 8:53

I am sooooo upset! Changed purses yesterday and left Donna's number in there. Apologies Donna. Not sure if you saw that traffic! We parked over 3/4 mile away and had to walk in. The festival was so crowded that we could barely move around and only stayed 2 hours. Maybe some other time.

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Good Morning again.

It is so nice to have this extra day off. I don't know how much I will get done as I have to bring my cat to the vet and drive for football practice. It does not sound like much, just interruptions. I get so much more done if I can just keep going nonstop.

My nephew's wife, Kim, was crowned Mrs. Essex County yesterday at the Topsfield Fair. Some of you New Englanders around here will probably know what that is. She is beautiful inside and out and I a thrilled for her!
I'll post the link to the article if anyone wants to read about her, but unfortunately they don't post the pictures online.

Not much else new. Seems like I'm always busy though. Today I am making menus for myself from the WW CORE plan and then going food shopping. I am hoping to be able to stay focused on it this week if I am prepared.

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

Here is a link that might be useful: Mrs. Essex County story

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Here is a link to Mrs. Essex County pictures from the fair's website. If you click into more pictures, there is a picture down the bottom of the whole family. The cute bald guy is my nephew. I know how much this group likes pictures so I thought I would share!


Here is a link that might be useful: Mrs. Essex County Pictures

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No worries, another time. Yes, I did see that traffic, it was totally insane!! Sunday was madness because of Saturday's bad weather. Definitely another time!

Besh, I will check out the link, how cool. Do you like core?

I am so excited, I am going to Maine next week!! Kennebunkport to be precise. I was there a few years ago and loved it. I know it's a touristy place and coming from one of those I usually don't like it but that coastline certainly recharges my batteries. Of course being a Jersey girl I love our coastline and marshes.

Will check in tomorrow!! Have a great night!!


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Good morning all,

I have finally recovered from my weekend camping trip. It is the one we host in our town and it was just glorious. The weather was perfect, in spite of dips down to the mid 30's each night, and the foliage was a peak, AND there was a full moon. We went on moonlight rides both Friday and Saturday and it was a blast. Poor Sweet Pea is tired as she got triple duty, riding, driving and moonlight riding each day. I was exhausted when I got home Sunday afernoon.

Donna, I don't find Kennybunkport "touristy" in a honky tonk kind of way. It's a very special place as is most of the Maine coast. It's a nice time of year to go too. The only honky tonk places I think of in Maine are just as you cross the border from NH like York. I am glad you will have a relaxing time to recharge. Where will you be staying?

Besh, thanks for sharing the link to Mrs. Essex County. Very pretty woman. Can you believe how wonderful the weather is? We have not had a hard from here yet which is unheard of!! I love it.

I am beginning to be very concerned about our little family here. There are so many who are not checking in even once in a while to say hello and let us know they are alright. I for one hope this forum is not in jeapordy of falling apart due to lack of participation. Please all you MIA's check in.

I need to start getting inspired to write my next article about this past weekend's camping trip. There is certainly no lack of inpsiration just time!!

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Donna - That is very exciting. I love Maine but have never been to Kennebunkport.

Suzanne - what a perfect weekend for your campout - I forgot about it - I am sure SP was very proud to have been in such demand LOL.

Besh - thanks for the link. She is beautiful and has a lovely family - including YOU.

Dee - I am sure you will make meeting Donna happen soon.

DD#1 is on her way to San Diego to live. It has been a week of ups and downs for me. I am very excited for her new life, but sad that there will be so many miles between us.

I have concerns about our group too. I have emailed a couple MIA's and haven't heard back. If you read this, just give us a quick hello.

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Good TUESDAY morning!

Donna, I feel better that you are so understanding. My sister and DBIL were with us (they sold their Eagles tix), and then we ran into a very long-lost cousin, so the few hours we had flew by! I'm still looking forward to meeting for lunch...maybe in the Brick area? I'll send you another e:mail.

Trying really hard to control eating this week, but I'm absolutely craving carbs. Eating the good carbs (whole grains), but they do nothing for the weight. Now they are scaring us about lettuce? What's left for us? LOL!!!

Gotta get down to some serious work here; we will be a few people down by year-end as they have cut the division by 15%. A sign of the times I guess, but I was extremely fortunate to keep my position (with about 50% more work!) Is that good news or bad news?

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Afternoon,

I had Jury Duty today so I am home a little early. I wasn't picked. They went through 60 jurors to pick 14; thankfully I was #81.

Dee, sorry about the work load. You should ask for 50% more salary, and they would still be saving! Layoffs are so scary. I've been threatened by 3 of them in the last 2 years, fortunatetly I am still working. It is very unnerving though.

Raeanne (((HUGS))). Do you think that this is a permanent move? My DS is leaving on Wednesday for a couple of job interviews in Virginia. My heart breaks to think about it. I am greatful that we will be on the same coast, but I am still so sad. Friends of ours that live in MA, have a son in CA, one in CO and a daughter in NY. I just can't imagine. Come here anytime you need a hug!

Suzanne, what a weekend you had for camping!!! There definitely won't be many more.

Donna, I also love Kennybunkport. What a great time of year to head north. I also love York. It depends on what you are in the mood for. We used to go every summer and bring the kids to Yorks Wild Kingdom and then spend the night in downtown York Beach. I loved it (especially watching the taffy pull).

I am also worried about the rest of our group. I know that I was MIA for a while and am so happy to be back. I hate to see us just fall apart after all of these years. Please check in everyone.

Does anyone watch Nip/Tuck? DH and I are so hooked on this show. Can't wait for tonight!

Love, Besh

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Dee, I'm glad you were able to spend the time with your family and catch up with a long lost cousin. Lunch in Brick could work, send me an email when you can and after my vacation we can work out details! I know your DS and DBIL must be thrilled with the Eagles win over Dallas. It sure felt good to kick TO's butt!

((Raeanne)), it sure is rough when someone you love, especially your kids, lives so far away. I think the emotions you have been experiencing are perfectly normal. Are you planning your first visit yet??

Besh, jury duty, yuck. I'm glad you didn't get picked. I get called every 3 years like clockwork. I was lucky this year - my week fell this summer during the week the NJ government shut down for budgetary reasons. When I called the jury office about reporting when the state 'reopened' the message said we were excused and would not be called for at least another 3 years - yeah!!

I am so glad you all like Kennebunkport! I visited there for the first time about 3 years ago and really enjoyed it. Suzanne I agree, it is not honky tonk at all. It's really a charming village and the people were so friendly. We are staying at a place called the Green Heron Inn. It's a small place that is a couple blocks away from the beach. I'm going with some family and friends and we are staying in the separate cottage they have on their property. Besh, I agree that it is a perfect time to head north - it is so beautiful. I love the ocean and even now only live about 15 miles from it. I grew up only a block from the Atlantic and have spent my entire life near it. I find the NJ coast and our marshes beautiful but Maine's coast is so different - I just love it!

I am leaving on Sunday and will be home Thursday...just a short trip but definitely one that is desperately needed.

Besh, I saw Nip/Tuck a couple times last year but not since. A show that is not new but I just found is Criminal Minds, I think on Wednesday nights. I really like it!

Enjoy your evening!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Green Heron Inn

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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, ((((HUGS))))) I know how close you are to your girls and I know it must be hard to have one so far away! I am sure it will all work out the way it's supposed to.

Besh, I watch Nip Tuck but I have not tuned in this season yet at all!! I took it out of my Season Pass manager and forgot to put it back in. How many episodes have I missed of the new season? I hope I didn't insult you with my remark about York....we used to bring the kids there each summer too and that's all I can remember is Yorks Wild Kingdom which I hated because I don't beleive the animals are treated well..........that's just me LOL

Donna, your Green Heron Inn looks lovely. I hope you have divine weather and if it's not I am sure you will make the best of it. I find the coast of Maine very unique.

Anyone here watch Lost? That is one of my fav's.

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Good WEDNESDAY Afternoon!

Donna that Inn looks so does the breakfast! Hope you have a wonderful time.

I just returned from my company's Community Involvement Day. My department went to a local Veterans' hospital to paint ceiling tiles with whimsical designs. It was so incredibly satisfying and enjoyable....really gives you a warm-fuzzy all over! We painted over 100 tiles; wish I was able to take a picture.

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I am really looking forward to this trip..I hope the weather is great but Suzanne is right, if not we will definitely have a great time anyway. Dee, the breakfasts are good, we ate there the last time in Kennebunkport. I think I will hold off strictly following my 1500 calorie diet until after I get home.

Dee, your company's community involvement day sounds great. I'm sure the residents enjoyed how much brighter things look now!

Not much going on at this end of the world, rainy but still warm. It's supposed to change and get seasonably cooler by tomorrow or Friday. Criminal Minds comes on tonight so I will watch that.

Take care - have a great night - talk to ya tomorrow!


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Hello, anybody out there?

Miss you, Besh

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Good Morning All,

One MIA checking in.

It's been an awful week here. DH best friend was killed Saturday in a wreck. It's heartbreaking. I can't get a grip on it yet. I keep expecting to see his work truck go by. I haven't shed this many tears in a long time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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[[[[[[[[[[[[Jen & Galen]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] So sorry to hear about your loss.

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Jen, I am so sorry for you and Galen. Some things just don't ever make sense.

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(((Jen)))- I am so sorry to hear about Galen's friend. My heart goes out to both of you.

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((Jen and Galen)) I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

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(((Jen & Galen))) what a tragic loss - I am so sorry.

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Jen, I am so sorry for you and Galen and his friends family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Donna, you are no doubt long gone but have a great time in Maine. I think you will have great weather although a little cold! Who cares!!

I continue to be concerned about our mia's and wonder what is going on that is making it so quiet here. Maybe we should all try reaching out to some of them via email. I know Raeanne has emailed a couple of people, Tikanis and BJ and got no response. I don't know what to do to get everyone back here. Any ideas??

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Suzanne, how about snail mail? I have a few addresses. Maybe we could just drop them a note. Everyone checks their regular mail, don't they?


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Besh - good idea, let's bombard them with snail mail! I have addresses too.

Suzanne - We can start up some nasty rumors like we did with BJ and John LOL.

Jen - my thoughts and prayers are still with you and Galen.

Donna - I hope you brought your long johns with you brrrrr.

It is brisk here today, but the sky is the prettiest shade of blue and the leaves are still full of color (at least the ones that are still on the trees).

Enjoy your weekend!

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I forgot to mention that I did hear from Gretchen. She is still doing the kitchen remodel and was hoping to stop by to say hi this weekend.

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I'm leaving early tomorrow morning but have got tons of stuff to get done today. Wanted to jump on quick and say hi. I've got plenty of warm stuff ready to be packed. I am a last minute packer, seem to do better that way!

I hope you guys can catch up with some of those MIAs.

Will check back in on Friday - get home late Thursday.

Have a great week....Donna

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Brrr is right! I just came back from taking DS to Pittsburgh for a wedding. I went shopping after and I nearly froze!

I was thinking of writing to Patti to see how she is. And where is Milkdud? If enough of us write, maybe they will realize how much we miss them.

Donna - Have a great trip!!!

Jen - Yes, you and Galen continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Haven't done anything worthwhile yet this weekend, so I had better get some stuff done. DS came in last night and we had a nice visit. He bought a townhouse in FL, so I guess he isn't thinking of moving home anytime soon.

((Raeanne)) - I know EXACTLY how you are feeling about DD moving across country. It is possible to be excited for them and secretly wishing they would change their minds at the same time!


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Donna - glad we didn't miss you - have a great trip - the inn looks beautiful.

Marci - I can't believe DS bought townhouse - that is great (for him). I knew you would know EXACTLY how I feel LOL. I forgot to mention that I did make her a scrapbook/journal and afterwards I was sure she would think it was a bit silly - but she absolutely loved it - DD#2 wanted to know where her's was - so looks like I have to make at least one more. It was a lot of fun to put together. I made a cd holder on the inside of the front cover and burned a cd with all traveling and california songs. The possibilities are endless!

I think I am doing laundry duty tomorrow - so if anyone cares to join me I will be around.

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I'm on my third load of laundry, worked out on the treadmill for 40 minutes and started making a pot roast. What is everyone else up to???

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Hi Raeanne,

I just talked to my Mom for about an hour, I vacuumed earlier and now I am heading for the grocery store. After that I am helping DS with some practice PSAT questions, probably some MORE laundry (I did about 6 loads yesterday), cook dinner and then watch Desperate Housewives later. And that is about it.

Enjoy the pot roast. It is definitely post roast season!

Love, Besh

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