Coral Calcium

derek21September 22, 2007

Do you have any idea if this product can be used by a diabetic patient and if it is can anyone give a few inputs where I can get this?

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I would suggest you to consult your doctor on this. However I did come across this product on the website and they have a good discount offer on all purchases recently

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Coral calcium is really no different from regular calcium: it's all calcium carbonate.

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Coral calcium may give you minerals you may not want. Take calcium with vit D, magnesium and potassium from a source you can trust standards. A diabetic should check with their doctor just to be safe.

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The idea that coral calcium is better for you is nothing but a marketing gimmick to sell what would otherwise cost only pennies. Coral made up of the same mineral as shells which is the same mineral as limestone! All calcium carbonate. Considering the endangered state of the coral reefs of the world, it might be better to avoid using this source.
Rather look into which is the most digestible form of calcium. Plus whether the mineral has been tested for lead content, as lead and calcium carbonate are often found together.

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