What TIME of day do you exercise?

KellyB.September 28, 2001

Hello Friends:

This is my problem (well, aside from being lazy): I need to find time to get my butt on my brand new treadmill. Found room for it, put it together, even put the walk man on top of it so I won't have to look for it. The problem is: when will I find time for it? I have a daughter. She's a year old. The treadmill will wake her if I use it early in the morning (before everyone is awake). If I try to use it in the afternoon when she and I are home alone, she will get crazy 'cause I'm not paying her any attention. My poor husband works two jobs most nights a week, so when he's home, I feel bad to ask him to watch her while I exercise. When do you exercise? How does one carve the time for themselves - especially those of you with little ones?

I read that one of the best gifts parents can give themselves, and inadvertently to their children, is time to themselves. Shoot. Time and money are the two things I have the least of.

God Bless America


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What a great laugh I got from that, time and money are the two things I have the least of too! I am in kind of the same boat, I have a 6,5 and 2 year old. I will not get up an hour early to exercise, I need that sleep! If I do it at night they will never sleep. What I have found to work the best for me is when the little one takes his afternoon nap and the other two are at school. I started leaving the radio on as background noise so he would stay asleep and then I would find "me" time! Good luck to you, I know it's hard. Jaime

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hsve you thought about putting DD in a backpack or sling and walking on your treadmill?

I get up at 5AM and catch my excercise programs on TV. DS sometimes gets angry but DH can usually cuddle him back to sleep so I can get my time in. DH knows how important this it to me.


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I would put my young daughter in front of the TV when sesame street was on, a good learning program that would capture her full attention and give me a good 1/2 hour on the treadmill. I could watch her close and get my exercise. If Sesame isn't on at the time you want to exercise, then you could tape it. Also, tape any show your kids really like.


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I know I'm not answering u'r question but I just had to ask u this. I'm seriously thinking of investing in a treadmill but my funds are limited. If you don't mind me asking can u please tell me how much you got u'r treadmill for and from where.I live in Maryland!
Thanks alot for u'r help KellyB

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Forget the treadmill.Use your child as a weight! You can lift her over your head and work your shoulders.Bend over and lift her up to you and you are working your back.Lay her across your arms like a barbell and "curl" her. Hold her while you do some leg exercises. I think they make baby carriers for people that like to hike.Put her in one and do squats and donkey raises for your legs.You can sit her on your thighs, hold hands and do some crunches for your stomach. I have had three kids and you just won't be able to make the time right now. My husband also works nights so I understand the problem. But I would definitely look into hiking gear for parents and walk around the neighborhood daily.Or how about a jogging stroller? If you bike, they make these little enclosed cars that you can attach to your bike.Check yard sales. I found a very expensive stroller once for $5. Or you can check any consignment shops, Goodwill, or Play it Again Sports shops. I have found that , if you look in the right places, you can find anything you need for alot less money.

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