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NCnewbie2012September 16, 2013

All tea drinkers in my household, but I know that many guests prefer coffee. Sold my old Mr. Coffee before relocating and now in the market for something else but not sure exactly what. Seems like there are a lot of choices out there. I have seen the Keurig units demonstrated, but those just make one cup at a time, right? So not all your guests can be served at once. If I buy a traditional electric percolator, I wind up buying coffee and throwing out most of the can because it's used so infrequently. Any ideas out there? I don't mind spending about $100, but that would be my limit.

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French presses are quick and easy, simple clean up and come in a variety of sizes. You can keep unused coffee in a well sealed ziplock bag (remove as much air as possible) in the freezer for a reasonable while.

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Don't overthink this. Get another Mr. Coffee-style drip machine and store the coffee in the freezer like Colleenoz says. Spending $100 would be crazy, IMO.

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We love our Cuisinart coffeemaker, but we drink coffee every day. I agree that if you only use it for guests, a cheaper unit would be just fine. A bonus is that your guests will know how to work a Mr. Coffee and make it themselves. Keep the coffee in the freezer and you'll be fine.
On behalf of coffee drinkers everywhere, thank you for being so considerate of your coffee-drinking guests! :-) THe overnight ones REALLY appreciate it.

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