Eat Right 4 Your Type

MichelleSeptember 5, 2001

Hi! Just wondering if anyone has any information or opinions or testimonies on "Eat Right 4 Your Type" which believes in the connection between blood type and diet. I saw a nutritionist at the beginning of 2001 and she highly recommended this lifestyle.

I bought the book but have not incorporated the lifestyle yet. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I too was wondering about this? I am AB positive and I was searching on the internet last week and printed off what I am and am not suppose to eat for my type and practically ALL of my favorite foods are forbidden. I can have certain types of fish and turkey. I love chicken and that is on my "Avoid" list. I am interested to learn if anyone has actually lost weight eating for your blood type. Thanks.

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lucy, what was the web site you checked out called. this sound interesting to me. thanks

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I just finished reading the book. My blood type is "O". I've been a vegetarian for 25 years. But according to the book, I should eat a lot of meat. So - - - - I ate meat for three days. I must admit, I definitely had more energy - - - but the meat made me constipated. Vegetarians don't like to be constipated. So, I'll think I'll pass on the meat. However, the book was an excellent read. I highly recommend it.

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Hi, I went to the search engine on Yahoo and typed in: Blood Type Diet. Several things will come up. Just start there and you will be able to find information. Good luck.

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Hi! It's my first time on this site and I took notice to the Eat Right 4 Your Type topic. I was adhering to this diet for about month a couple of years ago. My mother was going through cancer treatments and a holistic doctor recommended it. It is very difficult to do, depending on your blood type regimen and current eating habits, and I think mine are pretty all-American. I am an A and it cut out red meat, wheat, dairy, nightshade veggies, and more. However, I am planning on going for it again starting today, coincidentally, because I have never felt so good as when I was on it. Also, I have psoriasis (a chronic skin condition) and it starting clearing within two weeks, which is pretty incredible. As for losing weight, I'm sure I did, but cannot remember details. Also, the restrictions may seem drastic, but after reading the book, you really won't want to eat those things. Good luck!

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I found out about the ER4YT last December because I saw the book in a bookstore and bought it. I thought it was terribly interesting and decided to try it to lose the extra 15-20 pounds I put on during the past few years. My husband thought it was interesting as well and decided to try it with me. I am type O and my husband is type B. I liked the idea of being able to eat red meat and that it was actually good for me (according to Dr. D'Adamo)...I had pretty much only eaten chicken for years. At first I lost about 7 pounds in the first week or so, but my weight tends to fluxuate, so sometimes it looks like I put on weight and sometimes it's off again. I go by the scales, but also how my clothes fit...According to the "charts" I am obese weighing 136 lbs and 5' tall, but I wear size 6 -- get that.

I try to adhere to the ER4YT plan because I feel healthier, but there hasn't really been any significant weight loss for me or my husband. Admittingly, we don't follow all the "rules" to actually take off the weight -- I like french fries (a big NO NO).

**HOWEVER ------- prior to getting on the plan, my husband suffered from chronic intestinal and grastroid problems -- constant stomach cramps and irritable bowel syndrom. Since we've taken most wheat, white starches, and tomatoe paste out of his diet (it's tough because he's Italian), he no longer suffers from this. Also, he has stopped snoring at night!

So, as far as I am concerned, the ER4YT plan may not help everyone with weight loss if they don't discipline themselves, but it does help with other ailments. Just cutting down on wheat products and white starches is helpful for us, but I do like the overall plan and probably if I was disciplined enough, I could drop a few pounds. BTW, I also purchased Live Right 4 Your Type. That book goes more into the scientific detail and it's very interesting as well.

Good luck!

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I heard about ER4YT from a friend who stated that it literally changed her life. I read the book and found it fascinating. I am a registered nurse, and as far as I am concerned, this book is based on sound scientific study. I know all too well the effect that antigens can have on the body. I have seen reactions to blood transfusions. I tried the diet, and I must say that I feel great!!! I lost the remainder of the weight that I needed to drop. I actually combine this program with Weight Watchers. I figure my points choosing food from the food lists in the ER4YT book!!
I have dropped 59 lbs. Read it. You won't be sorry

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My husband and I have been on this diet for over 2 years. We're both type O. I first tried it to lose weight. I averaged a half pound a week for a while, but stopped losing as I began to be less strict and wander a little from the diet. My energy level is better and my allergies and overall health are much better. My husband did lose about 30 pounds and has a lot more energy and handles stress better. In the beginning we went strictly by the beneficial and neutral list. Now I've added dairy products back in my diet, as this diet is lacking in calcium.
What we remain very strick about is NO WHEAT.
This diet has made such a difference in our health that we
just call it a lifestyle change.

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Just wanted to let you know that there is a great website for this diet. He has a fantastic newsletter for people who are on the diet. If you click on the store, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see Newsletter on the bottom of the page. Great tips, recipes and forums.

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I notice that most of the people who tried this with some degree of success are type "O"s. I couldn't do it. I am a "B" my diet would have consisted of venison and tea. I would rather be a vegetarian!

Seriously though, I think mmost people can lose weight on any diet if they just cut out processed foods and eat in moderation. There is so much corn syrup and preservatives in everything nowadays.

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Interesting that it works for some people. My doctor said this diet is just smoke and mirrors. I try to eat as much unprocessed food as possible and "nothing white" i.e. no white flour, rice, or potatoes. I agree with ramrice that too many foods contain corn syrup. I do need to increase my exercise level, though. It's too easy to slack off.

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I have most of the books for this diet. I will tell you my mid 20's daughter did go by the diet and lost a lot of weight. The draw back, she likes BEEF and PORK. Her type is A- and this is not condusive for her to totally follow the diet.

The most interesting thing I found is the foods that don't digest so well or I notice talk back are all listed on my DO NOT EAT list. I created a diet for myself about 5 years ago before reading the EFYRT books and lost 40 pounds in about 8-10 weeks without going hungry and getting more and more energy. I got the book and compared my personally created diet to the list of foods......WOW... low and behold ALL of the foods included were on my VERY BENEFICIAL list. So you tell me, is this just a coincidence?

Now if we take a moment and think about the indians who have been living to ages twice of the white man for hundreds of years. If we examine their habits, we will see they believe you are what your eat. They were smart enough to see that different herbs, foods provided by the earth could and did prevent and cure many of all types of ilnesses and more. Each body is different from the next just as cars are. My car performs better with Chevron gas than BP gas. Now why would my body not perform better with one food than another? It is commons sense and although the results in the book are not written in stone, it is certainly a very good outline to start your journey on.

Best of luck to you.

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Hi, I just got the book a few days ago as I have searched for a reason for my worrysome symptoms after eating. Bloating, nausea and worst of all skipping heart beats. Went to a doctor a few years ago, went through all kinds of tests and nothing was found wrong. I am not over weight and try to exercise regularly. I quit eating carbs and after a few months felt much better. Slowly I fell back into my old habits and now the symptoms are back with a vengeance. Now I have discovered I am type o so 2 days ago I cut out all dairy, I was eating cottage cheese and yogurt everyday for lunch and wheat, and corn (corn chips) low and behold I feel so much better. My heart is pretty much behaving and the bloating is gone. So there must be something to this. I am going to try to stick to the diet which might be hard through xmas.

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I am currently in the research phase of this diet, but am slowly becoming convinced to try it (maybe). I am a type A, and would find it really hard to give up meat and potatoes. Also, my husband is a type O, who needs to eat meat!

I guess I just want to hear from some type A's; how hard is it really, and just tell me your experience with this diet.

I am not really overweight, but would like to lose 6 or 8 lbs and to be healthy.

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I'm a type O, tried this diet for four days and finally had to stop because I felt so sick, I couldn't believe this was doing my body any good. I've tried many diets, and this was the first I ever stopped because I felt ill, rather than grew bored with it, which is usually what happens.

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If the diet is not going well perhaps re-check your blood type. Also do the Geneotype test that way you will receive a more specific diet called SWAMI which goes into detail.
I'm O- nonsecretor hunter. I avoid white potatoes, dairy, soy, wheat, corn, sugary foods, vinegar, pork, scavenger foods such as mushrooms, oysters, etc. Not only do you learn about other blood types but their personalities, what diseases they are susceptible to. How will learn how to cure diseases by elimanting harmful food. ER4YT has a group on FB.

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I have read research on both sides of this diet. From my reading I have come to the conclusion that for most people this diet helps because it requires you get cut down on processed foods and added sugars and suggests exercise plans. Nearly anyone can benefit from that advice, especially if the rest of their diet is even halfway reasonable. So, to me it seems like it doesn't hurt to follow it, but a person would be better off to just eat reasonable foods in moderation and not worry about restriction lists.

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I totally agree with @iammadeofdreams, cutting out processed and refined foods and filling up with wholesome and natural foods will definitely do wonders for your health.

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I normally observe myself and reduce the items which make me fat.

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