Sangria for large party

sugarboogermamaSeptember 12, 2010

We're having a party with about 70 adults, we're serving beer and wine and sangria. Does anyone have suggestions on where/how to store the massive amount of Sangria we'll have to make? It'll be served in a large glass 'jug' which will be refilled throughout the day.


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I would make a sangria concentrate and then add wine to the concentrate as needed.
How about using stainless stock pots to make and store the stuff?
Linda C

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You can make big batches in a clean ice chest and refill jugs as needed.

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If there's enough time before the date, I think I would buy those gallon water jugs and drink the water. Then I would make the sangria and use a new/clean funnel and put it in the gallon jugs. Should work out to be pretty easy. The garnish (chunks of fruit/green apple/oranges) I would store in tupperware and just add to the main container as needed.

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