Preparing meals with the right nutrition balance

hittletsSeptember 9, 2007

Hello, all.

I am the preparer of food in our household. My partner is wanting to lose weight, and I want to do all that I can to help him. He exercises regularly (goes tot he gym about 4-6 days a week), but our downfall is eating. I want to prepare nutritional foods and meals, but I get caught up on what requirements I should be looking for.

For example, I know we need to reduce our calorie intake. Based on what I have read, our calorie intake right now should be about 1500 until we are at desired weight. However, I know that it isn't as easy as just reducing calories, we have to make sure that we are getting the right amount of carbs, protiens and fats.

What I am hoping this group can help me with is deciding what what level of proteins, fats and carbs I should be targeting for in a day. I think that once I figure this out, I will be able to prepare meals and snacks that get allow us to be healthy.

Thanks to all of you.

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Protein every day, yes, meat, no (its fat). Try grains and any 'bean'. red beans and rice, pintos and corn bread, oats and black beans, like that. If it grows eat it. Pasta, no, bread, no, cheese, no butter, no. He needs lots of colorful veggies, red, yellow, green, orange. Saute in small amt of evoo! These high fiber foods fill you up.....Moderation is the key here. Eating like this is a lifetime eating regime....and of course you can have a hamburger once a week.

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