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yankandtexOctober 6, 2008

Dave is still sick so I'm just going to start this real quick. I hope everyone has a good week.

Patti :-)

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Patti, I am so sorry about Dave being sick. I'm sending prayers that he feels better soon.

Things are calm at my house today, so far. I'm thinking about calling my sister, but am always afraid of waking her or disturbing her. Think I'll go work in the yard and then call her. (Tomorrow is her scan results day, and I know she must be petrified with fear. I am.)

Let's all have a good week, how about it?

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Good Monday all,

Maddie! Happy Birthday my friend. I wish you would check in and let us know how you are. My email to you bounced back which makes me feel sad. Your sisters are worried about you.

Patti, thanks for getting us started and sorry Dave is sick. Hope he's better soon.

We are ALL going to have a great week because that's what we are going to put out into the universe to come back to us!!!

I had a busy weekend but got alot done. It was cold and windy though which I don't like.

Hope to hear from Maddie and all you other mia's soon.


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Happy MONDAY!!!

What a productive weekend I had. Got lots and lots of paperwork taken care of...2 large bags of shredded, old files. Three large boxes of recycle. One large pile of to-be-filed. My closet in the office is still filled with boxes from years ago, but DH and I are determined to feed the wood-burning stove in our family room this fall with the contents. I feel liberated!

In between, I was able to get some cooking done---red clam sauce for this week and some for the freezer; lemon chicken for last night and some for the freezer, london broil for Saturday night and leftover for Chinese Pepperteak this week. We also managed to squeeze a movie date (An American Carol) on Saturday night, followed by coffee and dessert at a diner. It was like old times when we were dating. ;-)

This week, I've asked DH's niece if we can take her daughter to a local garden center to pick up a pumpkin and experience the fun rides and haunted house they have onsite. She is 6, so we'll see about the scary part, but I love hanging out with this little one; what a character!

OK, I've got to get back to 3rd quarter metrics reports. (The fun never ends!)

Hello to everyone and [[[[[[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]]] to those who need them or want them.

Please check in to say hello and vent or share or celebrate!

Maddie, you know that we care about you. When you are ready to check in, we'll be here.

Make this week count!

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Patti~ Thanks for starting us off this week---I HOPE DAVE FEELS BETTER SOON!

Wodka~ Better to call and wake her up than to not call at all. Don't put it off. If nothing else, start with , "Is this a good time to talk?" and then take it from there. Just dial. It's always the right time. ((((HUGS))))

NHSuzanne~ I, for one, am NOT MIA!!! :-) I went to the mainland Sunday to meet my baby's future parents (I hope) and for baby V to have a play date with them. They are wonderful people and it is so fun to watch them interact with the baby! At his last court hearing, the judge moved to go ahead with adoption after a family search. I tell you, if family hasn't come forward by now, I honestly hope they don't. I feel bad saying that, but I just think he'd be better off with a family that's not so saturated with the results the unwanted pregnancies of a mother who abandons her kids like this--again and again.

Oh, Dee, was that invitation to "vent" for me?????? lol. BTW, your dates sound like SO much fun. I can't wait to date my DH again -- someday.

Well, we are in the throes of fall here. Cold, damp, wet, REPEAT.

NHSuzanne~ I love your idea of having a great week.

You guys, start by CHECKING IN HERE! ~~~~

Maddie (birthday guuuuuuurl)
BESH!!!!! (Unpack your weekend canvas bags and join us.)
Raeanne (have you started as a full-time artist yet?) DonnaSNJ (the original MIA girl/ wicker reporter)
Magic Kitty Lynn
---and anyone I missed.

Off to grab a cup of tea, get myself together, and get something done!


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Do do do do do do do do!(it's supposed to be Twilight Zone music, but I can't even carry a tune in type! *sigh)

You put it out there, BJ, and I did come! I've already been to work out (back to full-strength at long last!), grocery shop, picked up the wedding photos to start working on Dson and DDIL's wedding scrapbook at the all-day workshop next Saturday, got birthday cards into the mail, and now I'm relaxing and reading and posting! WHew!

Dee, your weekend sounds so productive and sweet! I get to babysit my DGDs during Halloween week, and I intend to get great photo ops for their scrapbooks. Little one especially love all those pumpkins and Halloween stuff. Enjoy!

Patti, so sorry that Dave isn't feeling so hot. Get well wishes coming his way!


Maddie, sending Happy Anniversary wishes for you and Rog!

BJ, I hope things work out for Baby V very soon.

Suzanne, it's 86 and very humid here today. Want some of this stuff?

My friend got very bad news on Friday. He has 2 large tumors, one on his kidney. He did manage to get in today for the biopsy. Good thing, too, because his kidneys stopped working yesterday! His wife is melting down rapidly worrying about him, bless her heart.

Tonight is WW meeting, then I start a Bible study class at church on the book of Daniel. I even bought a study Bible for it. Hope it's something I really enjoy.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday!

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wild chicken, thanks, that's exactly what I did, called my sister. She answered the phone herself, sounded a little better than usual, and we talked a long time. We covered everything from cancer, to Dancing with the Stars, to a steak and potato soup that Rachel Ray was cooking on her show today! She is scared about getting her scan results tomorrow, but says she is not ready to quit, which is so good to hear. I'm so glad I'm going up next week to spend with our mother, so I can be able to see her, too. Might even try making that soup for her, since she expressed interest in it.

milkdud, that's terrible news about your friend's tumors. I hope they are able to treat everything and catch it all in time.

We are having similar weather - feels like 91 and having thunderstorms.....where did our pretty fall weather go???

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Hi Everyone,
Had a good day downtown cutting back garden beds - filled 6 garbage bags and did a final grass cut on the rooftop garden at one hotel. They are predicting frost tonight - yikes! I still have lots of my garden to clean tomorrow. Frost turns some plants into mush which is why I like to trim back as much as possible before it hits. Tomorrow I'll be washing my windows, tidying some more garden and hopefully planting some spring bulbs. I couldn't resist. Been eyeing up my front garden bed - want to shuffle some plants around and put in more bulbs for next spring. Last year it got so cold, so fast and then snowed I never got my daffodils planted at all. So this year the weather is holding well and this week is a great fall week with stable weather over the next couple of days - so I'm making the most of it! Wed. I'm planting tulips downtown - there is always too many ordered and I've been told I can have a few for myself - that's really kind of my work. I think 300 have been ordered...so I figured I'd do my own stash at home tomorrow so I don't burn out from bulb planting and not get mine done.

Continuing to cut out fabric for a quilt. I've decided I'd like to get a few quilt tops done off my list first and then work on quilting them. I've such a large fabric stash I just feel like playing with it all!

Today I had a lot of 'breads', but I am having home made chunky soup for dinner this week. Cooler days I feel like hot soups.

I am sending more hugs to those that need them and keeping all of you on my list for positive thoughts.

Count me in on having a positive week - if I get knocked down I'm going to get right back up and dust myself off!

Well, gotta grab my scissors and get cutting my fabric. Once I'm done this I'm heading down to the crawlspace to pull out more fabric to look over for an xmas quilt I want to work on, along with finding fabric to make couch arm covers and head covers for the couch back. I've been thinking I could make some seasonal ones that match the decor....as always a million ideas and not enough time!


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Good Tuesday all,

Steak and potato soup? Yum I am starving right now and that sounds great!

Jan, glad you spoke with your sister. Every day is a blessing.

Peggy, it's hard to think about planting bulbs! I put my gardens to rest already and I will be planting my garlic bed in a couple of weeks.

Milkdud, sorry about your friends.

Marci, check in when you can. I am thinking of you and hope you are well.

I am thinking of Raeanne in Nantucket right now in this gorgeous fall weather!

BJ good to hear from you and hope things work out the way they should for baby V. Don't stay gone so long.

I am sad that Maddie hasn't checked in. She must know we are concerned about her.

JOHN! Where for art thou brother?

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Good evening! (I should be in bed, asleep right now!!!)
Worked in my front garden this afternoon - re-edged it, dug up sad plants that did not fare well this summer, said prayers for them before tossing into the recycle bag. Still more digging to do but started spacing out crowded plants, planted some bulbs and watered. I'm getting there slowly.
My work pal dropped off tulip bulbs for me to plant downtown tomorrow - in groupings of 25 (gotta remember to bring my shovel with me!). Also have more plants to cut back too and water the mums. Busy day but the weather looks to be another lovely fall day...so hopefully when I get home I can finish my front garden for the winter.
Also finished cutting the fabric for a quilt, now I'm ready to set up my sewing machine to do the blocks.

I stepped on the scale tonight - my jeans are tight - I've put on 8 pounds which need to come off. Last winter I think I started at 155 lbs, now I'm back to 145 (was down a fair bit but I've fallen into bad habits again!). So I need to get back on track with my diet - mainly get eating my apples (need to take some tomorrow!), more veggies (no excuses!) and less breads. It's not my portions, just bad choices that are gluing themselves to my hips again! Bad choices! I'm mentally gearing up for my WW again and this winter if I can hit and maintain 130-135 I will be one very happy girl. It's the weight maintenance that is my longterm goal so my weight loss journey has been on going, every winter for the last few years. I'm not an overnight miracle girl - losing a lot in one year has never been my goal. I'm working on habits more than the amount lost. Slow and steady. That's my goal.

Gotta get my butt in bed.

(((((((((((((((Hugs to all of you and your friends who need them))))))))))))

Still working on a positive week.


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Good Wednesday,

Still working on a positive week here too Peggy.

Where is everyone? Too busy to check in ey? Do I have to send Dee Marie over to talk some sense into you all? LOL

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Good morning!

Gosh, Peg, you sure get a lot out of your day! I have never planted bulbs before but when I get back from visiting my family, hopefully, the weather will be better and I will pick some up. Is there any secret to it? My little snapdragons are blooming up a storm already. They are one of my favorites, I guess because as fragile as they look, they make it through winter and into spring, so definitely get my money's worth.

Patti, is Dave feeling any better? Have you received any news, hopefully good, from the VA?

My sister's scan results yesterday didn't reveal much, or rather, her oncologist didn't reveal much, just told her not to give up on her. Her legs have been giving her so much trouble. Besides atrophying (is that the word? She hasn't walked since she was diagnosed in July), one leg feels like a permanent charley horse, the other is bent, crooked, and they are going to do an MRI on that one today. She's lost her hair, just recently, and she thinks they are going to want to resume treatment. The oncologist wants to compare the scans and MRI's and meet back with her in a week or so. Just the getting to the hospital and back totally wipes her out. Only God knows how much more she can take. Thank you for contininuing to keep her in your prayers.

On a lighter note, I went to Tuesday Morning (do any of y'all shop there?) Sometimes it's a lot of junk, but sometimes you can find the neatest things. I found a beautiful fall wreath for the front door (marked down) that will look nice until Christmas. Our sweet neighbors across the street with the cute little boys are Jehovah Witness (don't celebrate the holidays) so I wouldn't feel right putting out a bunch of Halloween stuff, since they can't partake, so this wreath will be perfect. I did find a cute little pumpkin girl figurine that I set inside in the foyer, just for me - ha.

Just rambling, so will go fix my coffee and leave y'all alone. Still trying to be positive, too, here.

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I'm sorry if I can't address everything right now but I'll come back when I have time & address it.

Wodka~I know that at least for prostate cancer they are doing a new type of treatment in 10 hospitals that targets "JUST" the prostate. It doesn't hit the good cells but just the cancer cells. Things are promising & it is supposed to be out in many more hospitals next year. Tampa is a big cancer city, I think, & is on the innovative edge.

Love Tuesday Morning although I don't think that there are any around here. You really have to DIG to find the good stuff. LOL

We lost a friend Sunday night--only 60 years old. NH Suzanne~You are so right about every second being precious. I hope that everyone will cherish their moments. We never know. She was fine & then gone.

BJ~Hope "Vee" finds his HOME in this world. His FOREVER home.

Milkdud~So sorry about your friend.

Dave started feeling better yesterday. He had to go to the VA today. His case has been sent back to the lower courts so we think it may be, keep us in your prayers & positive thoughts, good news--but don't know how long a delay that means. However, when we get paid on the 1st & Dave says that we have $35 left for the month--things are a little concerning. I want to continue here but don't count on me dieting. I'm thinking peanut butter & crackers will be cheap.

Hope everyone will have a chance to check in. Patti :-)

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Patti, I totally forgot that this was supposed to be a diet forum!!! Tells you where my mind (and appetite) is.

I'm so glad that good news re: Dave and the VA might be on the horizon. Definitely will keep you both in our prayers and that this whole issue is solved much sooner than later.

I am so very sorry about you losing your friend, and that times are so tough right now.


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[[[[[[[[[[[continued prayers and hugs]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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(((((((PATTI))))))))) Sorry to hear about your friend. But GLAD Dave is feeling better. Stay positive! Good things come to people who wait! Miracles are to come!

I am trying not to sabotage myself this week. I made a roast (not wild!) chicken last night and then made chicken broth with the bones, some carrots, etc. I had some today---not bad. Also trying to stay off the coffee house circuit---that tends to help a lot. And drinking Oolong tea to speed up my metabolism.

McPeg---LOVE the gardening report! I am renting a house right now, so I have no garden and I cannot wait until next spring when I can start a little organic farming plot at my permanent house. I guess I could plant some bulbs and do a little guerilla gardening right now though!
-BTW, you're doing great on weight---man---I wish I weighed 145 again! What a dream that's be. I'd have to pinch myself---maybe even DH would pinch me! lol.

Wodka, Well, I don't know what to say. I just hug and hold you and your sister in my mind each day and hope that she can get some relief from her pain soon. has the doc suggested anything that might help her get herr legs moving again? Even bed exercises?
--Tuesday Morning! Haven't been there in years, but it's fun to look, I have to say!

Dee--Thanks for checking in! Ya sweetie!

Well, I better get out of here. I have to get some stuff done before the kiddos get out of school today. And that's SOON!

(((((((((MARCI)))))))))))) I love you.

NHSuzanne-My Zen-minded sis...love your attitude. You light up my day.

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Good evening, everyone!

It's been a coolish, Fall-like day here in SE Texas for a change! Yesterday's rain brought it in.

Jan, sending healing thoughts and prayers for your Dsister and comforting thoughts for you.

Patti, happy to hear that Dave's feeling better. Maybe he needs some chocolate. I hear that's a cure-all! :-)

Hi, Suzanne! Can you see me posting here???

BJ, do you have land purchased on which you're going to build in the near future? I'm a little confused from your planting comment above.

Dee, thanks for those continued hugs. We all need them to continue staying positive.

My friend finally had a biopsy today. His kidneys had failed, and he had to be put on dialysis until this morning. I don't know the results yet.

I saw the same eye dr. yesterday morning for my field of vision test. I did alright, no better than she'd expected. But, I felt a lot better after visiting with her in depth. I'm still getting a 2nd opinion tomorrow afternoon from a retina specialist, and she knows that. I'll feel better continuing to see her if this other dr. agrees with her findings, and she is less than 4 miles from me.

Had blood work done today for further study of my raised calcium count. The paperwork I got from the dr. said that the reason for concern about it is that it could indicate anything from parathyroid gland issues to tumors or cancer, or just too much cheese. YIKES! AT least it wasn't about the heart like the office manager at other dr.'s office had said, but still..... Now I wait for the results. *sigh*

I did a Red Hat trip yesterday to downtown Houston to the outlet malls on Harwin Ave. Wow! What a whirlwind of stuff and more stuff. I bought very little. Guess I wasn't in the mood to give away my money. We had lunch at Luby's (why? I don't know!), and it was delish as always but the prices have sky-rocketed!!!

Today I had lunch with a church friend at a quiet Mexican restaurant. All these lunches are beginning to add up - pound-wise! I am back to working out, but it's not helping that much. Too much of a good thing is too much. Unfortunately, all this Fall is chock-a-block full of luncheons and dinners. UGH

Dinner has been cooking in the crockpot all day: pork roast, foil-wrapped sweet potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and carrots. My version of a good Autumn meal. It smells so nice. Hubby will be very happy when he opens the door this evening!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday evening!

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Milkdud: In answer to your question, we have a lot we're building a house on now. It has some land around it that will serve as a small orchard (already has 3 producing apple trees) and an area I can make into a veggie garden. Also, I plan on planting some daisies and cosmos and poppies along the road, since lots of people walk, run, and bike along the road here.

-Your dinner sounds DEELISH! Enjoy!
((((((Sending positive thoughts for your friend.))))))

Patti! I keep forgetting to thank you for the card! So....THANKS! I popped something in the mail to you today--the postal guy said you'll get it on Friday probably.
---Something in your box other than bills! :-)

Well, DH's battery on the car is dead and wouldn't you know it---no Triple A member service on this rock. So, anyway, they called a *local* (EEEEEPPPP!) shop for me and we'll see how it goes...more tomorrow!

Tah-tah for now~

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Happy fall day everyone!
I've been up since 4:30 am...frigging cold not quite breaking out...just hanging around to be a nuisance with a scratchy throat and coughing. Woke up dry and thirsty...tried to be quiet so as not to wake Dave but you know how that goes in the dark! Wapped into everything on the way to the door and woke him up in the process. At least this time I did NOT swear. Luckily he went back to sleep and I got up and blissfully enjoyed a nice cuppa coffee. MMMmmmmmmmm. Once I'm up I quite often stay up. Wanted to do more garden work but it will have to wait until much, much later - it rained until early morning.

Sitting here surfing the net for quilt pictures from any source - I collect them for inspiration, colour ideas etc. Finished cutting all the quilt pieces for a quilt and will probably get the sewing machine set up while I wait for things to warm up outside. It's windy but supposed to be going to 17C or 64F (roughly)...low possibility of showers. If it's warm and no rain at 1 I'm going outside to continue painting the backside of our patio fence from LAST summer...where the heck does time go??? In the meantime I think I'm going to set up my sewing machine in the bedroom, put on a movie and get sewing those quilt block pieces. Been sitting around long enough.

Jan you are amazing to be hanging in there for your sister and family. ((((((((((((((Jan))))))))))))))

Patti I hope Dave is feeling much better today and you get good news soon on the pension stuff - I'm rooting for both of you! I am sorry to hear about your friend, my condolences to you and her family.

Maddie I think of you too and pray everything is alright. Please check in when you can! We miss you. LOL

BJ once you are settled at your new place with a postal address I have garden seeds I can send you for next summer if you are interested. Some flowers and veggies - just email me and let me know what you want!

Dee I see you are as busy as ever! I'd love to come to the scarey pumpkin patch too. Looking forward to the update on that event please.

Milkdud I am sorry to hear the news about your friend. (((((((((((Your friend))))))))))))). Keeping good thoughts for you as well that your results are nothing serious or at least easily treated. (((((((((((Milkdud)))))))))))

NHSuzanne hello back to you. Glad to see you posting.

Still keeping my chin up and working on a positive day today. Eating is still a challenge this week - hungry late at night - have to curb that habit! LOL

Put your best foot forward today and think good things. I know you can do it!


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Good morning! It's cool (65 F.) here and sunny today. Our temps will climb to 85, but for now, it feels great!

I slept so well last night even though I'd brooded away the entire evening worrying about my eye dr. appt. today. What a waste of time it is to worry, but I do it at times. I guess the devil got inside my head and put the thought in there, "what if this new diagnosis is even worse than the one last week?". I know I sound silly, but there it was. I'll be glad when all this is past.

I'm enjoying a leisurely pre-workout breakfast of banana and PB and a nice cuppa. Hubby took off for his dr. appts. early, and I'm playing here. Gotta get going fairly soon, but I almost always have to check in and see how everyone's doing first!

BJ, keep a diary of your building with us! I love hearing/seeing progress reports on home-building. I've never built one, but I like watching the progress for others.

Patti, you know I'm always keeping Dave's situation in my thoughts, right? I admire y'all for continuing to pursue success.

Jan, you're a good sister and daughter!

Peggy, thanks for the many hugs. How did you know that I need them today? I wish you a successful day at the sewing machine working on that quilt. May your tension stay right and your bobbin never run out of thread!

I'll try to check in this evening if I can type accurately; otherwise, I'll post in the morning.

Wishing you all a successful day!

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Good Thursday all,

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to all of you. Try to stay focused and positive and put that energy out there into the universe!

((((((GROUP HUG))))))))

I am off tomorrow for three days of camping with my horses. Looks like the weather is going to be pretty nice for this time of year! It's the last camp out of the season and I will make the most of it. The foliage is turning spectacular.

BJ, good to see you post.

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milkdud, I'm not that nice. Case in point:

I just heard that my sick sister's ex had been sick recently, something about a lump on his neck from a bite, thought it might be tick-related, etc. (He's fine now.) My very evil, nasty response was: "Perhaps he'll die much sooner than (my sister) and she can collect his social security." I was only being half funny. The jerk has never been there for her or their 3 sons.....and I will probably burn in he** for having such nasty thoughts about him.

My second nasty remark was "That's not a knot on his neck, that's his head!"

Ya'll probably won't want me hanging out here anymore.

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Wodka, that was a natural reaction, especially understandable because your sis is so sick. You are forgiven, but you get no ice cream for dessert! How's that?

Peg, excuse me for speaking my mind, but I am of the opinion that you should not fret so much over your diet or your weight. Honey, you have committed to working so hard on other projects. Give yourself permission to back off a bit on that aspect. After all, 145 is not a big deal to me. I long for those days. Forgive me if I've misspoken.

Well, I did not get the chance to take the little one out last night. Her mom (DH's niece) was rushed to the ER and had the baby early. Blood pressure was through the roof and it was meant to be. Little baby boy weighs 4 pounds and is doing OK. Mommy is OK too, as her blood pressure improved. Her doc wants to send her to a specialist for that condition because she is relatively young (33). She could use some special thoughts, please.

OK, I have been overbooked and overworked, so I am going home a bit early to ask DH for help with dinner. Then I will put up my feet and watch SURVIVOR! I think of BJ each and every time, because we all know that someday they will accept her application, right?

[[[[[[[[[[[ongoing prayers and hugs to all of you]]]]]]]]]]


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Hi Dee,
I know, I know you are right but...but...butttttt.....I don't want to put on weight again. I do 'this' at this time every year to keep myself in check. Mentally I'm doing great with all of the support from here, my DH and friends. It really makes a difference.

I did not get sewing yet...my pal from work popped round with my pay and we got to yakking. You know what it's like for a little girl time. So I did get outside to do some fence painting. Got tired of it with the wind picking up and leaves blowing in my face, so I'm back in. Thinking about dinner but not quite hungry yet. DH is going for a nap - we're both fighting colds which don't want to surface so they stay at the irritating level. Eying up the sewing machine right now...mmmmmmmmm...fabric....mmmmmmm.....crayons.......

Dee, I'm not giving up at all and yes I won't beat myself over the head. One little good thing each and every day. That alone makes a minor difference towards my goals. I'm happy with the little steps because I KNOW they make a difference in the long haul.


Oh and Jan - don't change - I love ya just the way you are - human! LOL

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Wodka~Can I borrow that lump for MY ex? (I am NOT kidding.) Bad person, bad person. No ice cream for me either.... Life is NOT fair and we are allowed to express our sometimes not-so-saintly thoughts. We gotta vent sometimes! I swear, I just want to outlive all my exes..and I've already outlived one. What does THAT thought make me? H-U-M-A-N. Milkdud, I love your candor. STAY HERE.

Okay, on to bigger and better universes!

NHSuzanne~ Happy Trails to YOU and your horse camping! Come back with one of your colorful, uplifting reports! Promise?

Dee: Enjoy Survivor. Well, I haven't applied again, but I DID get sent off to an isolated island!---ROFL. Prayers and LIGHT for your niece and her new bundle!

Mcpeg~ I'll take that seed offer, FOR SURE! Nightime eating is tough for me too. Hang in there. Every snack-free minute after 7pm is a victory!

Love you guys! I'm off!

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Evening, ladies!

I'm back from the opthamologist. I have good news about my eyes. Turns out that I only have a tendency toward glaucoma, very low on the "suspect" scale and nothing to worry about, just to monitor. And as for my macula, they were tight and healthy!!!!! No sign of macular degeneration, he said. He will do a field vision study on Wednesday for a base line, and have me come in every 6 months to keep an eye on things! He also checked out my new glasses I picked up this morning, and they were not at all what the prescription called for. I knew something was really wrong with them this morning when I first tried them on, but the woman kept saying that I just needed to wear them a while and get used to them. Instead, I couldn't see to even walk safely, and as for driving? Forget about it! I can't see any signs on the road until I'm about 4 feet from them. I never really needed them for driving anyway, but I could wear my old ones if I felt the need to in the dark. I got a new prescription from the new dr., took that and my new glasses back to the original place and explained that what I'd got wasn't working at all. I was getting motion-sickness just sitting there trying to see through them.

I did get a voice mail from my dr.'s office when we got home, but when I called back, they'd already closed. *sigh* So I'll call first thing tomorrow. Meanwhile, please think good thoughts for me regarding the labwork for high calcium. I can't help but worry about what the results may show, I guess.

No more word about our friend today so far.

Jan, thinking bad things about your Dsis's xh isn't bad, IMHO! LOL You're still a good person in my book.

Dee, congrats on the new great nephew! I'll be keeping good thoughts for your niece's condition.

Well, my eyes don't need anymore strain for a while until the dilation wears off, so I'll end by wishing y'all a good evening!

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milkdud, that's absolutely the best news I've heard today (that your eyes are in good shape!) What a relief for you. Now, still praying and fingers crossed re: your calcium levels!

I know y'all said no ice cream for me tonight, but I just remembered I've got some Smart Ones frozen dessert (not ice cream) that I can treat myself to. ha.

Sleep tight, everyone.

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Good Friday All,!!

Good news Milkdud! I am really breathing a sigh of relief.......can you hear me? I know your calcium levels will be fine too - it's just the way it's going to be. Everything is perfect the way it is.......ohmmmmmm

BJ, you are too funny. I will come back with colorful stories. The moon is nearly full and the nights are quite lit up for a moon light ride! I can't wait I love doing that. The weather is warm and I am ready to roll. I feel badly because Casey has to stay home. Her rider for the weekend had to change plans so I feel guilty. She will be fine with her donkeys and goats but it's not the same!

Raeanne, I hope to come back to some great Nantucket stories.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Take time to think - it is the source of great power and take time to play - it is the secret of youth and take time to laugh - it is the music of the soul.

No matter what road I travel - I am going home. Shinso

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Good morning, friends! It's sunny and 69 F. so far today.

I'm still floating on air about my eye issues. It's as close to a miracle as I've ever come, so I'm going to savor this feeling of relief. I can actually cry now, and I have shed a few tears this morning just reading your sweet comments. THank you for sharing the joy with me!

I called the dr's office, and I need to go back in on Tuesday morning for another lab test - non-fasting this time. All that unnecessary stress last night. Why do I do that to myself??? But, I do appreciate the continued good thoughts for the outcome of this testing. I hope to relax this long weekend and let the worry go and just enjoy.

When I get home from working out today, I need to start rounding up all my supplies to take with me tomorrow to the 12-hour crop. It's held at the golf club, only a mile from my house, so if I forget anything, I can run back home, but I don't want to break the "zone" I'll hopefully be in. LOL

Suzanne, I wish you the lovliest of weekends on your ride. You'll probably see so much beautiful foliage that your eyes will burn, but soak up some of those sights for me, please. I love the autumn colors, and we don't get it here.

Jan, I'm glad you found something sweet to eat last night. I always have WW fudge bars on hand for those cravings - 1 pt. each! When will you journey to your mom's house? I'm sure you're anxious to see her for yourself.

Guess I'd better get busy and head out, especially since Bush interrupted shows with a special report about the bailout and the stock market. We're sitting tight on our investments and not doing anything, so we're hoping that we won't be losing anything in the long run.

Wishing you all a great day. I'll be checking in later to see how everyone's doing.

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Good morning!

milkdud, you sound good this morning! What do you mean, 12-hour crop?

I am headed to my mom's tomorrow. Just got off the phone with her. We are already so busy making plans. I'm bringing my hoe to rework her flower beds. Will plant some cool season annuals, pull weeds, etc. She is interested in solar lights for her front sidewalk. Wondering if she should go low-voltage or just solar? Lowe's is closeby, so we will probably be buying them there. She hates the pinestraw mulch that the condo people have in the beds, so we might purchase some new, nicer mulch, too. I will be like Peggy this week, working those beds! But I love it and it will make Mama so happy. It's a little cooler in Jackson than here on the coast, so I will enjoy being outside as much as possible. Wednesday we will meet with the oncologist, so another reason to keep us both as busy as I can, even though she is in great spirits.

Thinking about making a big batch of soup (either Rachel Ray's steak and potato, or a corn chowder type) and picking up rolls from O'Charley's (definitely not WW) to take to my sick sister on Monday. Her quadraplegic son should be off of work for the holiday, so we will get to see him, as well. I think I mentioned it before, but he is putting the house and the car in his name, since he is paying the notes on them, anyway, and to keep from losing them when my sister passes away. The other two sons aren't nearly as capable in planning for the inevitable, or helping him out financially, so he has had a lot to carry on his shoulders since July. I'm hoping we can give him a little break while I'm up there.

Better get packing. I might not be able to email as much while I'm gone, so I hope everyone's news continues to be good and y'all have a great weekend and holiday.


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Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. ~Benjamin Franklin

Milkdud - What a relief for you. I will keep my fingers crossed for good lab results.

Suzanne - I hope it is as beautifuly by you as it is by us. The colors are gorgeous and the weather is perfect. Have fun with SP.

BJ - you will never get voted off the rock LOL. I will say a prayer that all works out for the best with Baby V.

Wodka - I vote for having the ice cream. I think of you and what you are going through all the time.

Peg - little steps are great - you already took a huge one.

Dee - special thoughts for DH's niece and baby - that must have been extremely frightening for everyone.

Nantucket was charming and I fell in love with it the minute I stepped off the boat. Unfortunately it is too rich for my blood and will have to settle for visiting there in the off season LOL. We had wonderful meals, wine (Suzanne), and great walks and drives on the beach. It is so rich with history and we took many tours and I was just content walking through the town and the residential section. Our innkeeper was the best around and offered many tips and recommendations that always panned out for us. I will definitely going back there some day. Thanks Suzanne for all your help.

Well I need to attend to some work - everyone have a great day.

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Well, happy to see everyone checking in here!

Wrapping up the week with an oil change ths morning, and some appointments to look at office space. Then a meeting with the middle school counselor to see if there are any girls clubs to fit my DD into. She is not having a great social scene here and we're a little worried.

Meanwhile, DD at her first year of college has already broken up with her boyfriend, had the rebound boyfriend, broke up with him, and is now dating a football player from the college in the next state over. She is doing her school work too, which amazes me. She may bring this new guy home for Thanksgiving, but DH doesn't think it'll last that long! lol. To be young again, huh?

Well, baby "V" has another visit with his prospective adoptive parents this Sunday. They're coming to the rock, of all things, so I think they're hooked on him! We might have a beach weenie and marshmallow roast and just hang out, all the kids and their adults.

It's sunny, windy, and COLD here. But I went for a stroller walk today with baby "V" and man, it was nice to get out!

Milkdud~ Have fun at CROP-tober! I used to do those DAY-LONG scrap booking marathons once in a while. Loved it---a whole day of scrapbooking really is the ticket. I usually got a lot done and felt really good at the end of the day!

CONGRATS on the eye issues! I've memorized all the signs here, and there are so few roads, it's like riding a train when I drive anywhere--can we say AUTOPILOT? :-)

Raeanne: Where did you stay? Just curious. We stayed at Jarod Coffin's House. Loved it. Of course, we walked and biked all over the island too. I love Nantucket, but isn't the real estate out of site priced? Crazy! So much history there, though, you're right. VERY cool place.

Wodka: Have a great time in the BEDS! It's always rewarding to clean everything out!

Well, I gotta run. Everyone have a great weekend!


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BJ - we stayed at Centerboard Guest House, it is about 3 blocks from where you stayed. Believe it or not it was hard to get 2 rooms at the same place. I was extremely pleased with where we stayed and would go back in a heartbeat. Yes, the real estate is outrageous. We saw a rental for $45,000 a week! Sounds like the kids have you busy as usual LOL. Sounds like your DD got over the ex quickly LOL.

Marci - you are missed and being thought about all the time.

Patti - please give us an update on Dave.

Wodka - you probably have left by now, but cherish your visit with your mom and sis. Sending good thoughts your way.

Well this is the fall festival day and I have a ton of things to do, so I better get doing them. The weather is perfect and I hope yours is too.

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Wow! I had fun catching up with everyone!!

Milkdud~Great news on your eyes! I'm sure I've told you before that my sis cross stitched a thing for DM that says, "I know worry works b/c whatever I worry about never comes true." LOL Hope you have/had fun at the crop.

BJ~At least you are on an isolated island not a deserted island. Hmm... So glad that things are looking good for baby "Vee". I didn't get anything yesterday but I'll let you know when I do.

NH Suzanne~Have fun this weekend. I miss the fall colors. I wish I were there to ride Casey for you.

Wodka~Don't be silly GF. We've all had a sarcastic response or two. OK, at least I'm guilty! Have fun at your Mom's.

Dee~[[[[ DH's Niece ]]]]

Rae~Nantucket sounds wonderful. Glad you had a great time.

Marci~We miss you.

McPeg~I really need to PM you. I just need to find the time. Don't give up on me though.

Dave still hasn't felt very good. He finally got over the stomach bug but that darn old PTSD is buggin' or something. He just hasn't been himself. We are making it though.

Have a good weekend. Patti :-)

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Good morning, ladies! It's sunny and 66 F., with a high of 86 today. Since I'll be indoors 99% of the time, it matters not to me.

I'm really looking forward to going to scrapbook for 12 hours. Oh, we'll take breaks to snack and eat and win prizes, but it will mostly be concentrated 'cropping'. I hope to make great inroads on my Dson's and DDIL's wedding scrapbook today. I know I'll probably do my usual dawdling for the first hour or so before "the muse" hits, but that's okay, too.

Marci, I'm thinking of you and hoping you and your family find peace.

Peggy, I hope you're busy enjoying making that quilt.

Patti, sorry that Dave still isn't feeling well. That stomach bug can be nasty.

BJ, enjoy your weekend and the time with V's prospective parents.

Raeanne, wish I could teleport myself to your village for the day and enjoy the Fall Festival. I know it's going to be wonderfully successful and fun, and you'll be glad when it's over!

Well, it's time to get ready to go play. Wishing you all a great day!

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Patti! I checked and you should get your package today. It was delivered at 11:30 AM on October 11, 2008. That's today! Yay---hope you like it! STAMP out boredom! Hope Dave gets back to being himself. Chocolate, like someone else here said, could be the answer!

Raeanne: I was looking (a couple of weeks ago) at real estate in Nantucket and a small, weather-beaten cottage was upwards of a half a mil. But, in the spring, summer, and fall months, I'd live in THAT cottage---darn!--if I could afford to buy it! I've never seen a winter in Nantucket, but I hear and read that it's no holiday! Is there pizza delivery there? lol. There's no pizza delivery here and I haven't had a day off of meal-making since the beginning of July, unless of course, when I'm off the rock...then I eat out EVERY meal! You see, I don't want to use the brand new stove in my house that's still for sale!

Thank heaven we're having good weather for Baby V's hopeful parents visit tomorrow. It's a high of 54 and clear today and supposed to be a high of 58 and party cloudy tomorrow. I think we'll visit a beach and have a BRISK picnic!

Well, I have about 4 million loads of laundry to do. I am thinking of NHSuzanne out there horse camping with NO washer and dryer---the poor thing---(*hee-hee*)

((((((((((Marci-XXOO, sistah.)))))))))))

Bye, bye for now~

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Hi everyone,

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers, hugs, good wishes and just for being there. I am slowly getting back to what ever this week's version of normal is.

When my kids were still home, we went through all of my photos and made a picture CD of Lucas. It was heartbreaking, yet healing at the same time. It is still hard to wrap my head around the idea that we will never see his smile again, but we did have lots of years to enjoy that smile and I am trying to cling to that. My kids were extremely close to Lucas and his 2 sisters, and most of the pictures are of the 5 of them in various poses. My other two nieces lived in SC and didn't get to visit very often. So my kids took Lucas' death very hard and it was hard for me to let them go back to FL and LA. Relatives kept harping on the fact that my son was the only boy left. Needless to say, this made me feel nervous and teary. But tears are necessary in the healing process and I am sure that what I am feeling is only a fraction of the pain my DSIL and DBIL are feeling.

After we looked at all of Lucas' pictures, I decided to scrapbook my kids' albums that had the old fashioned sticky pages. I am not getting fancy, but at least the new pages are acid free and I can rest easy knowing the photos will be preserved. Plus I needed something to focus on and it seems to be helping.

So I know that I have been MIA and I know you all understand. I will try to get on-line more often and keep up with everyone's trials and tribulations.

((Hugs)) to those who need them and thank you again for being there. It really helps!!


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BJ~This link is particularly for you but I think that everyone will enjoy it. We did get the pkg today & I LOVE it. I will stamp my little heart out & expect a little card from me. :-)

Marci~Thanks for checking in. Love you & think of you often. I can't even begin to imagine but just know that our love & prayers are with you. xoxo

Milkdud~Hope you are having a blast! And getting more done than I did when I went to my crop! LOL Of course, that is where I met my friend & you already know people there. ;-)

NH Suzanne~Hope you are having a great time.

Rae~Hope things are going splendid for you as well. Are you having an apple harvest festival there? I have a friend from another thread that went to one today.

Wodka~Hope you have an enjoyable time with your family.

Peg~I promise I'm going to take time to write to you. I'll explain all later.

Hi to all I've missed. I'll check back later. Patti ;-)

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I'm home and checking in! I did have a wonderful time and met a couple of new people with whom I'll probably continue a nice friendship.

I started many pages of the wedding scrapbook, but I finished nothing. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this is a SCRAPBOOK not a photo album, and felt the need to use every darned one of the pictures I had printed. It was so much fun that I also couldn't concentrate on embellishing the pages, so I settled for figuring out which photos to use and finding papers for them and that was about it. We had superb food and snacks of which I had too much. I won a very cool Creative Memories double leaf-punch and a corner rounder thingy, so I was happy. The wedding scrapbook has a heavy Autumn theme as requested by the newlyweds, so I had fun making lots of pretty little leaves and leaf cutout borders.

I'm aching from sitting so long, so I'm heading for bed very soon. But, I wanted to check on everyone and update you on my day.

((((((Marci)))))) We lost my nephew when he was 16 and my sons were 11 and 12. We were all heart-broken, but most especially my sons who adored and idolized him. So, I understand how hard this must be for you.

BJ, have a wonderful picnic tomorrow!

Patti, stamp = stamp - stamp!

Goodnight, everyone!

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Good Sunday afternoon! It's partly cloudy and 84 right now with light showers later. Not bad weather for this part of the world.

I had terrible muscle spasms in my back late last night in bed and ended up taking a pain pill from when I had knee surgery 2 years ago. I slept until 10:15 this morning, jumped out of bed and into clothes and made it to church on time! My back is feeling fine today. It must have been hauling all those scrapbook-filled bags back out to the car last night from the club.

Good news about my friend! He has finally been diagnosed with Type B - Lymphoma, a quick-growing cancer but easily treatable with chemo for the next many months. Now, if they can get his kidneys to functiong alone again without dialysis, it will all be pretty good.

Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday!

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Milkdud: It's just you-n-me today, babe. Best wishes to your friend. What great news. YAY!

...YOU WON A CORNER-ROUNDER? I l-o-v-e my corner rounder---when I get a chance to use it, and I'm not kidding around either. Cool tool!

I found an online book-making application on ShutterFlyDotCom that I made a life book for Baby V with. After it took me 2 days to figure out how to upload the picture I wanted to use, it was pretty fun and I got the book done in 2 days. Now all my kids want the same kind of book! I'll seriously have to think about that! It would mean scanning many of my pictures and uploading them. Am I ready to do that? No, no yet...

Well, we had a good visit today with Baby V's prospective adoptive parents. We played drove around and the time went by WAY too fast. They said they'll probably come camping here on the rock. I wish we could host them, but this place has NO room!

Other than that, LOTS of laundry and now I'm going to crawl into my new book, right after I make some tea!


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BJ, it sounds like your day was good, and I'm glad for y'all.

I still don't know how to scan pictures or do anything, but I'm envious that you can do it. What a special thing to be able to do - make those books. You'll have lots of time to do them and maybe you can even do a tutorial for some (like me!) who are illiterate about that kind of thing.

Dinner tonight was compliments of Applebee's - grilled shrimp and spinach salad with warm bacon dressing. Way too good! Good thing I'll be sweating it off tomorrow, huh?

Night, y'all!

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