Walkvest Anyone??

trudymomSeptember 15, 2007

They showed these on Rachel Ray last week. Any thoughts on if they help? Anyone have this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Walkvest

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I think your question is interesting and the first thing I'd ask is what do you do now?

I'd suggest start walking, change up your pace, walk briskly for five minutes and slow down, etc. Prevention magazine had a walking program in I think the August issue. Walking is really an excellent exercise, and except for the price of good shoes, costs nothing. If you like a walking program, you can add in hand weights.

No method is a quick fix. And often, one can create an exercise program that works and is inexpensive.


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bluesibe, right now I walk about 2 miles a day at a medium pace. I like your suggestion for walking briskly for five minutes, then slowing down. I am going to pass up the walkvest. Thanks!

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My husband has a similar weighted vest and he loves it. It' gets his heart rate up to where it would be if he were running only without stress on his joints. The important thing is to start with lighter weight and build up slowly. I run 3x a week and the days I don't run, I walk with dumb-bells. I started with 2lbs on each arm and built up very slowly (for 4 years) and now I walk with 9lb dumb-bells in each hand. It gives me a great upper body workout while getting my cardio.

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kimba00, great ideas--thank you. You must get quite a workout now with the 9lbs in each hand. Congratulations!! Do you hands get tired of carrying them?

Thank you!

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Yes, it's a great strength building work out and no, my hands do not get tired because I started slowly and built up. I walk 2.5 miles with the dumb bells. Your hands and forearms will get stronger as you add weight. Each time I added a pound of weight, my arms would get tired the first week, and once you build up, you don't even notice the weights!

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kimba00, one last question, please--what is the reason that you use dumbells instead of the weights that you velcro onto your wrists?

Thank you!

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I use the dumb-bells because the velcro weights only go up to like 5lbs max and I find them uncomfortable. They are usually made for ankles and are too big for my wrists. The dumb-bells I use are the coated type (not raw metal) and fit nicely in my hands. I have used the velcro weights on my ankles in the past and they will give you awesome calves. My legs, as a runner, don't need the added resistance, just my upper body. Women tend to underwork their upper bodies.

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kimba00, thank you. I learned alot from you!!


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