I walk every day and still nothing

HurricaneMenopauseSeptember 20, 2002

I don't understand what I am doing wrong......I walk every day for an hour, sometimes longer, and still I can't seem to get rid of this extra 10/15 pounds I gained my first few years in menopause. My sister told me about this product called New Life Formula.....and she swears by it.....does anyone out there know about this product? Thanks

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Hi HM....I just read your bio and I'm chuckling, real cute. I'm 50 and going through it also. I'm feeling pretty much the same as you are. This is the pits but I'm hoping that there is a sunnier side. I put on 10lbs very quickly over a year ago but then I started walking regularly and at least I've been able to stop the weight gain. I have lost some in the past but it's come right back at me so I'm almost to the point to accepting it but I really don't want to keep gaining if I can help it. I either walk 4mi.(which takes me an hour) or I go to a 5mi. trail and do a walk/jog combo which I can do in an hour also. I'm hoping that if I do the w/j combo more often maybe I will start to shed. Anyway I know I'm not giving you an answer to your question but I at least wanted to let you know that you are certainly not alone in this madness. I would also be interested in that product that you mentioned. If you want to feel better about this come over to the Diet Club. There's a few of us going through this together. We don't use any particular diet but just try to eat sensibly along with any activity we like to do. Check us out. At least we should be able to give you a laugh or 2 and lots of support......Linda/NJ

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I am approaching 40, and mentally blamed my extra (more than 10) pounds on thyroids, hormones, premenopause, stress, etc. Been carrying the extra weight since about 1997. Last year, I jogged 2.5 miles a day, and did aerobics. But still no loss.

In May, went to doc, and got a clean bill of health. No more mysterious excuses can fly now! So this past June, at my highest weight ever, I joined WW. So far, I am losing consistently each week, about 1 pound. Doesn't sound like a lot, I know, but it has made a big difference. I am down 1 to 2 pants sizes, depending on how much they have "shrunk" (yes, another excuse), and about 14 pounds.

My energy is now really high, and I am finally learning a better way to eat. Mentally, everyone knows about portion control or eating 5 fruits and veggies. But until this program, I could not do it.

WW gave me a way of 'budgeting' what I eat in a managable way. And the pounds that daily jogs could not burn off, are finally melting away.

I recommend not using dietary supplements, no matter how tempting a quick fix is. Hey, if *I* can lose the extra weight, ANYONE can. I thought I was hopeless. Once I got an OK on my health from the doc, I knew that it was my eating habits that were preventing me from losing the weight. And by doing it with healthy eating changes, I am striving to make this a lifetime switch. With pills, you are relying on something that you can't really keep up for life.

I have a 4 y-o DD, and I want to be able to play and keep up wtih her, and now I CAN!! Hope my story helps!

5'4", 38 years old
(Beginning weight: 160)
(current weight: 147)
(goal: 130)

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Karen couldn't agree with you more. I started a walking program last year September. Have been walking or doing arobics and weight lifting an hour a day for over a year. Didn't lose an ounce. Didn't gain either. I am staring 50 in the face. Decided it was now or never and also joined weight watchers. I have been on the program a little over a month and have lost 15lbs. What a difference just 15lbs makes. I have increased my exercising to and hour and a half if I have time. I feel better than I have in a long time. I started in at 252 and down to 237. I hope I can stick it out. I am eating what I want but portioning what I eat. I am making better choices.

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The other thing to try is to add a weight training program 3 times a week - muscle burns much more fuel than fat, pound for pound.

And good luck!

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sue said what i was gonna say- when you are stuck at a certain weight- weight training will usually get your body burning that fat by adding muscle..you may not see any change on the scale but you will see it in your clothes being looser-weight training is also a huge plus for women your age as it slows bone loss and will slow the aging process more than you can imagine- about the weight..it only gets worse though every year your body's metabolism slows down a little more- so it's great you are trying to nip it in the bud now... also make sure you are eating enough- if you are not eating enough calories to fuel your body, your body will use them to hold onto the fat--

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Why not get the wrist and ankle w\eights to wear while you walk?I do.

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One caution about ankle weights...ugly veins!! I used them a few years ago and immediately began to get terrible spider veins on my legs that have never gone away.

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