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marci_paOctober 12, 2009

I'll start us off since I am off today for Columbus Day!

Hope everyone is ready for a good week.

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Good Monday evening and Happy Columbus Day! Marci, thanks for getting us started for the week.

We had lovely, cool weather this weekend and LOTS of rain, but this morning at 5:45 a.m. it was already 72 F., and again, LOTS of rain and heavy fog. (how can they go hand in hand???) I was up and out that early to drive over to Beaumont to babysit Aubrie for the day since her babysitter is still on vacation. I came home with as close to a broken nose as anyone could ever get and not have it officially broken. She ran right at me, then jumped up in the air at the last second and rammed her head right into the right side of my nose from the front. It is so sore and swollen on that side, and my head still hurts 10 hours later.

I have 6 days to get over this latest grandchild-induced injury before going back over to babysit from Sunday until Thursday evening. This time, Dson and DIL are going to Corpus Christi for a sheriff's convention. Wish me luck!

I did get some really adorable shirts at STein Mart before heading home this afternoon, so that was a nice treat! I'm returning to TOPS this Wednesday, and I've already returned to Curves, so I'm hoping to whittle down my body once again. I can't let hubby be the only one losing weight now, can I?

I have an incredibly busy Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm going to just relax the rest of this evening and try to enjoy doing NOTHING!

Wishing everyone a good Monday evening! Come back and post, everyone!

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What did you do over the weekend?

We took baby V to the Safety Fair at the local firehouse. You should have seen that little guy, running around! He really loved the firetrucks. He got to spray a REAL fire hose and put out a fire with an extinguisher. And he got a cool plastic fire helmet too. I took some cute pictures as well.

Speaking of Baby V, the state finally made a decision yesterday to turn him over to the adoption unit. So PLEASE help me in sending an intention to the state to re-contact the childless couple we were working with before the family intervened. Just send a thought and a picture in your mind of Bob and Debra with Baby V - it would be appreciated. This special baby deserves a forever family and this couple would be ideal.

On the food front, not much new. Stall-ville. But I'm feeling good, so I know I have to add in exercise now to get the scale moving downward!

Maddie! Good to hear from you; glad school is going well. I would be interested in the holiday exchange you mentioned.

Milkdud! OUCH!!!! I know how getting bashed on the nose feels! Kids are SO spontaneous, aren't they? :-)

NHSuzanne! Tell us about your weekend! Sounds fun...

Raeanne---So, about your did you organize it? I'm THINKING of having one week after next and having never had one---EVER---I am sort of scared.

Any ideas...ANY TIPS? Anyone? Please? I have lots of books: kids, adults self-help--lol. I was thinking about charging $1 an inch for these to make it easy. Lots of beanie babies in great condition that my kids have outgrown (I took all the tags off them when I bought them---hate those tags!), LOTS of plastic organizer bins, scrap book stuff galore, *some* big furniture, and lots of knicky-knacky stuff. How do you figure out prices? Etc?

Marci! Thanks for getting us going!

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Thanks, NHSuzanne---for giving me instruction on how to easily post pictures! YAY!

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BJ, that is so sweet! I love the expression on his face like "WHOA"!! too cute. And wasn't it easy to figure out how to post the picture?

Milkdud, I hope your face feels better. I have been slammed in the face by human and animal myself. Never fun. Did you see stars? Try to keep ice on it.

My weekend was really fun and I will post more later. Right now I am swamped.

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BJ - OMG I have the hugest smile on my face from that photo. It seems like he wasn't quite expecting that much power from that hose. Thank you for sharing.

Garage sale tips: put everything as cheap as you can to get rid of it LOL. I actually put all my books, VHS, CDS, DVDs at just 50 cents because I didn't want to bring them back in the house. Never assume no one will want something - most of those things sell first. You really just have to guess on the prices. People will tell you if they are too high and most people want to get a deal, even if it is a book for 25 cents instead of 50 - NOT KIDDING. We ended up with more than $200 and that wasn't bad for not advertising and at some point our sign was knocked over - I did our sale on a Sunday, but Saturday is the day to do it or both if you can. I put all my used pocketbooks, totes, at just $1 each, there were name brands and even free handouts that I got with cosmetic purchases, people didn't care they bought all of them and the name brand one's didn't go first. I put 50 cents on all my florist vases and didn't sell any. I had several sets of wine glasses that I was selling 6 for $2 still in the box and no one bought them. All my electronic stuff went quick, but it was cheap. Keep a power cord handy, so people can test out things. I sold 6 out of 200 beanie babies ROFLMAO and I gave one to every kid that came through. The last time I did it and had it for 2 days I made over $600, but I had a lot of stuff, this time was very small in comparison. I had no big ticket items, so the $200+ was just on odds and ends. Try to put prices on everything - this is the worse part of all. Also keep a tarp handy in case it starts to rain. I kept all my electronics near the house so I could get them in the garage if I had to. Have change available, especially singles and quarters. Be prepared to meet all kinds of characters and have a lot of laughs. I also was able to get some reading time in between groups. At the end I sorted everything into a dump pile, a thrift store donation, library, antique dealer, etc.

Milkdud - I know that feeling too, OUCH - I whacked myself in the face over the summer with a piece of one of those darn Adirondack chairs that wasn't attached.

I am having my kitchen tile ripped up as we speak - what a MESS.

I will come back when I have more time.

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THANKS for all the g-sale tips, Raeanne!!!!! I feel much better about the "sale" now.

Hey, what type of flooring are you putting in to replace the tile? In my house, I used some textured light green tile. Now that I know how to post pics, I might try posting one of my kitchen! I have chocolate leather granite on the counters and there are little chocolate veins in the green tile, so I think the counters and floor go well togther. We were goign to do hardwood, but it got wrecked in my other house--messy cook, me!

Well, after I posted that I was in Stall-ville yesterday, I hopped on the scale and am down another pound today.

Yesterday's meals:

Brekky: 3 eggs with feta, chili powder, garlic powder, pinch salt and pepper. Put all of the above in a mason jar and SHAKE! (The jar, not me) Then cooked on medium.

Lunch: A bowl of chicken curry soup (SOOOOOOOO good!), Feta-stuffed olives marinated in olive oil, and a hunk of baguette to sop up the leftover oil in the bottom of the tupperware container of olives.

Snack: 16 oz coffee with 1/2 & 1/2. (I don't indulge in coffee any more except for a TREAT)

Dinner: Card deck size marinated broiled steak, Salad: feta, spearmint leaves, and feta salad, with some dressing I made: Olive oil, orange-champagne white vinegar, Mediterranean spices, 2 (small) pressed garlic cloves, pepper--SHAKE and pour.

This morning the wind is HOWLING through the roof and it's COLD---Brrrrrrrrrr! I am going to have a nice cup of tea with honey and get back to work!

Check in! We miss YOU! Yeah---YOU!!!!!

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Uhhhh.... yeah....Dinner was a TOMATO, spearmint, and feta salad with dressing...jsut to

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Good afternoon from summery HOT Texas! I just don't like this muggy, buggy weather we're still having. Come on, Fall!

BJ,congrats on the loss! And that pic of Baby V is priceless! Keeping a strong visual of him with that childless couple, too!

Raeanne, what great garage sale advice you gave. That's the perfect formula for moving your trash out to someone else's treasure chest!

Busy day yesterday with lots of unusual and yummy foods, unfortunately. We had a Hawaiian luau at the community center, and the food was authentic (no poi, TG!). Last night at the sorority meeting, we had Indian food. *sigh* It showed on the scale when I weighed in at TOPS today for the first time in 7 weeks. I was the ONLY gainer today, and it was uncomfortable for me, so I'll work hard the next 2 weeks so that I won't have to be in that position again. (out of town babysitting next week, so I'll miss that meeting)

I pulled a muscle in my leg yesterday when I tripped over something, so I'm moving slowly today, but I did get in a Curves workout-lite! I saw pictures of myself at a sorority tea last month last night, and it was such a wake-up call to me. No more kidding myself that I haven't gained that much and/or it doesn't really show. IT SHOWS! I did a good shopping trip at the grocery store after working out today, to the point that I have foods to take with me when I babysit next week. I'm the only one who can help myself, so I need to be kinder to myself.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday. Hope to see our MIA's posting by the time I check back in tomorrow!

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OK,ok! I'm here. Stop making all that racket. LOL

BJ~Love the pic. You did a great job. I definitely will keep "V" in my thoughts. He deserves to go to a family that wants him & already loves him. I don't understand the thinking going on that wouldn't place him there already but that's just me.

Marci~Thanks for getting us started.

Milkdud~It is still in the 90s here. Can you say HOT! UGH!

Raeanne~Great tips on the garage sale. We have found that we usually do good with books at 25 cents a piece. I think that our library sells them for 50 cents a piece. It may depend on what part of the country you are in. And we haven't really done anything here in FL but I know that it is probably even worse here in retirement village. LOL

NH Suzanne~Looking forward to hearing about your weekend.

We didn't do much last weekend. The snowbirds are just getting started coming back here. It is still too hot for them to come & I don't blame them one bit. We start quilting next Wednesday. We had our first resident's meeting last night. There weren't very many residents back yet. So many of them will come & then leave right away to go back for the holidays or some won't even come until after the holidays are over. I'm starting to feel like everything has been so rushed this year & that the year has flown by. So many things needing to get done & so far behind. Now, it is time for the other MIAs to check in.

Have a great week. Peace out.

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Good Thursday all,

Milkdud, I don't like muggy, buggy weather and we definitely do not have any now!!

Patti, the year HAS flown by for me too. I can hardly believe it is mid-October.

Raeanne, those are great tips for a yard sale. What are you replacing tile with? I have to do the same in my kitchen/family room and just can't bear moving all the furniture, etc out! I really want it done though - I am so sick of what is there.

Donna, how is your renovation coming along? We need info!

Last weekend was really wonderful but COLD. We are at peak foliage here and it is pretty spectacular around here right now. We had lots of turn out for our event but only about eight campers. Each day was windy, sunless and just plain bitter. I was forced to drag my winter hat that is fleece lined and has ear flaps! You can imagine just how lovely I looked! LOL Because of the wind I did not drive Miss Pea but we had many lovely rides including one where we bush whacked out through unchartered territory! That was fun. In the woods the wind is not so bad either so we were pretty warm. In the afternoons we started the campfire early and just hung out in the field. The field is surrounded by ponds on three sides and there is an old antique red barn across the way which is a lovely view, the other ponds are bordered by sweeping fields of still verdant green grass. If it were not for these views U cannot imagine putting up with the cold. Saturday night was crystal clear and the October sky is quite active with stars and planets visible - more on that later. A few brave souls were by the fire and we listened to a series of owls calling I am pretty sure we were listening to Great Horned Owls and possible a Screech Owl. Whatever they were they were fun to hear. After the owls the coyotes started up and that always gives me the chills. As you might imagine, the only problem with sitting around the campfire on a very cold night (30 degrees) is the fact that you have to leave it to go into your cold trailer! But we all did and survived the night in good shape and no worse for the wear. I have to say it was mighty cold and was grateful to have polar tech and down to keep me warm.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Woodstock, VT for a long weekend of riding in one of the most beautiful areas of New England. We rent this little house and ride, cook, ride, cook all weekend. I will be back on Tuesday. I can't wait this is a favorite riding destination.

Here is a little fall foliage to share:

Here is the barn:

QOD: So what is everyone else doing this weekend??

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Happy Thursday,

Have lots to say but not much time. Our long weekend to NC was wonderful even tho it rained for 4 days. I just don't care when I'm away from the office.

Our IT group went through a reorg, and a wonderful lady who has worked here loyally, reliably, for like-forever was told she has no job. Please hold special thoughts for Maria.

We had chiminey repairs about 2 weeks ago; asked DH to tell the workers to fire up the furnace before they left to be sure it works. He gave me one of those 'looks' like I was a girl or something. PS: it's been in the 40's for the last 2 nights and we have no heat! Told him it's HIS job to call for service. sheesh....MEN!!!!

Gotta run now, but will try to get back here later.

BJ, you are my hero! Someday I'm going to learn to post photos, and you will all be sorry! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good Friday all!

TGIF!! I am off to Vermont and it's snowing!! Yikes. I hope everyone has a good weekend and checks in here. It's feeling a little lonely here this morning! I will be back Monday evening.

Have a great weekend.

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Good Saturday morning! It's COOL here this morning - sunny and 53 F!!! Love it!

Suzanne, those pics are lovely and as close to Fall as I've gotten this year. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

BJ, is Baby V dreaming of his visit to the fire station? That was my sons' all-time favorite place to visit.

I'm going to Curves when I finish my coffee and get one good, last workout to last me 9 days until I can get back there again. I'm leaving tomorrow for Beaumont where I won't be able to go because my grandbaby Aubrie wouldn't sit there quietly while I work out, and nobody is willing to give me an hour off. :( When I return next Thursday night, I have Friday and Saturday already booked solid with obligations, so it will be a week from this Monday before I get to go again. I'm taking my bands with me, but I'm not very good about working out when I'm staying there.

The eating has gotten healthier still. While doing the 'patron count' at the library on Thursday, I found the book "Eat this, not that, the supermarket edition", and was hooked! What insignificant little items can make such a huge difference in calorie counts! I'm buying a copy to keep in my purse so that I can take it with me to the grocery store. I've bought a few 'right' things, but mostly it's been the 'not that' in spite my best efforts to read labels.

I will be taking my computer with me this trip, so I'll check in regularly. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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