Opinions on other womens fitness centers please

vera123September 5, 2003

I would love to open a Curves but unfortunately my area is sold. I've been looking into other women's fitness centers like Slender Lady & It Figures. None are located in my area & I'm wondering if anyone has been to any of these. I'm trying to figure out if a competitor in a high traffic area where there is currently not a Curves, be able to offer what everyone likes about Curves. Seems to me that these centers offer a lot, have similar equipment & I guess it's all about what an owner expects of her staff & offers to the members.

Any opinions are appreciated!



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The KEY to the success of the "curves" method is that it's a scheduled time, a short time, with a group activity. You have peer pressure working on you, and the social aspect of it is good.

That would be hard to duplicate with other franchises.

Their equipment isnothing special, it's the way they have made workouts a social activity.

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I appreciate your response & that is exactly what I'm reading from other forums. The women want the social interaction, the structure, it's quick, & keep it interesting with incentives, & contests to win t-shirts, points for credit to membership, etc. I've seen other similar equipment that seems much better.
Still researching.....

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I agree that the guaranteed, short workouts in a group activity at Curves is much of what makes it work. In my case, the upbeat cheerful atmosphere is a bonus. I don't know if the machines are anything special, but I can tell you I feel much stronger than I did 3 months ago -- MUCH stronger. So they are doing something!

I don't have time to spend more than that at a gym each night, as I have a very early bedtime therefore I need to eat dinner early as well. The guaranteed 30 minutes of exercise is great for me and I have never missed a week of going at least 3 days. I can't say that about any other gym I've ever gone to.


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Good for you Jen! That's exactly what keeps them coming back. It's quick, you meet people, & you feel good!

Thanks & good luck!

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Thanks Vera, and you're welcome. Good luck in your venture.


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