Oxycise/Breathing Exercises

cometfernSeptember 1, 2002

Recently I read an article that spoke about the benefit of breathing exercises it. The article was aimed toward weightloss, but it did mention other health benefits. I was wondering if anyone had tried these exercises and what the results were?

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ok, for me I thought it was crock of baloney but my sister swears by it. She has back problems big time and said besides walking, the breathing exercises helped her lose weight. She even has her kids doing it.

hope that helped a bit


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All Oxycise did for me was make me lightheaded!!! I think I still have the tape though because SOMEDAY I may try it again and be able to breathe deeply without feeling like I am ready to pass out LOL

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Chantel, can you share more details about your sister's weight loss using Oxycise? Appreciate any help. TIA

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