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PattySeptember 21, 2001

I am awaiting Power90 in the mail. After reading messages that comment on it, I think I will refuse the delivery.

I am a 44 yo female and would like to hear what excercise vidoes are your favorite. Sculpting, aerobic, etc.

Would greatly appreciate this information.


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Hi Patty, I love the walk away the pounds by Leslie Sansone.


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I am not very advanced so I guess my recommendations are for people at my level!
For Yoga, I use with much fun Yoga Zone (with Al Bingham), Yogasculpt by Karen Voigt and the Yoga tape by Jane Fonda. Yoga is quite a workout but you won't sweat too much.
The Body Workout with Elle McPherson and Karen Voigt is enjoyable, though a bit tough by the end...
Cindy Crawford's tapes are fun too.
If you can find Jenny Garth's workout tape was easy too.

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Leslie Sonsone is by far my favorite. They are easy to follow, and I've gotten the result's I've wanted. I'm back down to my desired weight, and all the old clothes that didn't fit, I'm able to wear again!!

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I'm also going with the "Walk Away the Pounds" set by Leslie Sansone. I just got mine in the mail the other day and I actually look forward to exercising. The exercising and walking make me feel so good.

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I LOVE Denise Austin...I have most of her videos and love them all. kickboxing, Power Yoga, Pilates, 10min abs arms buns thighs...she has everything..and if you can stand her annoying voice, youve got it made!

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I find the best workout videos out there are the firm tapes. I especially like the one instructor Traci Long and any firm video she leads. She is precise and easy to follow and the results are very encouraging with these tapes. Trust me, been through alot of them!!!
Best of Luck

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I really enjoy Billy Blanks Tae Bo videos. It's much more fun than ordinary aerobics, and all that kicking and punching makes you feel quite strong and tough!!

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If you're looking for a short workout i'd definatley recommend Denise Austin. She's energetic and you don't have to stare at some Barbie Doll looking person that's in love with herself. Her personality makes up for the annoying voice that was mentioned in an earlier reply.

If you've got a little more time to spare i'd say try The Firm videos. There are a series of tapes to get you through your different workout needs as you progress. They are aerobics combined with weights. They'll get you skinny and firm at the same time.

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In Shape, by Rachel Mclish.Weightlifting.I got mine through CollageVideo.com. I love it.

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Put on Tae-Bo and pretend you are in an action film beating up the bad guys! I love it!

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Walk Away the Pounds is my favorite. I probally have 8 of her videos. Very easy to follow and very effective. Denise Austin tapes I would say come in second.

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I use the Pilates videos from Stott Pilates. They are wonderful! Stott offers a large selection of videos and equipment. You can visit their website and order a catalog.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stott Pilates

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I have many workout tapes. I'm currently doing The Firm with the Fanny Lifter (a killer). I get all my videos thru CollageVideo.com. I like it because the staff reviews them and they're marked with "Staff Favorites" (which I have found to be reliable), as well as posting reviews of actual people who have purchased and used them.

I like TammiLee Webb "I Want Those Arms", "I Want Those Abs" and "I Want Those Buns". I also have Denise Austin Shortcuts and alternate those in. Winsor Pilates I'm having a hard time with...I'm not sure I like them. My problem is no matter how much I like a tape, I get bored easily so that's why I have so many so I can keep switching around.

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The Firm. The tapes, especially the older ones from the late 80's & early nineties are tough and simply terrific. Even the newest ones are pretty good. I have lost 12 lbs and a few inches with them. However, I am also seriously watching what I eat while I exercise.

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How about Pilates on the Total Gym? I think I need to hear recommendations before I buy the extra equipment ($385.00 USD)Might be much ado about nothing.

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