How far apart do tables HAVE to be????

zoiepooSeptember 18, 2005

We are going to have our family Christmas gathering/dinner party at our house this year. We had it one other time but we were still renovating this house and had empty rooms allowing for more space to put up folding tables and chairs.

I am definetly squeezed to sit 50 people down for Christmas dinner and want to know if anyone knows a web site or the distant reccommended between rows of tables and chairs. The table takes 30" and you need at least 2 feet to pull your chair out from the table but since I will have repeated rows of tables and chairs - will 3 foot be enough room for people back to back to scoot out their chair and get up? I am in trouble if they MUST have four foot.

Thank you for any information or thoughts you might have.

I have already thought of renting a tent and putting the party on the tennis court but we have a number of family members getting near 100 years old and there are two steps to the tennis court from the nearest bathroom. In our house are four bathrooms on a level surface which is important. Unfortunately the space left in our dining room for tables and chairs is only 18'x14 1/2' (not counting the walking space needed) with a connected entry area that will allow for two more 6 foot tables.

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Well.....if you set up rows of tables only 3 feet a[art, you will have people wedged in like sardines, and it will take a master plan to get everyone seated.....
Couldn't you seat some of the more able bodied on a deck? Or set up a couple of tables in the living room or even a bedroom?
I know you want to all be together....but I am getting claustrophobic just thinking about such close quarters!
Linda C

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You are SO correct Linda. After writing that question last night I had my husband help me (6'5 1/2" with none bending knees :) and I sat up two tables with chairs back to back. We decided 52" in the minumin space for two chairs back to back AND people to walk past the seated people.

I have had to eliminate a total row of tables but have come up with some ideas for added seating by taking our piano out of the room, turning the tables the other way and using 4 foot tables in otherwised unusable spaces. I can't seat 50 but am up to 45 people leaving very comfortable spaces for movement.

You are right - we really hate to isolate people in other rooms as the rooms are very spread out and the closest room (living room) will be used after the meal for the family sharing circle and BINGO. It has carpet and brand new uphostered furniture so you hate to put tables up in there but that is what we will do if the 50 or more arrive. THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE

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