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nhsuzanneOctober 11, 2004

Good Morning All,

Boy Maddie, you certainly have your share of trouble going on. I am glad that the police have a suspect in custody too. What a horrible thing to have happen right in your back yard. Gruesome.

BJ, glad the SBD is going well for you. I have had good luck with it myself. For me it's gotten tricky when I start adding carbs back in. You have to play with it and figure out what you can and cannot have.

I had an absolutely splendid weekend. The weather was superb and the color was magnificent. It was really pretty warm too. We camped in a field that had a pond on both sides and the ponds were lined with billiantly colored leaves and the back ground was the bluest sky you ever saw. It's so hard to describe the beauty. We had three days of gorgeous riding through the woods with the leaves falling and that certain scent of fall that is truly unmistakeable. Sweet Pea had a great time. This is the most trail riding she has done in a long time and she did very well and really enjoyed herself. She even got to stretch out with a nice extended trot on some nice soft footing. She was just a joy to ride.

Raeanne, I used some of the advice you gave me after you had your tribal gathering. "Throw my burdens to the ground and let my spirit soar". That was my mantra all weekend. Each time I let the stresses of work creep into my thoughts I would say that outloud! Pretty soon I had my riding partner saying it too! I am sure we look pretty nutty with our arms outstretched on our mounts looking up to the ever blue sky saying that!! No one saw us but the wild animals anyway. LOL

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Hello all.

Maddie - OMG....where is that island, if you find it, let me know. I am sitting here with my jaw dropped. Right in your own backyard. That is excitement. Yes, I am glad too that the person (suspect) is locked up. Did the people who were having the party even know what was going on?

NH Suzanne - I love the way you describe your journeys....AWESOME!!!!

Conrats on all the weight loss. I am trying my best. I used the pressure cooker on Saturday and made a lentil soup. However, I am having a hard time know what "bring to pressure means" any help out there. I am told to keep the lid on and lock it when it comes to pressure. I don't know when that is. And I am assuming it is when the pot comes to a boil, but the book never states that. They also are using two different terms that I think mean the same thing. So, some advice is welcome. I did burn the bottom of it of course, so I scrubbed bottom of it and so did my DH. The soup was ok. I found out that I do not like the spice called "ALLSPICE". It has such a strong taste and not one that I like.

I am having second thoughts about looking for property when I go up to OH at the end of the month. So DH and I are discussing our options.

Well of to do some work.

Bye - Lynn

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Checkin' in.

Busy Monday! It was great to start off reading about NHSuzanne's relaxing, wonderful riding experience.


Back later!

Here is a link that might be useful: All About Pressure Cookers

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OK, I'm around, but don't have time to say much except "hello".

I had to produce an eight-page brochure (actually a Playbill) relating to a comical skit my department is putting on in front of management next week. I'll be out on vacation and won't be an 'actor', but the creative stuff was left to me to do (haa!) I managed to get it completed, with my Director writing all the profiles on the "actors". I wrote all the funny advertisements, most of them want ads for our positions "must be able to walk on water....make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"; "sense of humor and juggling skills preferred"...that type of stuff. It turned out remarkedly well considering I had a few hours' notice!

Now I'm laid back and waiting until I can change for my Yogilates class this evening here at the fitness center.

Considering we had loads of parties this weekend, my eating was OK. I'm not gonna break any records on the scale, but I'm pleased with the choices I made....getting the hang of this stuff now.

Gotta run and take care of some cover letters for a project here. Imagine, they want me to WORK for my pay?! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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HELLO? Wake up and drink that H20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey DeeMarie - Good Morning. I love the idea of the "playbill" for the show. I am involved in a Variety Show for our town and that would be such a cleaver idea (afraid to mention it, because you know who will have to do it then).

Suzanne - the ride sounded perfect and I felt like I was there with you.

Lynn - I have never used a pressure cooker. A little goes a long way when using Allspice.

We are going to NYC this weekend and going to see Lion King - our friend's DD is in the chorus, hopefully we will be able to catch up to her too.

I have a long list of errands to run today, so I better get busy.

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Good Morning All,

It sure is quiet here this week.

It's windy and cold here and my campout is a mere memory now. Sigh........the color is still spectacular though. I swear each day it gets better and better here.

I forgot to mention that one morning on my campout there was a Belted Kingfisher fishing for his food at the pond where I was next to.
It was amazing how quickly he could scoop down skid along the surface of the water five or six times very quickly and be up in the tree eating his breakfast. It was so cool.

I have been so tired since the weather and daylight started changing.
Does anyone else go through this at this time of year?

Back to the salt mines to sell, sell, sell!

Here is a link that might be useful: Belted Kingfisher

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Raeanne, I will send you a "template" of my Playbill if you have Word for XP. Let me know what types of clip art you want, etc. No problem; I'll explain how it prints out.

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Dee - I do have Word for XP and I would love the template. The theme is the 70's and the variety show takes place at a carnival. The title of the show is "Streaking Through the 70's". Thanks.

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Suzanne - What a beautiful bird - you were lucky to witness him hunting and eating. We had a lot of Great Blue Herons this summer on the lake and I had the pleasure of having one fly directly in front of me on my walk, two mornings in a row. This weekend I had a Downy Woodpecker hanging around my deck, which I though was so neat, until I realized he was one confused woodpecker when he started to peck on my house. My house is cedar sided, BUT - too new for it to have any rot, etc. I know they "drum" to claim their territory, but that is normally done in the Spring.

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Suzanne - did you know that according to the Native Americans the Kingfisher represents peace and prosperity. This is what Animal Speak has to say: "It's ability to draw life out of the waters to feed itself reflects the kingfisher's ability to stimulate new opportunities for prosperity. Often it requires that you dive headlong into some activity, but usually proves to be very beneficial. Prepare yourself to dive into something new. Have you been avoid the new? Have you been afraid to take the plunge? Are you needing new warmth? Don't worry, you won't drown. In fact, you will find that, as a result, you will have new sunshine and prosperity unfolding within your life."

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I just sent a template for you to use! Let me know if you like it. :-)

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Raeanne, maybe the Kingfisher was a sign of things to come! I hope so.............

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Hi all!

NHSuzanne--I wanna move next to you--any room in the barn?? :):) You write so well, and when I read your stories, I can close my eyes and almost inagine me being there in the middle of it. :):)

Raeanne--we saw The Lion King when it was here last fall. Unreal. The opening parade was breathtaking--wait til you see the giraffes! :) I'd love to go to NYC and see a Broadway play someday. What fun! :)

Dee--you do some interesting things, you know that? How did your dept get involved in a skit?

Well, the news reported that the murdered lady's next door neighbors (the one that was throwning the party on Sunday) is actually her nephew, and when the Courier-Journal (Louisville's daily rag) interview him on Sunday, he was like, well, we wer gonna party today, and we didn't see any reason to cancel it. Well.....

Things are quiet here (outside of that, of course)--the show over the weekend was good, and we have another on this Saturday in Glendale, KY. MIL was there this past weekend, and we actually had a good time, and in the whole 4 day, 15+ hours per day we were together, we didn't fight once. Hmmmm... was there any report of h3ll freezing over??? LOL!!!



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hmmm.... a link to Glendale

Here is a link that might be useful: Glendale, KY

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QOD: What's your best personality feature?

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QOD: Sense of humor. I think some aspects of my life would be really hard to take without reaching for my sense of humor.

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QOD: The abilty to talk to people I don't know. I like it; my kids hate it. lol.....

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BJ, that's a great one! I love to dance in stores that play music---drives my nieces and DH crazy! LOL

Maddie, I have an unusual Director. She is very open to wacky, creative ideas. We work in a rather stuffy environment, so when we were given the assignment to present "a day in the life" of someone in our department, we decided to forego the boring PowerPoint slide show (remember Wonder Years' and Ben Stein?!). We thought a tongue-in-cheek play was just the thing. One of the Brits in our group wrote it (he's a big fan of Monty Phyton, so you can just imagine!) The title was turned around to "A Life in the Day of a...." I did all the props, costumes, and playbill. What fun! LOL!!!

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QOD - I think I have to go with sense of humor too. But a close second is common sense and good instincts.

BJ - you are right, you are a very good communicator and my kids also hated it when I would strike up a conversation with someone I didn't know. I was good at embarrassing them LOL.

DeeMarie - I was at K-Mart with DD#2 and broke into a dance and she joined me - so I guess I'm not as embarrassing as I used to be LOL. Thanks for the template - I showed it to my boss and she thought it was very clever. She has already prepared a program, but may use some of your ideas. Thanks, I will hold onto it for next year.

Maddie - No reports of H*ll freezing over here LOL. I am glad that you had an enjoyable day with MIL - you really didn't need anything else negative in your life. Have things settled down a bit at the apartment?

NH Suzanne - I hope you have found your peace and prosperity today LOL.

I have been goofing off a bit today at work, just not in the mood to be here and have no interesting exciting work that needs to be done. I don't want you to think badly of me, I did finish all the work that was important, like sending out checks and writing ads.

Have a great afternoon. I have my art class tonight and am looking forward to it.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

QOD: I have to say my best personality trait is the ability to laugh at myself! My co-worker said she thought it was my direct and straight forward way or my brutal honesty! LOL

BJ, what promted the QOD from you today? It's an interesting question because people often see us differenly from how we see ourselves.

Raeanne, I haven't exactly found properity today but I did get a nice three time contract for a Thoroughbred stallion named Full Dress Blues! So, it's working! Afterwork today I am going to sit and watch for Belted Kingfishers! LOL

Maddie, Hell must have frozen over somewhere for you to have a weekend like that with MIL!!!! LOL Wow that's a record.

Dee, your day in the life sounds fun. We don't do anything even remotely fun throughout the year here! Well, we have a Yankee Swap at Christmas but that's it!

We need to hear from you mia's out there. You KNOW who you are.

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MIA here, reporting as ordered! (ha ha!) Don't have much time... DS is sick and I have a dinner engagement that I may or may not make if he's not better.

QOD:Intuition and the ability to talk to ANYONE!! My Mom was the same way. Used to embarrass me as a kid but now I get the chance to embarrass MY kids!

Maddie, you have been through SO much!! You are in my prayers.

NH Suzanne, I would KILL for a wonderful weekend like yours!

My thoughts are with you all and I promise to check in later. Gotta go clean up barf now... : (


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Hi all!

Great QOD!!! Mine would be my sense of humor (somedays, it's the only thing I have left), and I do have my mom's curse (or blessing) that I can (and usually do) talk to everyone. Drives Rog crazy--partial admiration and partial impatience--oh, well, I think it's a good thing, anyway! :)

Dee--what fun to have a director like that! I'd LOVE to be there and see what the Brit has done--just thinking about it makes me smile! :):) And I dance in the stores, too! A GF and I worked my booth at a show, and there was a DJ set up next to us that was playing wedding reception-type music, so Jenny and I danced for 6 hours--in the booth, while selling jewelry--LOL!!

Things have calmed down at the apt. Some family members came and cleaned it out yesterday, and left the bedroom window open (where the bodies were left for 4 days--yeeee....) I will admit to a morbid curosity that I'd love to go peek in the window, but I think that would be very disrepectful, and so I won't. But, boy! I am tempted! The lady's funeral was today, and I had to go to Indianapolis, so I didn't get to pay my respects--They have formally charged the grandson (that she raised) with 2 counts of murder, and I believe that he is looking at 65 yearts on each count.

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Good Evening Ladies,

I know that I am one of the MIA's. I don't even have an excuse. I have been reading, but not posting.

Maddie, I think I missed your birthday and I am sorry about that so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!!!!! I am also sorry about your job. Something better is out there for you, I just know it. Bummer about the neighbors. My goodness, I can't even imagine how that must feel to have it in your own backyard. Sh*t can just happen anywhere.

Dee the "play" sounds awesome. What a fun group. It is too bad that you will miss it though. Can anybody video it for you??

BJ and Raeanne, loved the pics. It sounds like you had a great visit. So BJ, what is the verdict? Are you moving closer to Raeanne?? Wouldn't that be fun. I wish we all lived closer.

Gretchen, I read "My Sisters Keeper" in 3 days. I could not put it down. Another great Jodi Picoult novel. I must have thought about that book for 2 weeks after I finished it. It was so easy to hate the Mom, but it was also so easy to understand and relate to her. What an incredible story. I would highly recommend it to anyone that has not read it yet. Gretchen, it was a great gift and I will treasure it forever. (((HUGS)))

Tikanis, who barfed??? LOL I hope that you are feeling better and it wasn't you.

Lynn and Patti, how are things recovering in Florida? My BIL's Dad lives in North Ft. Myers and some damage, but he rode through Punta Gorda and said he just could not believe the devastation. I loved that town and that is where I would have moved if we were ever to relocate there. So sad. I am glad that you are both ok.

NH Suzanne, isn't New England just beautiful right now? This is my favorite time of year. Went to the Topsfield Fair this past weekend and so the "World's Largest Pumpkin". I thought of you when I saw the goats. They are just so darn cute, I can see why you love them.

Amy, thinking of you.

QOD: I love to laugh and people tell me that I have a very good one. In fact if you put me, my sister and my Mom in a room, we all laugh the same, nobody could tell us apart. I am also a great listener!

As far as "dieting" goes. Blahhhhhhhhhhhh. That is all I can say about that. I am focusing more on walking and working out. I am hoping that the food part will follow.

Love and hugs to you all,


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Hi all!!

Just another "quickie" post here...

Besh, it was DS "barfing" LOL. He's feeling a little better today. He had a previously scheduled MD appt. for this AM for his yearly physical. He just has a little bug, and all else is fine. (6'1", 134 lbs!! and just turned 16!!) and yes, I DO feed him!!

I had to miss my dinner date with some cooking forum folks as I didn't feel right leaving DS home alone when he felt so AWFUL. On the bright side, I did get a phone call from Wild Child, and that cheered me right up! : )

Gotta go make chicken soup for the "sickie".

Everybody have a great day!

QOD: Anyone have any great weekend plans?


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Guess everyone is busy today!

Thanks for checking in, MIAs! It's great to hear what's going on with everyone!

School, dentist for my molar-popping 6 yr old, and working selling ads for the high school newspaper today.

I'm reading "Feng Shui for Dummies" right now. I'm sure it'll change my life!----lol. I've been keeping it in my truck so I can read it when I have time. It's pretty good stuff, actually. I'm enjoying it.

*****What's the best self-help or life-enlightnening book you've ever read?*****

I think mine are:

Just about anything by Dr. Joy Browne - I happen to enjoy her frank and honest approach to the workings of men.


"Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall?" by Anthony E. Wolf, Ph.D. - this one helped me get head around why teenagers act the way they do!

All for NOW!

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Hi goils!

Tikanas--I wish I was 6'1" and 134--I'd be strutting down a catwalk in NYC somewhere!!! :):) I hope he gets to feeling better! :)

Books---I will say that "The 7 habits of highly effective people" was great--highly recommend! And "Think and grow rich" by Napolean Hill rocks--get the unabridged version--

Plans for the weekend? I'll be doing that show, and then it's off to Lexington (KY) for a huge outdoor flea market on Sun-- can't wait! I get to touture Rog all weekend!! LOL!

Where is Amy and Patti???



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QOD - Simple Abundance - which takes you an entire year to read, because it is a day by day exercise - highly recommend it, also The Four Agreements - which I think should be part of school curriculum, good rules to live by.

Another great question BJ, thanks.

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Good Morning All,

QOD: Simple Abundance was definitely one of the best books that I have read too. It was a gift from my sister. The Road Less Traveled, Co-Dependent No More and 9 Steps to Financial Freedom all rank right up there.

Besh, glad to hear from you. Yes, New England is stunning right now. I love this time of year for all the old fashioned fairs too. I have never been to Topsfield but I have been to many up here in NH. Sadly I haven't been to any this year. Have you ever been to the BigE?

The foliage season has been so spectacular here this year that mere words can't describe it. I take back roads to work and I wind my way around a pond. Yesterday morning the pond was just like glass and the vibrant trees reflected off the water. It was without a doubt one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. I am sure that even with a camera it would not portray the beauty accurately enough. Each turn on my drive is one of stunning beauty and the colors are so rich and vibrant this year and the sky has been so clear and deep, deep blue. Even when it's cloudy it's gorgeous. I wish I could share this with you all. Yesterday was so profoundly beautiful I literally could have wept.

Tikanas, I hope DS is feeling better soon.

BJ, what is inspiring all the QOD's?

I am very happy it's Friday. I have not been feeling well this week and have been literally dragging myself out of bed and have gone to bed by 8pm most this week! The change in daylight has something to do with it but I think there is probably more. Guess it's time for a check up.

Other news, DS has slipped again and is in yet another detox facility to get help! That is probably what's making me so tired come to think of it. It seems that he has been drinking practically constantly since the last time we picked him up and cleaned him off. DH is beside himself and is trying to love with detachement. It's sad but this kid has got to figure this out for himself. At least we won't have to worry about him (so much) for the next 22 days (she said LOL). I feel for DH this kid is literally sucking the life out of him and all I can do is standby and watch. Actually, I can and am as supportive as I can be but it's not as easy as it sounds.

I will check in later. We still need to hear from the rest of you MIA's! You know who you are ............LOL

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Good FRIDAY morning!

QOD - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. It helped while I was reading it, but I've got a short memory when it comes to worrying about everything!

I will be MIA for the next week. DH and I leave for LA tomorrow morning for my Goddaughter's wedding, then it's off to Las Vegas for a few days.

NH Suzanne: I wish you peace and will send prayers your way.

Everyone is hereby ordered to BEHAVE YOURSELF while I'm away. I'm putting Marci in charge because I cannot trust any of you!! LMAO


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DeeMarie - Marci is a good choice, but we haven't heard much from her, so maybe she has been up to no good! Have a fantastic time - that seems to come easy for you LOL. We will miss you.

NH Suzanne - I am so sorry to hear about DS again. I am sure you are in a very tough spot right now and I can't even imagine how badly DH must be taking this - hope he hangs in there. I went to the Big E about 10 years ago, my BIL lived only minutes from it. We have been having those blue skies too and the contrast with the color is just amazing. Glad I enjoyed it while I did, because today it's raining and will continue through the weekend.

BJ - when I first learned about feng shui, a dear friend of mine insisted that I hang wind chimes in certain parts of the house and put a flute on my wall - I was like NO WAY. However, I do put travel magazines and postcards in the travel section, I have some family photos in the family area (along with one of the crystals you gave me), I keep a purple/blue bowl filled with coins in the wealth corner and I have crystals in some corners (but I love crystals). I think as long as there is a good flow to your rooms and you are happy with them - your feng shui is just fine. My master bath is in the "relationship area" YIKES. I put 2 pink candles on the shelf and hoped for the best LOL - so far it has been working LOL.

My plans for the weekend are: tonight a wine tasting and food pairing at an art museum (I will really just taste and only eat the legal foods). I am not calling this a cheat, unless I overdo the wine thing. Tomorrow night out to a favorite restaurant in Saratoga Springs to celebrate a friend's birthday, Sunday morning off to NYC to celebrate DD#2's birthday with a play and dinner. We will head back on Monday morning.

I think I'm up to 15 days of SSing with a little tweaking. BJ - is that right, we started on the same day? After the 2 week mark, I have decided that when I am out with friends I can have red wine, as long as I don't eat funky stuff. I have also been trying to watch my fat intake and I have been exercising most every morning. The red wine may slow down my loss, but at least I feel like I can have some indulgence and not feel totally deprived. Afterall, I have given up bread, pasta and dessert!!!

I also renewed my fitness center membership, this time I included the spa, which may entice me to go workout more, knowing I can soak in the private whirlpool, etc. afterwards.

We are still waiting to hear from a bunch of you. Gretchen are you out there???

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QOD: "Happiness Is A Serious Problem" by Dennis Prager, and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. ( you are right, Maddie, that book is AWESOME.)

NHSuzanne, I am so sorry to hear about DS relapse. Also sorry that you are feeling under the weather. Feel better soon! Get some rest and relaxation this weekend...You are in my prayers.

Dee Marie, I did not know that you were coming to LA too! I live 30 minutes outside of LA! I will send you my phone # and maybe we could at least chat. I would like that!

Raeanne, your weekend plans sound wonderful! Have a wonderful time.

DA is all better and trying to cram as much fun into his weekend as possible! I plan to do a bit of work in the garden and run a lot of errands. I also have some backed up paperwork....

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Stay safe and stay well,


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OOPS! Dee Marie,

There is no email address on your member page. If you see this before you leave, email me and I will send you my #.


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Good SATURDAY morning! I'm off to sculpting class!

Beginning DAY 18 of South Beach diet. I weighed in this morning and I am 1-1/2 lbs lighter than when I started. And still cheat-free!

Back later.....

PS: Blue skies and tail winds for you DeeMarie. Have a great flight!

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Good Saturday Morning Everyone,

I am getting ready to go out for a ride. Today, we are going to go to the Enchanted Forest. I haven't been there all season since it was a little too far for Sweet P in her condition but I think she will be okay today and I will get off and walk in the steep spots. Some of you may recall that the Enchanted Forest is a gorgeous pine forest with the softest, most quiet footing. It's perfect for trotting Sweet Pea.

I have tons of home work to do but I must ride first or I won't do it at all!

I will check in later. Hope everyone has a great day. BJ, enjoy your sculpting glass. What are yo sculpting anyway?

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BJ - I'm so proud of you doing so well on SBD. I thought we were up to Day 15 or something. Now I'm excited about Day 18.

I only sipped a few wines and did fine with the eating, fortunately there were tons of healthy choices. Tonight will be a little harder as a birthday is involved and there will be a lot of temptations. But, I am feeling strong my clothes are fitting better.

This is LONG, but I need some feedback from my peeps here. When I went to the Bette Midler concert, a friend was with us and when Bette came out she jumped up and started to dance. The people behind her began yelling at her. She sat down, but when Bette sang an up-beat song, she jumped up again and started to dance, again the people started to yell at her (never did they ask her nicely). Now they are hitting me and DH to have her sit down. I told them to leave me alone, because she was a grown woman and I wasn't responsible for her. At intermission, I saw a woman go and complain about her to security, so I went over and asked what my friend was entitled to when she purchased her ticket. They said she could do anything except stand on her seat, she was definitely entitled to stand or dance. My friend never returned from intermission, because 5 security guards accosted her and told her they strongly suggested she remain in her seat the rest of the show. She asked them what she had done wrong and they wouldn't answer her. she demanded to see someone in charge - she missed at least 30 minutes of the show. She came back and I could see she had been crying. I get some very mixed answers when I tell the story. Most people think she should've just sat down. My feeling was that other people were up dancing and that the arena handled the situation poorly and made her miss a good portion of the show acting on hearsay. What do you think?

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Hello all,

Raeanne, that is really too bad about your friend and the concert. When I went to see Rod Stewart earlier this year, the people in front of us got up and danced. At first nobody else got up but then you had to in order to see the concert. Once everyone else got up, we all started dancing or at least "jiving" a little bit. Isn't that part of the fun of seeing a live show? My conclusion to all of this is, that when you go to see a performer that has been around for a while, they naturally draw an "older" crowd. I just felt like these people just wanted to sit and enjoy the music, but that is just not possible when you are in that type of atmosphere. When DH and I went to see the Beach Boys last year, it definitely was an older crowd and nobody got up. I mean nobody. I was itching in my chair to stand up and move and groove, (LOL), but didn't because I think I would have been the only one! (I think I may have been one of the youngest there too! LOL) It is so unfortunate that your friend missed the 2nd half of the show, it usually is the best half too. Some people are so closed minded, it is too bad that they couldn't have just go with the flow. You know, when in Rome............. I think she had every right to be upset, especially with the treatment she received from security. There had to have been other people at the concert dancing. Please tell me there were.

NHSuzanne, I am so sorry about DS. I have a friend in a very similar situation and she have finally just given up. It sounds so cruel, but it was cruel for her and her DH to go through what they have been dealing with for the past 10 years. Her marriage almost broke up over it. She is still sad over it, but is able to look beyond it and basically just turn it all off. It has taken her a long time to get to this point, but her life and her marriage are better for it. I am so proud of her. I hope you had a great ride. It is a beautiful day here.

Dee, have a great trip. You are such a world traveler!!!

Raeanne and BJ, I love doing some feng shui. I am not extreme about it like some, but little bits here and there. The biggest is the clutter removal. In fact that is my answer to:

QOD: Clear your clutter with Feng Shui and Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, both by Karen Kingston. They will make you want to clean!

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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I asked Marci to post some pix for me at her gallery of me and Sweet Pea. When you get a minute check them out.

Poor Marci has been stricken with a virus and has been feeling very poorly.

Let's all send out positive thoughts for her speedy recovery.

((((((((HUGS))))))))) Marci, feel better soon and thank you for posting my pix.

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I'm back and will chime in on the concert discussions. :) Of course! lol.

Summer before last, we attended 4 concerts.

That aside, at Kenny Loggins, everyone just pic-nic'd, sitting down and then upon the last song, we all got up and danced through that one and an encore of 3 or 4 songs. We were happy and left with a good feeling.

Then The Eagles, where everyone danced in their seats and everyone got to see. We left that one happy too.

I guess I don't have to say that at Olivia Newton John, no one had to ask, "Have you never been mellow?", because it was a intimate evening of good song and conversation with her. People stayed in their seats.

Then comes Fleetwood Mac- WHOA! - it started out with great music, very tight sound, and everyone dancing in their seats. A couple of gals kind of diagonally in front of us got loopy and started dancing, and the people next to us were visibly upset. They were sitting in their seats and wanted to see the performance. DH and I said nothing, but many people were vocal about it. She finally sat down under protest. The last few songs, eveyone got up and danced and then, so did she, which was fine.

Here's my opinion: Everyone pays their money to see the performers and see the live music happen. I don't want to look at someone's bobbing head or shaking tush, but on the other hand, I'm not going to make a big deal out of it either. Some choose to. I want to see the artists playing. I agree with the 'when in Rome', if EVERYONE or at least a large majority decides to dance, it's okay to dance.

But, if you want to dance at a concert, move to the aisle, move to the upper back row areas or balcony, or trade seats with someone in a section that's groovin'.

Raeanne, truthfully, I think if your girlfriend would have danced in her seat, instead of making a stand, she would have had a good time (maybe not fantastic), she'd have gotten to see the ENTIRE concert, she wouldn't have been hassled, and everyone would have gotten their money's worth and saw what they paid for and came to see- Bette Midler.

But if that's the hill she wanted to choose to die on, then she made her choice. You are so right when you say she's an adult and can make her own choices. Unless your friend was loaded and needed assistance making decisions, I think you did the right thing. She made a choice and she faced the consequences.

I think when we add in the entitlement factor, we face another issue. Yes, she is allowed to do anything except stand in her seat. And when people protest, she is allowed to talk with management. Maybe they told her something that made her cry, but they deal with this all the time, so they may have asked her to be reasonable to the rest of her seating section. The people behind her are entitled (with their purchase of the ticket) to a clear view of the performer and to enjoy the show. Concert security normally lets the seated part of the crowd police itself. Disruptions are ruled by the majority. Concert security decided to intervene in this one--who knows why?, but she *was* causing a stir.

IMHO, she could have sat down, danced in her seat, and she wouldn't have missed anything but a little exercise. Everyone would have gotten their ticket's worth.

I can feel for both sides, really. That whole thing is a series of unfortunate events. Bummer.

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(((((((((((((((HUGS, Marci!)))))))))))))

Feel better SOON!

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Good Morning All,

My ride to the Enchanted Forest was fabulous. It was cool and when I let Sweet Pea trot out she got a bit rambuncious and gave me a couple of bucks! She was chomping at the bit and want to just stretch herself out but I kept her contained. During one stretch of trotting she had an absolute temper tantrum and bucked and shook her head so I had to bring her back in and make her walk the rest of the time :( Fortunately, I stayed in the saddle!!!! My little wild pony! She is four months into her illness and this is the time they start feeling really good again which consequently makes it the most dangerous time for overdoing and actually reversing her progress. It's sad but it's the way it has to be.

During our ride we came upon some friends riding thier horses. That is one of the coolest things for me; Meeting friends in the woods on your horse and visiting. It's even neater when you meet someone you don't know because you already have something in common and your instant friends.

Raeanne, that was an unfortunate experience your friend had and it had to have affected your overall enjoyment of the concert worrying about her. I have to say that when I am in a situation like that I go with the flow. I could not enjoy myself knowing I was annoying others and blocking thier view. If I had to get up and dance I would try moving to the aisle or find an area where it was acceptable to all. Not knowing what took place between security and your friend I have to say that it probably didn't take 5 of them to gang up on her and it was probably inappropriate. Riots have started over things like that so I think it's best to go with the flow in big crowds because you never know when something could start that gets out of control quickly. I hope you enjoyed the concert, too bad you had to be a part of the bad vibes and good for you for telling those people that you weren't responsible for her actions!!

What's everyone up to today? I have work to do in the barn with DH. We have been refinishing some of the wood on the stalls, aisle side. It's really looking nice but it's hard work. We have to get it finished before snow flies!! That may not be too far away.

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