need to get rid of my jelly belly!!!!!!!

kirsty_kSeptember 24, 2007

i am 26 and have a 5 yr old son i gained 2 stone during my pregnancy, i did lose it but sadly gained it again last yr when i had the contraceptive injection i am on a diet just now andhave lost nearly a stone so far and am a size 12 - 14 which is great but my problem is my tummy it still hangs over my jeans and is still very flabby its like a deflated ballon also so are the tops of my legs a little flabby i go walking with the dogs plus try and do a workout dvd 2 or 3 times a week any other tips on toning up?

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For the legs you could try stair climbing, that is very good for legs. For the tummy, well... if you do find something that works I would love to know. I still have that bit of jelly like flab that hangs off my belly, it actually looks better when it firms up if I gain a couple lbs. I have never been able to get rid of it completely (although it was slightly better before I went on birth control pills). I should mention that my "baby" is 17 years old!

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You COULD ask a cosmetic surgeon to suction out the excess and tighten the skin - it's done every day, but will cost some money I suppose (or does your system even pay for that?) and be uncomfortable for a little while when you're 'recovering'.

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The only way to get rid of tummy flab is to loose a lot of weight and even so, sometimes that doesn't even address that stubborn belly fat. I know because I weighed 118lbs and was running 5 miles 3X a week and doing countless crunches and still had tummy flab from my pregnancy in my 20's until I was 40 years old! The only thing that worked was to get lipo-suction and a tummy tuck at 41. It was expensive and it took weeks to recover, however I only wish I had done it years in my late 20's or 30's. I went all those years fighting the bulge and covering my tummy up and believing I could diet and exercise it off. I just wish someone had told me then what I'm telling you now. I do remember vaguely Jane Fonda discussing lipo on a talk show and she did say sometimes it is necessary. Now I continue my fitness regime and my tummy flab is a thing of the past.

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If you have excess skin from a pregnancy no amount of dieting or exercise will take that away. For most of us Moms it's more than just fat, although we may have both. You can "pinch an inch" in your abdomen and quickly find out if you have fat under there or if it's just skin.
Our bodies made extra skin to cover that growing tummy, now it has nowhere to go! I'm too squeamish (and too frugal) to do a tummy tuck. General anesthesia scares me too much.

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Kimba - do you mind telling us what your lipo cost? I have no idea what a tummy tuck goes for. I have lost over 40 pounds and still have 30 to go. I already have loose skin that is just going to stay there, but I don't know if lipo is even remotely affordable for me.

Jane Fonda didn't talk about lipo until she was outed by the tabloid press. She was raking it in off her exercise videos while at the same time having her own fat surgically removed.

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First I want to say, good for you! That is wonderful that you have lost so much. Please share your secrets and experiences.

My lipo/tummy tuck was about $7,000

I'm not one to opt for surgery and in fact, tried for 15+ years to do it with exercise and dieting. This was a last resort but I believe now it was worth every penny. It was very hard though. It is major surgery and you will need support, and help afterwards.

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I lost weight because of a very big stick - diabetes and the fear of all the complications that go with it. I exercise daily and really watch what I eat. I use my glucose monitor several times a day. I don't go to bed if my glucose is over 110. I test at 9 pm and if it am not at my target, I get on my exercise bicycle and pedal until I am.

Besides the cost, I probably won't try lipo because I can't afford the down time from regular exercise. Also, I heal more slowly because of the diabetes. I would sure like to get rid of my excess skin though.

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I used to work in a gym for several years and I have seen many women work so hard to remove the post baby belly. Some momen are blessed not to have this problem and seem to have a flat stomach within weeks of giving birth. But the majority has to make a choice; they can make improvements through exercise & diet or get rid of it with lipo. It has always been amazing to see the changes in confidence in those that chose lipo. Some even go the whole route with tummy tuck. These women all seem so much happier after and also start dressing in the types of clothing they have wanted for years. They also stop complaining of their spouses and seem to enjoy intimacy for the first time in years. ItÂs a personal decision though so IÂm certainly not pushing plastic surgery. Any way, I have to say those draining tubes for tummy tucks make we a bit squeamish when I have been shown. Don't know if I could do that considering I couldnt even look at my C/ section slice from my first "big" headed son.

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If your careful you could drink only Naked juices for 1 month.... It wouldn't be cheap,but you could try it.

No fat, no clestroal,your body would be forced to loose weight, juice is healthy,they even have"Green Machine" so maybe you'd get veggies there.

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after three c sections and one motor vehicle accident which left me not being able to excercise..when I am healthy enough i will go for the partial tummy amount of discomfort or pain can keep me from this..cuz once a person breaks a pain can ever be greater then\
good luck all who opt for excercise has to go somewheres..and i know it wont go back where it came

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