Curves for Women

michie1September 2, 2002

I recently heard abotu Curves for women near me. I thought it was a regular gym for women ony but now I'm wondering by the posts below what makes this place different from other gyms? Also do they have childcare avail? What kind of fees are involved?

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I belonged to a Curves two years ago. It involves circuit training where all the exercise machines are in a circle. You start on one and the taped music with female voice prompts you to move to the next machine. You stay at each machine 35 seconds. You are supposed to get a great work-out in less than 30 minutes.
No child care that I know of, most places are very small.
It was 29 dollars a month when I went.
I had just about no results after 2 months. It is just not strenuous enough. By the time I left there were mostly much older women (I'm 43) going and enjoying the mild work-out.
Why not walk in and watch for a while? You may like it, but I thought it was useless for me.
Hope this helps!

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I have been in curves for over a year and I agree with Gouda.

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