Green Tea

MarionRSeptember 8, 2001

I read that that drinking one cup of green tea can burn 200 calories. Is this true? Also, I enjoy a slice of lime in my green tea but I am wondering if this takes away the good effects of the tea.

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Green tea is a natural diuretic, and helps with fat loss. The only way to burn additional calories is to workout. Adding lime to your tea won't take away the good effects of it.


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Yes, I don't know where you got your information, but remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you could burn 200 calories drinking anything, I think people would be willing to slug down sludge! But from what I read, green tea has many healthful benefits, and it has a refreshing taste as well. I usually brew mine with equal parts of an herbal tea like Orange Mango Zinger, or Country Peach spice and don't need to sweeten it.

A question for someone who knows ~ I have tried finding this information, but so far haven't been successful: In order to get maximum benefits, do you have to brew Green Tea in hot water, or does the "sun-tea" method work just as well?

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For Julie,
The sun tea method of brewing any kind of tea is not safe, for harmful bacteria is produced. It is not even safe to drink tea in restaurants that is not refrigerated. I brew my tea in warm water in the refrigerator. Just add desired number of tea bags to warm water and immediately refrigerate. Drink when tea is desired color.

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I know that green tea has health benefits, and I have heard that there are benefits to drinking black tea too. Has anyone heard anything about white tea? I tried some a while ago and I love it. It has a subtle, sweet taste (no sweetener added) and a lovely floral smell. Has anyone read that white tea offers any benefits similar to green tea? And, does drinking decaf tea diminish the healthful properties of the tea? I have a heart valve problem and I try to avoid caffeine.

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