ablounger - painful cramps - what to do?

mar_ciaAugust 30, 2007

I love my ablounger. BUT, the first time I ever tried it, I got the worst cramp in my front torso area, under my ribs. So, I waited quite a while and then made sure I worked up slowly. I guess I got over zealous tonight - only 25 - and ouch. The worst cramping. I thought I was going to pass out. How do you get that to stop at the time, and how do I make sure it doesnt' happen?

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Called >>>>>working your abdominal muscles! Wait till soreness is gone and then start slow with few reps, then work every other day. Soon you can do it and have NO cramps. Called building muscles.

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Salena, what you said to do is exactly what I did do. I have done lots of situps and other excercises and never had that kind of pain. I haven't gotten back on yet but am doing some other excercises.

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Read the info that came with the ablounger. Sounds like you got overly vigorous, and really stretched something. Don't let that stop you from exercising. Good luck. Salena

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I started out with the DVD exercise routine. I had some soreness, but no cramping.

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Muscle cramping is most commonly associated with an imbalance in calcium, magnesium and potassium levels.
Try taking a Magnessium supplement. This used to work wonders for my sister when she would suffer from cramps.

Also Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. Eating a banana is something that a nurse friend of mine tells everyone to do when they complain about cramps.

Spinich, amoung other leafy green veggies, is a great source of calcium. Stay away from most powdered calcium though, plant source is the most easily used by the body and won't built up on your artery walls. Ground up rocks are what plants are supposed to eat to make calcium we can eat. We're not supposed to eat ground up rocks:)

I'm sure you can find a good magnesium supplement at a local grocery or health food store.

Try researching these different minerals online. You'll learn all kinds of fun new stuff.

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