Thanksgiving in New England

suziekSeptember 21, 2002

Instead of eating at my house this year, we have to drive because my son doesn't have the time off. I live in NE Maine and he lives in Connecticut. we want to meet someplace in NH or MA or CT. I can drive further because I have more time. I've been searching the internet but no luck so far. I thought about Sturbridge, but my son said his friends didn't recommend it. I'd prefer to stay out of Boston or the city and go somewhere not too far west from Rt. 395. Does anyone out there have any ideas? We want to stay over weds and thurs also, but doesn't have to be the same place as dinner, and not too expensive.

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Have you looked at some of the bed and breakfast places in RI? Newport has a lot of them.

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I agree with Susan. There are a lot of great places in RI. Some are listed here:

Here is a link that might be useful: RI info

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Your son's friends didn't recommend Sturbride? My husband and I ate there 3 years ago and STILL REMEMBER WHAT WE ATE! It was a buffet of authentic, traditional and superb choices. All down-home colonial style foods, the way Thanksgiving should be celebrated!

The location, the atmosphere, lots of places to stay nearby, it's perfect.....I'd ask your son to reconsider.

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The Monadnock Region of SW New Hampshire is really lovely. There are many historic inns and lots of people come for Thanksgiving weekends. From here we are only about 2 hours from Hartford. If interested, e-mail me and I will send you some links.

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The Wayside Inn, in Sudbury, Ma.

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Is the Yankee Peddler still in Southampton Mass? or the Williams Inn in Williamstown?
Linda c

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Why not go to Plimouth Plantation.

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