Campfire activities

woodnyAugust 19, 2002

I posted this on the camping forum but thought I would try here as well;

I am in charge of a campout for a group of people of all ages. Does anyone have any ideas for activities we could do the first night around the campfire? We will have about

10 adults

5 teens (ages 12-18)

15 children (ages 5-12)

Any help would be great!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you have space away from the campfire, you can give each kid a glow stick. They can try to play catch with them or get in a group and toss them so they look kind of like fire works. It is fun, if you have the space. And the glow sticks can help in the tent if you want a night light when camping.

You could get someone to lead the group in singing. If you are going to use one or more songbooks, you would probably want a small light for each.

Story telling is good. I wouldn't go with ghost stories since just camping can be scarey to some. Funny stories are good as are stories that relate to constellations you might see if you look up. And be sure to bring a guide to the stars for people who want to do that.

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