Looking for: Fun inexpensive party activities for 3 to 6 years ol

JillisAugust 25, 2002

I am looking for some fun party activities for 3 to 6 years olds at a birthday party. Some kids might be a little older too. I have pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey...I'ld like to be a little more creative...

TIA, Jillis

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Hmmm, do you have any kind of theme? If so you can customize any games to the theme, for example I gave my son a dinosaur birthday party when he turned four. I took a large Easter egg spray painted it with the stone looking paint (so it would look like a dinosaur egg) then we played 'hot dinosaur egg' like hot potato.

It is also fun to play balloons. Blow up one balloon for every two or three kids and tell them not to let any of them hit the floor, kids love that! Also give them a small object and a plastic spoon divide the kids up into two groups, the first kid must race to the other side without dropping the item on the spoon (for a halloween party I used a candy eyeball) if they do they must pick it up and put it back on the spoon, they race back handing the spoon to the next child in line, the team who finishes first wins.

Play simone says---again if you have a theme go with that, mine was 'T-Rex says'. I have a some more games, but I'll have to think on them--my memory is failing me now.

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When my DD was 6 the crack-up of the party was when my DH played "poor kitty". The object of the game is to have someone be the "Kitty" and they have to crawl around the circle of players and behave like a cat. Each one has to pet the "kitty" and say "Poor kitty" with a straight face. If you laugh, you're out. It was very hard to keep a straight face with DH being the "kitty"- I think it was the fact that a Dad was being silly that got to the kids.

There's another game where you have a knife and fork, a hat, a pair of gloves, a bar of chocolate and a die. The kids take turns rolling the die until someone rolls a six. Then that person puts on the hat and gloves and eats the chocolate one piece at a time with the knife and fork while the rest keep rolling the die until the next player rolls a six. Then they get the hat and gloves and the knife and a fork. This is more suited to kids 6 and up as you need the motor skills to eat the chocolate with utensils.

There's the old standby "Pass the Parcel", where you wrap a small prize in several layers of paper and play music while the kids sit in a circle and hand the parcel around. When the music stops, whoever has the parcel unwraps a layer. The game ends when the prize is revealed, which goes to the person who unwrapped it. I used to put a little trinket in each layer, and make sure each kid had a turn unwrapping, so as to make it a little more fun for everyone.

I remember as a child at a party playing a game where each child had a postcard cut into 6 or 8 pieces, like a jigsaw. The winner was the one who got the postcard put together first.

And there's that old favourite, "Musical chairs".

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Thank you both SOOOOOOO much! The party is this Saturday. I have been swamped with business paper work, DH is away on business, and I got very sick this week for the first time in ages...so I really needed some help at this point. All your ideas are great! Now, if you could just come over and help me straighten up the house a wee bit...LOL! :-)
The race is on!
Blessings, Jillis!

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