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nhsuzanneOctober 8, 2007

Good Monday morning all,

It is a raw and rainy day here but I am not complaining because we need the rain so badly.

I had a great weekend and will share more later. I just wanted to get this thread started for now.

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Good MONDAY Suzanne et al

Work started out sad; our administrative assistant lost her hubby to a long battle with cancer yesterday. We have been living with the triumphs and the tragedies, along with her, for the last year and a half. He was a real fighter, willing to try anything, so I hope you will keep "Bob & Peggy" in your thoughts today.

I just saw pictures taken of me at the 1-year-old's birthday party last month, and I'm sick to my stomach. Either need to do something about this weight or refuse permission to take my photo from now on!

QOD: How would you motivate me this week; any suggestions welcome. Exercise is at the top of my list this week. Already walked 1/2 hour this morning and will take the hour toning/cardio class this evening.


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NHSuzanne - Thank you for the helpful sleep hints. I was just telling my co-workers that I needed to learn how to meditate, because I can't clear my head at night. I am slowly working on the breathing techniques, and hopefully it will come naturally soon. I tend to hold my breath whenever I "try" to breathe, if that makes sense.

Maddie - I know you like Bill Bryson. Have you read "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid"? It is hilarious! I remember so much of what he writes about from the 50s, but I think you would enjoy it even if you weren't born in that era. I highly recommend it!

DeeMarie - First of all, so sorry to hear about your co-worker's DH.

Secondly, I didn't want to steal NHSuzanne's thunder last week, but I too have been secretely making changes and slowly losing weight. I stepped on the doctor's scale in July and was shocked at the number I saw. I even asked the nurse if something was wrong with their scale. LOL Then I went home and told myself that I had to get serious and stop kidding myself about all the little things I was eating that were obviously adding up to big pounds. So I slowly made some changes, and the weight has slowly (but surely) been coming off. So far 15 pounds!! I am only 3 pounds from my goal weight, which I haven't seen in a long, long time. I kept telling myself, "You are in your 50s, you are past menopause, I can't go through life not enjoying certain foods, and on and on. My excuses were endless, until that day in July. If I can do, you can too. Here are the changes I made:

I gave up 95% of all sugary things. The 5% that I still eat, are occasional treats.

I too gave up my wine, except for one glass on either Friday or Saturday night. I also dilute it with a little sparkling water to make it go further.

5 days a week, I am eating one meal a day with no starches. Usually either lunch or dinner. On Friday and Saturday, I treat myself, but I don't go overboard. I may eat an extra snack while Hubby and I watch a movie, or when we go out I will get bread with my meal. Little things, but I look forward to those treats and it keeps me going during the week.

5 days a week, I am not eating past 7:30. Again, I don't follow that rule on Friday or Saturday, but I am finding that there are times when I don't even think about late night snacking even on those "free" days.

I have made a concerted effort to make better choices when I am eating out, when I am home alone (I used to make horrible choices because I told myself it was too hard to cook for one), eat more fresh fruit and veggies and make good sensible choices at the grocery store. If it isn't in my house, I can't eat it!

For the first time in a long time, I am going into the holidays with my self-determinatino intact. I bought Cheese Curls to give out on Halloween, because I hate the things. I will take the extra into preschool. I already told DH, sorry, no chocolate this year. If he wants chocolate, he can go buy it and keep it downstairs.

Honestly Dee, I thought I would never see this weight again and I told myself I was Okay with that. But I really wasn't, I just didn't know what to do about it. I feel so good right now, I have tons more energy (when I get a good night's sleep! LOL) and I just bought 6 new pairs of pants because none of my old ones fit! You can do it! When something is tempting you, just tell yourself, "I know what_________ tastes like. It tastes good, but I don't want any." That has become my mantra and it has gotten easier and easier to really mean it when I say it.

Hope this helps in some small way.


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Hello again,

Marci!!! Congrats on your secret weight loss! Good for you girl. Good for you sister! I haven't bought any new clothes yet. I am waiting to get down to a size 10 and I will have a whole new wardrobe already waiting! I know I can do this.

Dee, I am very sorry about your loss. It's tough to see someone fight so hard only to succumb to such a heinous disease.

Dee, it was precisely a picture of myself that prompted me to really get serious about losing weight. And I must say that if the picture you just saw doesn't motivate you -ask DH to take one of you in the buff! That should do it. LOL

Marci has given great advice. I am following WW on line and being accountable for everything I eat via points. I am done making excuses for eating things I shouldn't. Not drinking wine is a big factor and has a kept my weight on.

Exercise is great but nothing will take the weight off except cutting calories and being accountable for portion sizes, etc. The ugly truth is that food makes us fat. UGH

This weekend camping I stuck to my health choices instead of giving into the high fat and delicious fare that everyone was offering. I did indulge in more than my share of wine but I accounted for it and everything else I put into my mouth. I feel empowered by my ability to make these choices!

I have a challenge for all of you struggling with how to get motivated. For the next four days I challenge you to measure out and portion everything you eat. AND let's all find our own personal manta like Marci has I think that will also be empowering.

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Dee (((((HUGS))))) I am so sorry, how sad.

Marci - You are one of the most determined people I know - when you set your mind to something you just do it! Congrats to you.

Giving up wine - I never considered that LOL - I guess I am doomed with my November trip to Napa Valley LOL. Really I never have wine during the week and when I have it on the weekends I have it as part of my "reward meal" (Carb Addicts). My problem is that I haven't been as strict with my rewards meal and have been having more funky stuff than I should and it has caused me to stall and maybe even gain. For the last few weeks I have been doing better. I am stepping up my exercise a notch and trying to eliminate the funky altogether during the weekdays.

I don't take a good picture to begin with so with added weight YIKES.

I am sure that Marci and Suzanne have inspired a lot of us to get back on track - is that good motivation for you Dee?

Suzanne - it is raw and rainy here too. I'm glad that the rain waited until today for you. I wish weight would come off with just exercise - I would be skinny. That is the one thing I do on a regular basis, but it doesn't work without saying good-bye to bad carbs for me. I am up for being accountable.

Should we go back to the star system - I think Jen used to have us do that. We give ourselves a star for legal eating and another star for exercising.

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NHSuzanne~ THANKS for starting the thread!

Donna southnj~ I am ready to be a tourist as when you head to Salem, let me long as it's NOT at Halloween time!!! Seriously, though, I had a fantastic time with Besh (and hubby) whilst I was there a few years ago! The whole east coast trip was great! Now, half the time, I wish we would have found a house there. Raeanne and her DH were SO great about showing us homes. DH & I just weren't on the same page about what we were looking at! But...I want to come back!


Dee: So sad for your admin's DH. It's tough when you ride the roller coaster of cancer. I hope she's doing okay.

Just lost a bunch of akydivers out here today from the school where I learned to jump. Amazing how fast that can happen. One day they're here; next day they're gone.


Marci~ CONGRATS ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS!!!!! You sound like you have a great thing goin'! I have the procrastination problem. I was starting a diet over again every day!

NHSuzanne~ You sound like you have a handle on it too!

DeeMarie: As for the subject of OUR ineffective dieting---LOL!---I know one thing that worked REALLY WELL here, but I don't know if anyone's up for it: Remember when we used to post what we ate AND our weight when we were ALL SS-ing? I think if we are out and out accountable daily for what we are putting in our mouths...AND accountable for posting our weight once a week...that we would be more prone to stay on track.

I just started Carb Addicts after Raeanne told me about it. I fell off this weekend-with the wine, of course-but probably wouldn't have-so badly-if I had to post my menus and weight here! Anyway, if anyone is up for it, I'm game. I started dieting a couple weeks ago when I found my oldest kid's baby book, started reading it, and realized my pregnancy weight with her was 3 pounds higher than I weigh now!!! OUCH!

Make it a good Tuesday!

"Nighty-night!" (Jersey Karen's saying) and "Who cares about the freakin' scale?" she used to shout! Well, we know WE ALL CARE ABOUT THE FREAKIN' SCALE NOW, don't we?


Here is a link that might be useful: Skydivers lost

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Good morning all,

BJ, it's more about the way my clothes fit and what size I am wearing. But that isn't realistic and I must say that FINALLY seeing the scale move down is motivational and inspiring. Being accountable for what goes into my mouth is a huge motivator for me.....even when I fall off the wine wagon!

I fell off the wine wagon while camping this weekend but I still kept to my eating schedule....oh well. I will be working to try to make up for it. I did some simple calculating and a bottle of wine is around 1,180 calories!!! So, if I am having a good time an drink a bottle wine.....well that's almost my entire days worth of calories YIKES.

Dee, I saw a picture last night of me that was taken in May and it's was pretty inspiring to stay on track. I also look at myself in the mirror naked ........I mean really stop and look, turn sideways, etc. If that won't do it nothing will LOL

Raeanne, I agree with you. If all it took was exercise I would not be talking about this right now. It helps but what we put in our mouths is key.

Donna, when is your trip to Salem? Maybe we could hook up with Besh??

Here's a quote by Aristotle that was on the WW online site that might strike a chord with you: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."

Keep practicing your excellence and have a great week.

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Good Morning,

Deemarie, Hugs. I will keep your coworker in my prayers.

On the weightloss issue, I too need a kick in the seat. My weight is at an alltime high. I even got asked Sunday at church if I was expecting again. I was horrified. I just replied, "no, I am fat" of course, the old lady behind the lady who asked me says "well, maybe you should try weight watchers" Talk about feeling devasted. I started weight watchers online August 3rd, but found the points really hard to live with. I guess I need to try again. I am cutting my carbs, only eating when my stomach growls (which is supposed to be a sign that I am hungry), and cutting out sweets. I am with BJ, I need accountability. I would love to post menus again.

Well, gotta run, boss is coming. Have a great day.


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Jen, how awfully cruel and rude for anyone to say - never mind someone sitting in church! On the positive note - maybe that's what you need to get you motivated. I keep reading that the most successful dieters eat frequent smaller meals (snacks) to keep your metabolism going and prevent your insulin from spiking. Remember that with WW points, you have 35 extras for the week. It's not that bad but you have to make better choices! Also in regard to hunger read on:

Sometimes we eat to satisfy hunger, and sometimes we eat to satisfy our appetites. Understanding the difference can help you lose weight.

Hunger is a physical need to eat. Its what you feel when you havenÂt eaten for at least 3 or 4 hours and your stomach starts speaking to you.

Your appetite is a psychological desire to eat. ItÂs whatÂs at work when youÂre not really hungry, but you still want to eat because youÂre bored or lonely or angry about something, or just because the food is there. You look around the kitchen and a bag of Oreos starts speaking to you.

The hunger scale is a nutritionistÂs tool that can help you learn how to eat only when youÂre actually hungry and stop as soon as you start to feel full. HereÂs how it works: When you want to eat, first figure out where you are on a scale of one to ten, with one being ravenously hungry and ten being painfully overstuffed.

  1. Insatiably hungry
  2. Seriously hungry
  3. Stomach growling hungry
  4. Slightly hungry
  5. No longer hungry but not yet satisfied
  6. Comfortably satisfied
  7. Starting to feel full
  8. Feeling quite full
  9. Starting to get a stomach ache from so much food
  10. In actual pain from overeating

If you score 4 or more, have a drink of water (or diet soda) and come back when youÂre hungrier. The goal is stay between 3 and 7 on the hunger scale. Never let yourself get to 1, where youÂre ravenously hungry, or to the other extreme, where you stuff yourself to the point of pain. Using this tool, youÂll learn to recognize true hunger and allow your body to start self-regulating again so that youÂll begin to eat normally without having to make a conscious effort to do so.

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You guys are awesome! Knew I could come here for help. On the 18th, we are starting a program in the office with a cardio/nutritionist who will also be an individual coach, since there are only 8 of us in class. She has already sent me a form to fill out so that we can work with the fitness instructor on my exercise plan. This company provides every tool I need to make this work. Now I need DH to grab the chips and sweets out of my hands at night while watching TV in our family room. I've suggested that we watch TV in the master suite after 8pm so that we are 3 floors away from food! That should help me.

Got some other ideas, but also plan to count WW points of what I eat for a week and see what they total. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

My friend keeps "hinting" at the stomach band which her husband had done. DH is not keen on me having surgery and I'm not sure it's a healthy choice for me.

Gosh, I originally lost 38 lbs on SSing and felt great. So incredibly hard to stick to that in the real world. (BJ, remember when we use to order cole slaw and salad and then have to pick out bits of carrots because they were "funky"? LOL)

For now I will keep on keeping on.

Thanks again for all the support and suggestions. You guys are the best!


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I am up for posting menus and weight loss again. Of course with everyone on a different WOE the menus will be very interesting. Please don't judge me on my breakfast choices - I almost always eat some of the meat/protein I had from the night before - so I can go workout.

Jen - that was mean and extremely rude and very christian of them LOL. I agree that sometimes it takes those cruel things to motivate us.

Suzanne - you sound like a WW coach LOL - thanks for all the good info. How is DH doing?

Dee - I know you work really hard, but what an awesome enviornment they make for you.

BJ - I think we should all do a trip to go visit Besh.

DH is very slim and loves to have chips and sweets in the house. For quite a while I have been stocking the pantry with treats for him, but I make sure they are treats I don't care for, so I am not tempted.

Right now I'm at a #3, so I better go get a glass of water.

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I'll start off the menu posting.

B SF Cappuccino, Cinnamon Shredded Wheat, skim milk and OJ
L Panera Fuji Apple Salad, water with lemon (Low Carb Meal)
S 100 Calorie Sun Chips, water
D Pork Tenderloin, Rice Pilaf, sliced tomatoes, water
S 1 SF hard candy



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I'll be next...

B - Slice of roast beef
L - 1/2 cup of chicken salad
D - lobster/mushroom soup, artichoke hearts/shrimp, caesar salad, pork loin, chicken breast, mixed vegies of broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini.
I know dinner sounds like too much food, but it was very very small amounts.

We had a members dinner at the resort where I work out and they offer a buffet with endless legal choices.

Worked out for an hour with my trainer.

Not enough water.

I stopped weighing myself even though my woe wants you to do it daily. I will post weight the next time I do weigh in.

my goal weight is 135

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Hi Guys!

O-M-G!!! I simply cannot bear to post what I ate yesterday...too many fritos and macadamia nuts involved. I'll start posting my menus tomorrow.

I really think this posting thing will scare me into being good. lol.

Weight this morning: 171.4
Goal: 10% to start; leaves me at a goal of 154.5 (for now)
(I'm gonna have to do the baby step thing to my goal; 10% at a time.)

I'm off to the doc to get my final physical after my surgery. Then to make an appointment with my flight surgeon to have the FAA clear me so I can *FLY* again!

Make this day a good one!

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Good Morning,

BJ, I am right there with you at 168.4! I NEVER thought I would see that number again.

My menu for yesterday was:

B: Decaf/sugar free french vanilla coffee
L: Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce and no bun
S: lays potato chips and french onion dip. (just a few to finish them up so they are out of my hair!)
D: Spaghetti squash with butter and a small serving of regular spaghetti and sauce with 2 tsp. ground flax seed.

Hopeully today I can leave the junk alone.

I think that comment was what I needed to get back into the swing of things. I think we will be going to Maui in January, so that makes me want to lose more too.

Deemarie, You are so lucky to have a workplace that offers those kind of benefits. I think of you every morning when I am using that perfume. Thanks again.

Gotta run, Have a great day everyone.


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Well, I've looked all day for my food journal that I started yesterday, but no dice. I'll recreate it here. My eating and snacks are based on a nutritionist's advice.

6am -- 30 minutes of brisk walking
7am -- whole grain toast w/ smart balance
10am -- ff yogurt w/ 1/4 cup all bran
1pm -- 3 oz ff ham, ff smart balance mayo, lettuce on whole grain; 1 cup carrots
4pm -- ff yogurt, 1 banana
7pm -- 2 cups beef/broccoli (gave most of my beef to DH and took his broccoli) 1 cup brown rice
9pm -- 7 strawberries, 1 string cheese

60 oz decaf tea; 20 oz water

This looks like a lot of food, but I'm advised to eat every 3 hours. My weight goes no where when I starve myself, so I'm trying this. For giggles, I worked out WW points, and they were within my limit.

I'm way too sensitive to list my weight here, but if I lose substantially, I'll tell you all where I started!

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Hi Girls,

I don't think I will be posting my menus because that is the reason I have been having some success with the WW CORE plan. You don't have to write anything down or weigh anything. You just eat from a list of foods and stop when you are full. It has been working for me and I don't want to jinx it. As far as posting my weight online, Oh no no no no. Can't do it!

I have started walking with my WW buddy/coworker. We have a set time 2x a week to start and will increase with time. It felt so good to do it the other day and will walk again tomorrow. She is happy about it too.

Not much else new.


Love, Besh

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Besh - I know exactly where you are coming from. I didn't weigh myself once since that day in July at the doctor's office, until 2 weeks ago, when I realized my clothes were fitting significantly looser. All that time, I was just quietly and determinedly making small changes. Well, now that I have weighed and announced my weight loss, I am nervous about it! I didn't even have any idea if my plan was working before. I was just merrily going along, losing steadily (unbeknownst to me), but not really giving it much thought. Nothing had worked for so long, that I guess I wasn't holding out much hope, so I never thought of getting on the scale. (I hate that thing anyway!)
But I had a dream last night that I woke up and found out it was a joke and the scale was back to my starting weight! I guess I should say it was a nightmare! LOL

So............I am posting, but I am trying not to obsess about it. For the most part, I am not weighing and measuring my food, just eyeballing and using a smaller plate or bowl. If I find I am obsessing too much, I will quietly fade into the background and try not to think about it again.


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B SF Cappuccino, 4 oz. light vanilla yogurt, ½ C blueberries, ½ C Kashi Go-Lean Crunch, sliced almonds
L String Cheese, SB 100 calorie whole wheat crackers, apple, water
S watermelon
D Pork Tenderloin, zucchini with Parmesan cheese, sliced tomatoes, water (Low Carb Meal)

Update on our troubled student: We think the Mom has pulled her out. Our speech therapist, who works for the Intermediate Unit, received a request to evaluate the child in question. She told them that she had already received a request from our school to evaluate her. The IU told her that the child is no longer enrolled in our school. That was news to us, as no one has called us. But the bottom line is that the mother is following through with the psychologist's suggestions and seeking early intervention. That is all we really wanted. But we thought the psychologist was going to suggest that the child continue with us AND start early intervention. Truthfully, I think that would have been too much. She is scheduled to come today (she didn't show up on Tuesday when we had a trip to the Fire Dept.), so I am curious as to when the mother is going to inform us of her decision. I do have to say that when the psychologist was there (last Thursday), the little girl's behavior was the worst I have EVER seen. The psychologist was flustered and she had only been there an hour. So if she relayed her observations to the mother, I can see why the mother would feel uncomfortable about continuing her in our program. It was clear that she didn't belong there. On a good note, the psychologist said that she wouldn't have changed anything about our program or the way that we were handling the child. So we felt good about that. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that this little girl gets the help she needs!

Have a good day (I am hoping I do!),

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Hi Guys!

Well, I have a clean bill of health, doc said yesterday, so I figure that's a good starting point to this diet accountability thing! I'm doing the lowered carbs route.

Brekky: breve at the docs office

Lunch: ½ c. tabasco baked chicken and ½ c cottage cheese

Snack: pepperoni crisps, microwaved on ppr towels until crispy

Iced tea, tea, and more tea w/ splenda.

Snack:1/4 c macadamia nuts--finished the bottle, so thank gawd I dont have to worry about them calling to me any more! Spent the rest of the day chanting, "I will not buy macadamia nuts, I will not buy macadamia nuts, I will not"

Dinner: 1 serving hamburger steak w/ roasted veggies (yellow squash, zucchini, white onion, and a majority of green beans)

Andamazingly enough, I stopped eating for the night and just drank decaf tea w/ splenda. Usually, after the kids go to bed, I watch HGTV Designed to Sell on TiVo and EAT, EAT, EAT! I want to get my house sold by June, so I'm hooked on this show now.

Marci: Thanks for starting out our menu reveal thread. And I'm hoping the little punkinhead girl gets the support she needs. I learned about a lot about behavioral problems in the foster care classes I've been taking. All I can say is, the teachers must have an instant ticket to heaven!

BTW, our foster application is in the pipe and my first home study is the 1st week of November. They say we might have a child by the holidays. Fingers crossed.

It's great that so many are checking in and getting with the program!

Besh: I seriously need to get my bod moving. You're lucky to have an exercise buddy!

Dee: Your workplace sounds very hip! I hope the employees there take advantage of the fitness and diet support offerings!

I go to the gym a couple times a week and walk with a friend, but it's not much of a work out. We walk for 1/2 hour and, although it's great conversation, I don't feel like I'm doing much toward improving my fitness score! I was thinking of strapping on my walkman and after walking my DD to school, just continuing from there for an hour or so.

Jen: That trip to Hawaii is a great incentive. We're headed to Managua, etc in February and I need to be in shape! It comes up on the calendar fast! Glad you're posting again!

Have a great day---and the rest of you...CHECK IN!

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Good Morning,

Yesterday's menu:

B: 7 Triscuits
L: Spaghetti squash with diced tomatoes and 2 tsp ground flax seed and 2 tsp. olive oil
D: 4 devilled eggs
S: sf decaf french vanilla coffee

It does help me to post my menus. This way, I have to be accountable.

Marci, I wish you were Tara's preschool teacher. Her teacher's are having a problem with her cooperating. She just wants to stand and watch everyone. She wont talk to them. It's frustrating all the way around. The poor kid is so shy. I feel for her, but I have no idea how to help her.

BJ, maybe we will both be down by our trips. Keeping fingers crossed. That's going to be a lot of hard work for me. I am trying to do a combination of no sugar/high protein/weight watchers/weigh down. Hopefully this is something I can part way live with.

NHSuzanne, Can you send me your addy? I thought I had it, but can't find it.

Well, we are finally in our new offices. It's so nice to have my own office. LOVE it!

Better run. Have a great day.


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Jen: Tara will probably make a great supervisor one day! Seriously, the kids will likely eventually invite her in and she'll get into her comfort zone and play! Observing is the best way to figure out how to fit in---Tara's smart!

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Good Morning! I just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone. You all are so focused that it is inspiring me to keep my focus. I have been craving a typical Chicago hot dog and fresh cut fries and reading your healthy choices has kept me away from a bad bad choice.

This is my company's busiest time of the year. I have very little down time due to clients and conferences along with Trade Show kickers! Ugh...I would like to join in the posting of meals but I cannot be a regular poster right now. I get in here once a week maybe.

My whole family ( 2 DS, 1DDIL, DD) will all be in town next week and I have a Trade show about 50% of the time. No mom's home cooking for them

Hi to all! Keep up the good work.


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Jen - I'm with BJ and I believe the teacher should allow Tara time to feel comfortable in her new environment. I am a firm believer in never saying that a child is "shy" in front of him/her. Just tell people that she needs time to warm up. You don't want to reinforce her feeling by labeling it with the word "shy". Does she normally take a long time to warm up to strangers? If so, then this may be just who she is. Can you arrange a playdate at your house with another student? My own daughter was extremely shy and grew into a very confident independent woman and deals effectively with the public on a daily basis.

B - piece of roast beef - I warned you my breakfasts are weird
L - small amount of chicken salad
D - Salad with chicken
worked out with denise austin
Not enough water again

BJ - WTG with your check-up!

Marci - It was great of you to get the ball rolling for that girl - I hope all works out with her.

Gret - put that hot dog down! Enjoy your family and the trade show.

Enjoy your day!

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OK guys, most of you don't look like you are eating enough to keep a bird alive!

Yesterday for me:
B: WW toast w/ wedge of Laughing Cow
S: 6oz ff yogurt
L: 3oz turkey w/ lettuce on WW; 1 cup carrots
S: banana; string cheese
D: 1/2 beef-stuffed red pepper, brown rice, green salad w/ 2 tb creamy Italian dressing
S: Klondike (believe me, it was mindless. DH handed it to me while I was on the phone and I thought it was my Skinny Cow!) That mistake costs me 6 WW points!

Well, we are off in about an hour to attend the wake of our assistant's husband. Sad day here; I plan to go back tonight with DH (he met him several times at gatherings) and tomorrow I have off, but will go to the funeral Mass.

So far staying on track today despite many obstacles around this office....Cadbury chocs from the UK!! YIKES!

Make today count!

PS: Were are Lynn, Donna, and Patti?

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Good morning all,

You'd think it was New Years day with all the great motivation around here! LOL Congrats to all you losers for putting your best foot forward.

Marci, sounds like this child is going to get the help she needs. You can feel good about no one finding issues with your program too. I think it's good to not obsess about losing does no good at all. I only weigh myself once a week. That's it and it's enough for me.

I notice alot of you using splenda. Has anyone used Somersweet? It's all natural and very good. It's similar to stevia but better. None of those chemical sweetneres are good for you really so anything natural is better.

I too hope I didn't jinx myself by "coming out" about my weight loss!! I did lose a pound this week making it a 21lb loss. I am sure that it's going to get harder now that I am 2/3's of the way to my goal.

I will not be posting my menus either. I barely have the time to post here never mind posting menus too. I do post at WW online and keep myself accountable that way.

I have a couple of good pix from my weekend that I will post later.

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Jen I sent you an email via this forum. Please let me know that you received it when you can.

    Bookmark   October 11, 2007 at 1:45PM
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Jen - I sent you an email too!

    Bookmark   October 11, 2007 at 4:16PM
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B Cinnamon Shredded Wheat, small banana, skim milk, SF cappuccino
L Lettuce with tomatoes, carrots, sweet red pepper and pork strips, 2 T Light Raspberry Vinaigrette, decaf black coffee (Low Carb Meal)
S watermelon, 5 whole-wheat pretzels
D Chili Con Carne, 1 T. shredded cheddar, 1 slice whole-wheat bread, water

Good morning! Hope every goes into the weekend feeling good and ready to say NO!!!!!


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Good Morning Guys!

B: Breve & peels from 3 red delicious apple (we have an apple peeler/corer & the kids leave me the peels in the morningnice, eh?)

L: Restaurant: fish & no dressing coleslaw salad, & about 5 tortilla crisps & sour cream (mindless eating while talking), raspberry iced tea (realized afterward that the restaurant probably used syrup to flavor it---ARG!) Note to self: Avoid eating out...!

S: Salad bowl-sized bowl of roasted sweet potatoes, onions, zucchini, and mushroom mixture w/ some butter, iced tea/splenda

D: 6 skinless chicken winglets and ½ c cottage cheese, hot tea/splenda

S: 2 whole rye crisp bread w/a smidge of buttahhhh

What's on tap for the weekend?
Anybody pumpkin hunting yet?

My in-laws are coming at the end of the month. They are clean crazy, so I have to start DEEP cleaning today. DD#2's Homecoming is this weekend, so I will be selling school spirit stuff at the game tonight: pompoms and seat cushions, etc. I get volunteer time points for that. DD#2 is coming home from college for the weekend--I love it! Then a swim meet on Sunday for DD#3. Going to try and pack legal snacks and lots of celery to stay on track!

NHSuzanne~ I had forgotten about Somersweet! Thanks for the reminder! I gotta order some!

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B - slice of roast beef
L - huge bowl of vegie soup
D - salad, steak, artichoke
worked out with the trainer
not enough water again

I was on the go all day yesterday, so it is easier not to eat as much. When I am home and idle that is where I run into trouble.

Marci - thanks for getting this menu posting going - I think it helps me.

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...I meant to say DD#1 is coming home from college for the weekend...

DeeMarie: I loved your comment about eating like birds...this "bird" is NOT eating like a bird! Ha!

Raeanne: WATER? What is this thing called "water"?

Patti, Maddie, John, Amy, Trekaren, KYSusie, and all the rest...let us hear from you.

PS: Ordered some Somersweet; it's actually on special right now.

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Good Morning,

I haven't received any emails as of this morning. We switched computers over last week to the new ones and we are still trying to get used to them and get all our old stuff off the old ones.

Menu for 10/11
b: Coffee with milk
L: spaghetti squash w/diced tomatos and flax seeds and one boca burger
S: Granny smith apple with peanut butter
D: Chicken breast and 2 fruit kabobs

Please don't yell at me, I just didn't have much of an appetite.

Deemarie, I am thinking of you and your coworker & her family today. (((HUGS)))

Have a great day.

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Happy Friday all! This is where I was last weekend. In my town of Hancock, NH. Isn't it beautiful? Will post before the day is out.

This is where I was last weekend. Isn't it beautiful?

This guy was enjoying the view too!

It's just too beautiful here.

Wish I could really share this with you all!

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Hello again,

It's quiet here which hopefully means you are all starting your weekend early!

The trouble with posting the menus is that now no one will have much time to share after they are done doing the menu!

DH has a clean bill of health. Now has to get his meds squared away and a written okay from the Dr. to go back to work. He's starting to get stir crazy so this is all fabulous news. Now, he doesn't see the need to make any lifestyle changes!

QOD:If it ever stops raining I will be riding my horse and trying to get my house back in order from being away last weekend. Also get my trailer ready for my next trip. No other plans.

BJ, I have been buying pumpkins for my hens. They love them and they are really good for them.

Jen, coffee is not considered a meal! Let alone breakfast! LOL

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NHSuzanne~ I beg your pardon. I think you need to come to Seattle: Coffee is considered a meal here! LOL! Women in the Northwest have no problem getting all their servings of calcium since they drink breves and lattes about 2 or 3 times a day!

I post my menus on Word on my desktop and just cut & paste them in when I log on! Easy peasey!

Can you tell my kids have a day off school today? Every time I pass the computer in the kitchen, I log on! I'm really getting a lot done today! ha.

With regard to men and their health, your DH sounds like my DH. We have exactly 5 full bottles of Lipitor on his bathroom counter. Each time he goes to the doc, he picks up a new prescription, takes them for a couple of days, then says he's going to exercise to keep his cholesterol down-not take pills. Do you think he exercises? No. The road to hell is paved with good intentions! And I should know...!

Love the pics! Absolutely out of this world!

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NHSuzanne - Those pics are beautiful. I will post them in the album. I too use Word for my menus and just C&P them into the forums. I don't usually have time to post anything in the morning, so just posting the menu and saying Hi is more than I usually get to do. LOL I really do like seeing everyone checking in, even if it is to just post a menu.

Jen - I thought your menu today was better than yesterday's. I was going to start worrying that you were starving yourself and we don't want that! I will re-email you when I get the chance.

BJ - I used to love it when my kids came home from college. I also loved it when they went back to college! I just finished listening to Nora Ephron read her last book, I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman, and she had a chapter in there about college kids and the empty nest syndrome. It was hilarious!!

DeeMarie - Hope the service today was a fitting tribute to your Admin. Asst.'s DH. I'm sure it was sad.

And I have to agree with BJ - Sometimes coffee can be a meal and I am not even from Seattle! LOL

QOD - Cleaning, shopping, errands, cooking for my Stitch 'N B*tch club which I am hosting on Tuesday, and switching out my summer clothes for my fall wardrobe. Maybe a trip to a local Christmas in the Woods craft festival if I find some extra time.

Have a great weekend and make healthy choices!!!!!!!!

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Hi There!

Here goes for Thursday:
B: pumpernickle toast w/ tsp peanut butter
S: ff vanilla yogurt
L: leftover stuffed pepper; celery
S: apple; pretzels
D: large green salad w/ balsamic and evoo, large bowl homemade lentil veggie soup (one of my best!)
S: 110 cal cereal bar

QOD: Off right now to MIL for dinner. Tomorrow sis comes with her hubby. We will be taking care of some family stuff tomorrow night after dinner with the 2 challenged siblings. THen on Sunday it's off to JETS/EAGLES game. They are from Eagles country so our fellow seasons' ticket holders may not appreciate our guests! Anywho,planning a fun tailgate party for the 4 of us with junk for the guys and healthful snacks for us gals.

Dee (who does not consider coffee a meal!) haha

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BJ - I meant to ask how DD's foot was? Enjoy your time with DD#1. Company is what motivates me to deep clean.

Suzanne - those are beautiful photos and SP seems to be enjoying the view as much as you. DD#1 may start doing equine photography as a hobby - that hopefully turns into money. Her riding instructor has been trying to talk her into it. I'm glad DH got a clean bill of health. Men are stubborn and why should your's be any different than mine LOL?

Marci - I made a pot of sauce Thursday for DD#2. I was put it all into containers to freeze and when I picked one up and the bottom fell out, sauce everywhere - thankfully mostly on my counter and not the tile grout of the floor - I would still be scrubbing. I can't make sauce without thinking of you. I hope you find time to go the Christmas fair.

Dee - you better wear protective gear for the game with your friends LOL.

QOD - Picked up DD#2 at the train station last night and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at 10:30. Today I am leaving work early to go with her to get her hair clipped and donated to Locks of Love and then we are going on a brrrrr boat ride - it is a beautiful sunny blue sky day but only 32 degrees right now, tomorrow we are going apple picking and then drive her back to NYC to take her to dinner for her birthday.

B - Vegie soup
L - a lot of Tuna Salad on greens
D - Lobster and crab salad on greens
worked out with the trainer and I'm sore today to prove it.
still not enough water

Enjoy your day and weekend.

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B - ½ of a 2 Egg Omelet with Canadian bacon, chives & sweet red pepper, OJ & SF cappuccino (Low Carb Meal)
L Lettuce with tomatoes, broccoli, red pepper and pork strips, 2 T. Light Raspberry Vinaigrette, decaf black coffee (Low Carb Meal)
S Small apple with 1 T. all natural peanut butter
D Tilapia, Roasted Red New Potatoes, Broccoli with Parmesan cheese, water
S 100 calorie Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips

Raeanne - I convinced DH that he didn't need any spaghetti this week, so I could put off making sauce until next weekend. When I make my big bathces of sauce for the freezer (10-11 qts.), I carry them downstairs in a laundry basket. I always envision myself tripping on the way down the stairs and sauce going everywhere! Thankfully this hasn't happened yet, and thankfully your mess wasn't too bad. Enjoy your weekend with DD, it sounds like fun!

I did one load of laundry this morning and then ran errands before the Sat. traffic got too bad. Now I am off to clean, cook and do more laundry. I will probably hold off on the Christmas fair until next weekend.


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Hello everyone!

Raeanne, I have never dropped the sauce but my sis and I dropped a beautiful (unbaked) pumpkin pie all over my mom's stove and kitchen floor about 2 hours before company was due. What a mess!

Marci, you are sounding better this week, and I'm so happy about that! :0)

QOD: Did anyone buy Halloween candy yet? I bought the Hershey stuff that I don't like (Kit Kat, Reese's, etc) and another big bag of the stuff I do like (gulp!) Dots, Jr.Mints, Milk Duds. I have not opened them yet and told DH to leave them hidden until the 31st.

B cereal bar (had to dash to the funeral)
S string cheese, apple
L leftover lentil soup, small salad with oil/vinegar
S oysters crackers, string cheese, carrots
D (dont' ask) MIL's home full of Hungarian food (I swear that woman has never heard of green food!!! potatoes, noodles, meat...sheesh!

Today is better, honestly!

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Good Morning

Marci - you cracked me up. I put my sauce in a big roasting pan to carry to the basement and I have that same fear. I couldn't even imagine cleaning that mess. I would have to sit down and have a long cry first.

Dee - 2 Thanksgivings ago, when I had a houseful of in-laws. I dropped the cheesey broccoli casserole fresh out of the oven, glass and cheese everyplace you could imagine. Of course it's everyones favorite dish too. That's the same year I put nuts in the stuffing and nearly killed my husbands nephew who has an allergy.

We ended up going apple picking yesterday and had a lot of fun, but I didn't make wise eating choices. I also made a cheesecake for DD's birthday - so you get the picture.

B - nothing
L - tuna
S - tastings of wine the apple orchard is producing (none worth the cheat), apples, apple cider donut
D - Salad, chicken, more than a taste of cheesecake
no exercise, not enough water

Today is a new day, the cheesecake will be heading to NYC and I will be back in control LOL.

We will be heading down to NYC this afternoon for a lobster dinner - I can hardly wait. I guess I will have to get a huge one, so I am not tempted by the funky stuff LOL.

Enjoy your day.

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Happy Sunday..

I have missed so much this week, I see everyone posting menus. No problem, it will keep me honest.

This week got away from me between lots of command performances at work with new tower opening and strep throat. Way too much first day on the computer all week.

Will read and catch up and post my menus starting tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday :-)

    Bookmark   October 14, 2007 at 9:33AM
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Raeanne - You are so right about having to sit down and have a good cry if that sauce fell!! Now I think I will be even MORE cautious carrying it downstairs! LOL
Don't beat yourself up about the cheesecake. We have to allow ourselves treats. The trick is to take small amounts and stop when you are satisfied. I am finding that the longer I stay away from sweets, the easier it is to take only a small bite or two. The fear that I will become addicted again is too great! And the fear that my new pants won't fit is even greater! LOL

Speaking of sweets, I am testing my willpower today and making pumpkin bread for a bake sale. I just put 6 mini loaves in the oven (and didn't lick the beaters or my fingers) and plan on giving 5 away and keeping one for DH and I. I will have my share for breakfast and when it is gone, there won't be anything else to tempt me. This is what I have been doing since July and it has been working so far. Then I am making a banana cake for my sewing club and I plan on having a small piece Tuesday night and giving away what ever is left. The ladies can each take a piece home, I will take some into work for the secretary and my cohorts, and DH could take some to work if there is any left after that. I still don't trust myself to have the leftovers sitting around for a week while I wait for DH to eat them.

Laundry calls! I washed a Kleenex this morning in with a dark load and you know what that means. 1000s of little white flecks all over the place. I put the load in the dryer, but it didn't get rid of all the flecks, so I am running the load through the rinse cycle. Sheesh! Like I don't have enough to do. And I can't even blame the Kleenex on DD since she doesn't live here anymore! LOL


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Good evening everyone!!!!

DH and I are back in FL from our nice long trip to California. We had a great time. We enjoyed Tahoe. Pretty. Lost at the casino which was sad, but I cannot always win.

Raeanne - Next month you are going to wine country??? Where abouts? DH and I were lucky enough to get a free ambassador tour/tasting of Domain Chandon winery. One of our hosts works there and she set it up for us. My first tour of a winery ever and I loved it. So we drove through napa, st. Helena, Yountville, Calistoga and up to one of the casinos in gyeserville....just loved it and I am sure you will too!

Suzanne - pics are awesome as usual. I could only see the first and second so I am going to look on the pic trail after Marci posts them.

DeeMarie - ((hugs)) to you and your co-worker.....

Marci - I am guilty of the Kleenex thing several would think I'd check especially when I have the sniffles, but no. I swear a bit when it happens.. LOL!

Posting the menus.....may be hard for me cause.....I cheat.
I cannot stick to something for more than a few days....I will be walking again soon once the humidity goes down. Should be any time now. DH and I were up to over two miles a day, I am hoping to pump it up to three a day.

BJ - good to see you posting are still the most active/busy person I know.

A big shout out "Howdy do" to all.

Take care...Lynn

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Lynn - I am glad you enjoyed your visit. Did you visit other wineries? If so, is there one that we MUST go to. We have a gift certificate for Auberge du Soliel, so we have a reservation for lunch. We are staying in St. Helena the first night and Yountville the next, the following day we are going to San Francisco. I know a lot of the better wineries you need to make reservation at, but we don't do well on a tight schedule. We have a pretty loose list of places we want to go with reservations at only one winery for a tour and tasting.

Marci - you are so right about not beating yourself up after a cheat. I can be so good about that and then somehow I slip back into that old pattern of guilt.

Donna - good to hear from you.

Dee - sorry to hear about our Jets. I saw a lot of sad looking fans in NYC yesterday.

B - nothing
L - Artichoke
D - Reward Meal - salad, 2lb lobster, string beans, sangria (that was my reward and I enjoyed every drop)
no workout - not even a fast pace walk in NYC - we actually got parking spots yesterday LOL.
Definitely not enough water on purpose - we were in the car for about 7 hours yesterday.

Enjoy your day.

PS - Patti are you out there?

    Bookmark   October 15, 2007 at 10:18AM
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