Estimating food quantities for cookout

happytobehomeAugust 12, 2008

I am having a backyard cookout for approx. 50 people on Friday. I'm serving hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs and a large platter of fruit. My question is how many hamburgers and hot dogs will I need, and also how many pounds of potato salad?

I have never had a party this large before, so I would really appreciate any advice regarding food quantity. I don't want to run out, but I also don't want to have a ton of leftovers.

Thanks in advance!

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My rule of thumb for potato salad is 5 pounds of potatoes and a dozen eggs made into salad will serve I would 10 pounds of potato salad ( provided those 50 are all adults)
Hamburgers, you will need 50... 17 pounds of meat ought to do it....and you will need 50 hotdogs. You can get away with 6 packages of hot dog buns and 6 packages of hamburger buns....provided there are 8 in a package.
Baked beans.... figure a max of 3 servings per you will need a gallon of beans...maybe a little more.
5 dozen eggs and figure about 3 people per cup of fruit.
You will have food left over...but....better that than running out.
Linda c

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You won't be cooking all the meat at once anyway, right? So you can freeze what you don't cook.

Figure on some leftovers of the other foods, though -- you don't want to run out. I love to eat leftovers, but if you don't, see if there is a local shelter that will take them.

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Cooking for 50 people is a lot of grillingand unless you have one heck of a grill, will take more space than you can cook on at once. If I were you I'd grill them before hand and keep them warm in the oven. Take them out and put on a platter to serve. Saves you from cooking them for an hour while guest are there.

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But....people won't all eat at the same time. And it's part of the fun to have people standing around the grill waiting for their meat to be done.
I have a standard Weber kettle and it can do a dozen burgers easily...they take about 10 that's everyone fed in an hour.
If you have a larger grill, its' a piece of cake.
you don't want to plan for a huge platter of burgers and dogs all done and re warmed at once...
I doubt that she will be plating in the kitchen ands erving every will be buffet and paople will be chatting and drinking wine or pop and talking...
Sounds like a good party to me!
Linda C

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DH (aka the griller) asked me to cut out a paper sample burger and measure the grill -- it will hold 15 burgers. Our neighbors across the street have offered to wheel their grill over if needed, so I think we'll be fine.

Linda C. -- if you're anywhere near Northern Virginia, come on over and join the fun!

Thanks to everyone for all the good advice.

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The party is over by now and I would be interested to know how many people showed up and how much they actually did eat and drink. I have kept records over the years so I know for next time.

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Marge727 - Yes, the party is over and it went very well. We had plenty of food, and some left over (now in the freezer for Labor Day weekend picnic). I didn't get an exact head count, but it was between 45 and 50 adults and teens.

purchased 48 frozen burgers - 40 were cooked and eaten
purchased 48 hot dogs - 18 cooked and eaten
purchased 12 lbs. potato salad - 8 lbs eaten
purchased large fruit tray to serve 35 to 40 - all gobbled up
quadrupled homemade baked bean recipe to serve 32 - approx. 1/2 eaten

Thanks for asking!

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thanks, because I am having a party about that size and its nice to know that the hot dogs were also eaten. Nice menu. I just had a party this past weekend and baked cupcakes. I frosted them 3 different ways and they all got eaten quickly.

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Im having 75 people i need to know many hamburger and buns and hotdogs and buns

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