Need advice on these DVDs for beginner:

ncgardengirlAugust 3, 2008

Beginner's Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga for Wimps

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS from Body Wisdom Media

Yoga for Inflexible People

Ok, I have never done Yoga, I am basically out of shape, I DO NOT exercise other than daily what have to be done things, like cleaning, cooking, watering plants and such... I wouldn't call me a couch potatoe but I am far from active.

I have recently lost 20 lbs, just from summer, cutting back on what I eat and doing work out side in the warmer weather.

So, that means, I am not flexible, sometime it hurts to move in a way that I have NOT in a LONG time. So I do have to be careful HOW I move, I am not too balanced either.

So, which one if any or all of these DVDs would be good for me? Based on what I have said?

If you need more basic info, please ask. I really want to try yoga and something low impact, but I need to lose weight and gain my flexibilty back. And yea, I am OVERWEIGHT so moving in some ways just ain't a gonna happen yet.



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i would actually suggest you try some basic stretching videos (if they have them) before trying yoga.

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I am new to yoga in the last 3 years and I started out with Lillian Folans Yoga series. I ordered it from her site but it is also available on amazon. For $20.00 you get 2 dvds and each one has 2-30 minute programs. There is a cardio one, one for relaxation, one for arms, and one for abs. They all feature breathing, and basic yoga moves.It is called for beginners but it will take some work. If you have any trouble with blood pressure and being up and down (bending down and then coming up; the cardio one may not be for you. If you have a VHS player, you could try to get your library to check them out on inner library loan. My library has then on vhs. Good luck. I am looking to get a new video for my bday.


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I have a Netflix account so I can rent all the DVDs I want. It keeps me from spending money on garbage. They have quite a lot.

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If you are serious about yoga, I suggest a class.

Cheesecurl, when you look for exercise/yoga videos in Netflix, what words do you enter for searching? I haven't found much there. Maybe I'm using the wrong words.

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No longer needing advice for yoga videos THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED!


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