kteeAugust 22, 2006

Any suggestions for good coasters to use on a dining room table? Don't want any that mar the table.

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I have glass ones with a silver rim...I have seen those absorbant stone ones, and some heavy plastic ones..
I just set the glass on the place mat most of the time.....
Linda C

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I got some black rubberize ones for my FR end tables and found they left a residue of some sort on the table. You can see the outline of the coaster's shape. I surely don't want that on my new dining room table. I would, however, like to skip the table cloth route and use place mats and coasters. I assume the heat from the plate wouldn't pose a problem for the table if there is a place mat.

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I have really nice placemats and coasters, but I seldom use them, as cold glasses stick to the coasters, and as you lift your glass to drink, the coaster sticks, then clatters to the table. My placemats and coasters are that heavy coated board-type. They're great for shielding the tabletop from hot plates. I'd use them more if this didn't happen. I have lots of coasters, but most are sets of 4, so I don't use them in the dining room. I've read a trick for making this not happen, but I can't remember what it is!

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A little salt will keep a napkin or coaster from sticking - but due to the mess, I would only recommend this for restaurant dining.

Textured or ridged coasters shouldn't stick to the glass.

I've never used coasters on my dining room table. One option would be larger placemats that the glass would fit on.

Alternatively, something with a cork back shouldn't hurt your table. (and smooth edges in the event of the fall sudiepav mentioned)

Here is a link that might be useful: craftfetish blog

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for home everyone knows to use the placemat. when i have a dinner party and can't rule over everyone (grin) I use a table pad and table cloth and then I dont have to obsess.

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