luncheon menu - suggestions/critques please

Maura63August 23, 2008

I am having a very simple luncheon for 4-6 people (mixed gender)

Menu listed below. I am uncertain if the "fruit" in the salad goes with the meal or if I should just have a simple mesclun salad. Also uncertain about the tomato/mozzarella side.

spinach, peach and pecan salad

pasta pesto salad

grilled boneless chicken breast

fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil

flat bread (store bought)

Comments and suggestions welcome - thanks!

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I think it's a lovely menu as it is-- healthy food, something for vegetarians, varied food groups and it should be colorful and make a pretty presentation.

Since it is mixed gender, I think I'd consider a substantial dessert, or a light and heavier dessert offered.

I hope your luncheon is a great success!

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Sounds great!

You seem to have "3" salads though, one meat, and one bread. I think a simple veggie (not a fruit salad or another salad type) but just one very simple vegetable offering may help round out the meal. (Maybe some green beans)

You "could" cut out the Caprese (tomato) salad if you wanted to get rid of something. It's often served instead of a green salad. Although, you may try to serve it as a veggie side, it probably won't work because a tomato is really a fruit and can't usually pull off being a real veggie side because of that.

If you want to try to stay away form adding a veggie, you could serve the chicken breats in a green type of salad or even in a pasta salad...making it more of a meal..and you could add a soup... But if the meat is served by itself as you have it, you should have a side veggie, probably something green or mixed.

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Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I knew there was something "off" about the menu - thanks for pointing out the "3" salads.

As it stands, the luncheon was canceled (sort of). My guests were traveling about 60 miles to visit. I just found out that I have to attend a wake in their neighborhood tomorrow night, and so lunch will be at one of my guest's home. I will bring the Pesto Pasta Salad with chicken added, and dessert.

I will host another time!

Thanks again.

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